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Taboo: Are vegans slow-witted?



  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Well somtimes. Don’t take offense, not everypone shares the same views, that’s what makes things interesting.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    123, hmmm, that makes both of us ;)

    Sorry about the duplicate posts. Somthing is going on with the site today I think. Is it running REALLY slow for anyone else?

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    Seriously…. You actually think that one vegan represents the population???

  • I’m sorry, Rawsiki—I guess by putting so much emphasis on that one guy I may have implied that I was basing this topic on my experience with him when I just meant to use that experience as an illustration of a bigger question.

    I hope no one else was confused.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Luna blue, I thought it was just me but yeah, the site seems to be running unusually slow for me too! Gosh, with the Rawclaire thing and everything, it keeps getting creapier and creapier…

    Back to the topic!!! Wanna know something funny? Ok, first of all, I am a VERY slow thinker, but not airy or spacy…I just take more time than others to figure things out. In my case, I think it is genetics because my meat-munching dad is even more of a slow-brainer than I am. Sooooo hopefully this diet hasn’t/won’t make it worse for me. A couple years ago, I had a blood test and the doctor said everything is generally in normal levels except for ooooone thing. I was (is?) lacking a something in my brain. That’s how I said it to my mom and she laughed sooo hard, oh my god, and managed to say “NO WONDER!” and laughed and laughed and laughed (she is aware of my slowliness). Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention I was lacking a hormone in my brain (gosh this makes me sound dumb). BUUUUT!!! this does not effect my stupidity. In fact, I’m not THAT stupid considering I’ve won the Top Overall Student Award for two years in a row at school as well as several other certificates and awards. I’m just not the best at common sense as my friends tell/make fun of me.

    In case anyone is worried about this diet making you ‘slowe-witted’ or spacey, I know that nuts and seeds such as wulnuts, flaxseeds, almonds, are good for concentration and memory of the brain, not to mention their other benefits—eaten in moderation of course (no binging!).

    By the way, I had another blood test about a few weeks ago and my doctor (different than the other 2 years ago) didn’t say anything about lacking a hormone. I should have probably mentioned it though. She isn’t a very good doc anyway and I put up a forum topic about what she said when I told her I’m raw.

  • Luna, this diet is crazy—I can totally see the effect its having on you.

  • Well my 2 cents would be not of the diet but of the up brining like someone said earlier. It may be due to something before the went raw or just the influences in their lives even tho they may have been vegetarian and all that from day one. Some people are just slow and may not have a good work ethic enstilled in them. I’m sure what we eat may effect how we think and react but there is always that mental aspect in general. Think positive then good things are likely to happen. We can all be slow and lazy people if we want. I’m sure some of us were raised to think for the best and due what should be done. I’m a lazy guy and quite relaxed at home and I love life every chance I get outside of work, but at work I understand it’s a job and I should do it to the best of my abilities. Of course I have a mixed diet and am slowly improving it, so I havent seen any effects from a 85% – 100% raw diet, but I feel my mind is sharper than others on occasion and I appreciate that gift and use it help others if they ask. Well maybe some people are just who they are and maybe we can help them if they are willing to accept it. Remember as a person we can either change lives or let them go as they are and possibly ruin their own :).

  • I’ve seen a lot of slow pokes with no energy and little knowledge throughout my life. I think there is more that goes into intelligence than meat eating vs veggie eating. Ones environment and upbringing, education at school, common sense, and physical exercise I believe all play into your personality. Also, the biggest reason I decided to be a raw vegan is by how clear headed and light I felt after eating raw foods. After eating a steak and some potatoes I just want to sleep and I have no energy to even think properly. At work, when my employees come back from lunch break then walk back in all slow and lethargic. I feel alive all day long and perform better at work and I believe it has a lot to do with my raw diet. (I’m really not trying to put anyone down… but this is merely an observation. I think all my employees are wonderful people… but those heavy meals they eat do make them sluggish)

  • I am a raw foodist and have one of the highest averages in my school. I personally think that raw food clears your mind and sharpens it. Though I do agree that vegans are usually mellow people—kind of cool, collected. Maybe this lack of—loudness—comes off as lack of passion and self-confidence etc, which leads people to think that they are not bright. It’s all inner strength, and outer strength just tags along. I agree with allisonwonderful—nuts can do that to ya ^^

  • Anne, where is that adorable painting from? Can you name the artist?

  • I think vegans are just so peaced-out that they don’t care anymore. Us hippies have developed such laid back ethics, which translate into every day life. It’s great. Nothing is taken seriously, and it annoys the hell out of those really quick and vomitaciously (a new word for the dictionary) efficient, modern folk. We just say…. chill out man.

  • Plus, I know plenty of vegans who are not the typical dreadlocked sandalwood scented hairy people. I have a close friend, actually, who is very right-winged and academic, going to Tulane University with a full ride. She is definitely the last person you’d think would be a vegan. And she definitely knows how to use the English language well. She can correct your grammar using the right grammatical terminology and she is definitely more quick-witted than you or me.

    Good luck with your hypothesis. Your humor is more refreshing than a good coconut in northern Wisconsin.

  • Thanks for the compliment, Red. And as someone who was born and raised in Northern Michigan—I feel for you over there in Northern Wisconsin. But at least you get the smell of Springtime.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Wow, I feel that I have been away for so long! I really enjoyed reading this string. The only thing I have to offer that has not directly been brought up yet, is that, neurologically speaking (here’s the medical degree coming out), synapses fire more efficiently when a person’s diet consists of appropriate amounts of cholesterol. Perhaps, if a person is not eating enough foods that provide that, the synapses fire less efficiently/more slowly? It’s been awhile since my last neuro class (almost 10 years), so if anyone is taking that class, or similar one wants to chime in, please correct me if I am wrong, or have not painted a full picture.

    Oh, and I am the typical dreadlocked, hairy, no deoderant wearing (tho I don’t wear patchouli either), and I feel I am pretty smart when I am not pregnant and suffering from placenta brain (LOL!)...and I have quite an extensive resume. So, who knows….

    Great topic though!

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Zoey, if you mean I am crazy, I was crazy before I started eating this way! ;) But seriously now, where did that comment come from. Did I say or do something wierder than usual?

    If you mean somthing as a joke Zoey, you should probalby put a smiley face or winky face after it. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here that you were not being seriously mean.

  • Sorry, Luna. It was a joke about you changing your pic from an illustration to a cute dog. I am emoticon-adverse, but I’ll try to be more clear on my tone in the future.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Oh! ok. Hey thanks, she is cute eh? She is my ‘baby’ girl!!

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    OMG. I can see what you meant now. Oh man, I am not helping out our ‘not dim witted’ case here!!!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Living smack in the middle of Northern California’s “emerald triangle,” as I do, I’m going to refrain from commenting on the actual topic here (whether or not raw foodists are mentally slower than non-raw, and/or whether or not a certain herb has anything to do with it), but I did want to say just one thing. This:

    “with dreadlocks and a sorta slow, sacred-cow gaze about him…”

    ... made me laugh out loud, for real. Hard. Thanks for the morning giggle, zooey. ;o) this is the only emoticon I know, and I overuse it to ridiculous levels! ;o) See?? ;o)

  • locustgirllocustgirl Raw Newbie

    hello zooey, i have quite a different opinion on this one since i’m not vegan, but have been in the past. i have met and heard stories of vegans and the health problems they incur. some of which: shrinking of the uterus, weakness, thyriod problems, anemia, etc. i personally got very cold and developed dark circles under my eyes. for some the effects sometimes can take several years to appear. one person i know was vegetarian for a long time and went vegan and her suffering eventually brought her to a chinese doctor. the herbs were helping her get well. one day her doctor didn’t have time to grind them up, and she discovered that she was putting bugs into the formula. she had to really assess veganism at that point. years later, she is now a chef in berkeley for a community supported kitchen and uses the weston a. price principles of nutrition which incorporates pasture raised animal products from local farms (this also includes raw milk which doesn’t have the poisoning effects of pasteurized milk). according to w. price who studied tribes around the world, there were none that he found that were vegan. so far on the monkey discussion, we haven’t been able to find any primates that don’t have at least a little bit of animal (even if it is only bugs) protein in their diet. i don’t think there is much study on veganism and it’s effects since it is a relatively new diet in our history and what i’ve seen and experienced so far personally also scares me. i find more solace in the studies of healthy tribal peoples before we industrialized food. my current thoughts of late are that raw is good when incorporated with the diversity of other foods, and good for a week or so of cleansing in spring and fall, but not as a lifestyle…especially for people like me who lean on the thin and deficient side. in general overweight or robust men seem to do better on a longer term. to my understanding there are some anti-nutrients in certain vegetables that also need to be neutralized by cooking. all that said, everyone has to find what works best for them individually. my recommendation for everthing: don’t stop reading, and don’t stop questioning. as one of my friends once said “once i think i have all the answers, my mind closes”.

  • Right on, Locust. To you I raise my fist in solidarity.

  • I agree with Jenergy, that part cracked me up!! :D I honestly have no clue if vegans are slow witted or not.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hmm, I agree with you on one point locustgirl, we all need to find what works best for us. We are all individuals, we all have different physical makeups. My self, I am thankfull i have found veganism and raw!! More power to me!

    Just look at me, my eyes are bright and my coat is thick and full! Ha ha! ;)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I’ve read raw food vegans have a tendency to be deficient in minerals, protein, long chain omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12.

    I believe omega 3’s promote brain function, so maybe that’s one reason why some vegans might not as much mental clarity.

    DHA and EPA are the long chain omega 3’s, and vegans need to convert the medium chain fatty acids from hemp, flax, etc. into long chain DHA and EPA. However, our bodies are not very efficent at making the conversion. In fact, some people lack the enzymes, so nothing gets converted. So fish oils really come in handy for these people.

    Algae oil and Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae both contain DHA. The only vegan food I know of that contains both DHA and EPA is Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, available through sunfood.com.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    No, I said, I only agree with you on the point that we are all individuals and have individual needs. Did you not say that sort of thing? I am not talking about vegan tribes or anything. i only really care how this diet impacts me. Don’t want to sound insensitive or anything!

    Did I misunderstand you, since I am a slow witted vegan;)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Am I going nut? I just responded to a post by locustgirl, that disappeared? Did you delete that last post that was diredted to me?

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Luna blu, check page 3. Tons of people have been posting! :)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    But this is page three. Her post was just before your last one! I am going nuts!

    By the way, E3 live also contains both EPA and DHA!

  • Just my thoughts, but I look at it this way: On the one hand is eating as an educated vegan (educated in what actual cellular nutrients/vitamins/minerals/amino acids/etc our bodies need and where exactly those nutrients/etc originate from and exist) and take a, then, extremely small risk of possibly not getting a particular nutrient/etc after including those varied types of foods and/or occasional plant-based supplements (like the E3 Live); while on the other hand is eating as a non-vegan by ingesting animal protein/products which is proven now through multiple unrelated and independent studies, beyond a doubt, to cause and contribute to major and numerous dis-eases and illnesses and long-term bodily destruction and degeneration. On one hand is a small risk eating as (an educated) vegan, while on the other hand is a guarantee of (at the best- eventual) health problems eating as an omnivore. Then on top of that, with eating vegan, is the added bonus of the feeling of peacefulness and even joy that can come with knowing one is no longer contributing to an environment of violence and negative energy by supporting the killing of living, sentient beings we share with this earth, and of living in a less damaging, more sustainable and respectful way of our earth and her resources.

    I know of plenty of people who are deficient in a nutrient/vitamin/mineral/etc with the related negative health issues who eat animal products. Eating animal products does not guarantee healthiness. It is an easy way out- a “quick fix” – to getting many nutrients easily, but it has its own negative and drastic health consequences, even if not always immediately apparent.

    I strongly believe everyone should research and educate themsleves about where to get each needed nutrient. But that requires more work than many people have the time or desire to do when we can ignorantly trust others to tell us something is good enough for us even though they may have ulterior agendas.

    So as far as intelligence: there are superior intelligent people in all classes and less intelligent, too. I do feel nutrition can and does play a large part of being able to create and to fire off the numerous neurons we need in order to be intelligent!

  • Thanks aspire I was wondering when someone was going to touch on the dis-ease and illnesses that come with an animal based diet. I mean the normal core body temperature of a healthy, resting adult human being is stated to be at 98.6 degrees. With forty feet of intestine I highly doubt we should be consuming meat to get stuck in all those nooks and crannies, to only have a bowel movement 3 days later. If meat will spoil on your kitchen counter at room temp it definitely will do the same in your gut. I would have more to say but I remember when GONE RAW was so comfortable to log on and talk about raw, now it

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