the universe has gifted me garlic

hmm… just reading all the views on the garlicky thread – angel or devil food hehe? was originally typing this as a reply to the thread but thought i might get responses such as “burn it!!!” so figured it had better be a new and open topic..

i have naturally felt the desire to eat garlic much less over time…and i was a garlic/onion/leek FIEND hehe

i still enjoy it but notice it doesnt make me feel soooo great, but i just use the power of moderation…

anyhoo, i recently FOUND a huuuge crate of it…it has been sitting in my kitchen for a few weeks now stinking it out, heh heh. i have already given friends lovely smelly gifts, and i ate a load in soup whilst have a cough/spring detox and it really seemed to help.

anyhow, any ideas and gems you lovelies have come across for utilising super quantities of the stuff? i was thinking of the Garlic Elixir recipe on here. but i have a LOT…don’t wanna waste it ;)

also tried to make garlic bread without a dehyrator,..worked pretty well but i sort of forgot to make it real garlicky as i had never made bread before and was focusing on that.

yes yes, any recipes?

(my friend recently came back from san fran and told me she visited an all garlic restaurant…she had garlic cheesecake for desert – please avoid any ideas like this if possible ;) ) x*


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    you could plant some of the bulbs in your garden if you have one, I bet you could grow it, my garlic always has sprouty bits coming out of it. Then you would get lovely fresh wet garlic next year, mmmm!

    I sometimes like salad dressing made of banana and garlic, they go really well together, honest!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’ve seen this done in a restaurant and it was delicious, strangely much less garlic punch. Everyone ate it by the spoonful. Peel garlic cloves, left whole, then soak for who-knows-how-long in olive oil. The garlic essence leaches into the oil, giving it a nice flavor, and leaves behind garlic for eating that has much less punch. Try it and let us know!

  • You could always dehydrate what you can’t use fresh. Homemade garlic powder…mmmmmm!

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