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When RAW becomes DOGMA?



  • JDJD

    Interesting topic. I personally would not use the word dogma. That’s very inflexible. I find most people on this site to be the opposite and though some may be more rigid than others, most seem to only want to challange themselves to be what they consider better. Some of the most famous raw foodists explain how important it is to do what is right for you and your body and that everyone is different. Part of being raw is that we can all react differently and engage in different eating habits and that is perfectly alright. What one person considers balance might be completely off the wall for someone else.

  • I am with you justbeautiful, and pundee well put. I guess I am just blessed to live in Georgia, where the climate is nice and I can get mostly everything I need locally. I am not sure if I am seeing this post the wrong way, but I consider it okay for people to get food from where ever they like even if it is 3000 miles away. Considering when I look around and your clock is from Taiwan, your computer screen is from China, your clothes are from Malaysia, I mean there is not that much that we use in a days time that is made right here so why limit this to food. Now I am not saying buy all your produce from Wal_Mart where the tomato has seen more of the world then you have. Just saying eat raw if you want and get it how you can. I love RAW/Living foods it

  • Right on ardesmond.

  • that is so funny about the tomatoes we buy having seen more of the world than we!

  • Ok so maybe the literal term dogma isnt what the nice lady meant but the general feeling of it sometimes being an extreme amount of pressure at time for some people to be or do things they just can’t. If you look at it that way I can understand. Everything at times has that feeling like it has to be this or that, and you can’t argue back because you may feel that the backlash would be so extreme you can’t handle it. Like walking into the church on sunday morning and screaming “I’m gay”. Between the utter silence and deafening stares who can handle such a feeling. Luckily I’ve felt most of us here are strong enough people to figure out what’s best for us all. We also have a bunch of positives and negatives and it’s just how we learn from what is said, right? well as long as we have love and compassion and mean well for others it’s all good and we have hope for the future :). And most of all have a happy ;).

  • Ambikalee, you are one of my favorite people.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    wow red, sorry i reccomended changeing the name of the topic! although as usual ambikalee and just beautiful have chimed in and made me feel all warm and fuzzy, thanks guys!;) I love how people respond so differently to certain words like “dogma” the word inflexible has been used alot in describing :dogma. i think its just the anti establishment in all of us haveing a knee jerk reaction to our own personal definition/take on the subject … fun thread though!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    this is a really interesting thread. Someone mentioned perhaps people feel “peer pressure” on this site to be 100 percent. I agree with that. Not only do a not ban all the “dead food list” from my diet (I use shoya, maple, nuts labelled raw without research, etc) but I even have.. gasp.. two or so cooked vegan dinners. For me it’s a chance to share food with my non raw but vegetarian husband. I think dogma IS an appropriate term to use for the way SOME approach this. Just my humble two cents

  • Jeeze it is so hard for me to live in the “NOW” with this forum. Who is pressuring people to be 100%, I just don’t get this response. The last time I checked you were here on your free will, and to even note I think the people who started this site are not even 100%. People please let’s just look at it this way you are on a RAW Vegan site. You should either be moving toward that direction or do like all the other people do that are not 100% don’t post or read threads, its that simple. I really wish you could hear me say this instead of writing as I am not being cynical in anyway, just not understanding where the pressure is coming from. Whewwwww

  • ok so the “pressure” people feel…I can again only speak from my humble and limited experience’s. Reading raw food books/recipes/websites I often come across all the reason cooked food is “BAD/harmful/unhealthy/unspiritual” and so on. I have a natural desire to excel to accelerate to shine bright, walk softly and “be all that I can be”. So If I were and yes folks I do..eat cooked food if I was trying to live someone elses truth I would feel bad and therefore feel pressured to eat all raw all the time (regardless of the fact that I am a single mom, who went to the food bank three weeks ago, have a monthly income of approximately 1300.00 dollars, I teach Yoga and massage and have to pay for childcare on top of everything else (wahh wahh…seriously I dont mind I am just illustrating that we all do our best in the ways that we can and each of us have our own special gifts to give) so an all raw diet is just not possible for me right now (and I dont know if it ever will be Ill still use those highly criticized non raw ingredients and I dont think I’ll want to live no matter how vibrant without popcorn and chips and salsa). I digress…so the pressure people feel comes from the judgments of the raw food diet as the ultimate end all be all to food ( also not my way of thinking or I would still be stuck on Macrobiotic cooking) as well as an internal desire to be all they can be…I mean who doesnt want to have all the benefits of the raw foods diet? We all do and that is why we are here!Ardesmond2…I am so happy for you and your family it is a beautiful inspiration story and I am also happy that you have your family to share this expieiernece with (many of us are alone and stigmitazied on this journey) I appreciate your perspective and can hear your sincere question about “where” is this “pressure” coming from. I hoped I have shed at least a little pin prick of light on this subject.

    I hope that we all are encouraged to read and post no matter what our current level of raw..an open honest and welcome environment brings many more converts than a exclusive club.

    Many Blessing to all on your journeys may they be long, beautiful and fill you with happiness, light and joy!

  • yes I wrote that because the only pressure I could possibly see is if you are reading threads about this ingredient not being raw and what not or some other controversial topic. I totally understand the issue you are explaining and not sure if I should feel bad or not because were on a RAW VEGAN site. So please don’t take me as being funny just trying to understand why would someone log on to a raw vegan site and think that another person is pressuring them to be a certain way unless they were listening and posting to other people for some type of response or criticism. I love the aspect of people just eating 9% raw, I never really got into the whole I am 30%,27% or even 100% raw for that matter. It’s just not that serious to me. Now you may say well why am I sweating it, and this is only because I choose to . I understand that I have a reason for eating living foods that goes way deeper then some dead foods list. I choose not be a victim of nutricide, not to mention sending my daughter to a public school system where they serve 50% of the things people like me are just not suppose to eat. So with that being said I see your point and many others, but I hope you can understand that I don’t post and read threads on site that are not of my interest or that are hard for me to grasp unless I am trying to change something.

    PEACE AND BLESSINGS. ... and again I really am in a good mood just trying to OVER-stand.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    ambikalee: I appreciated your post. All I meant.. ardesmondz.. by the whole ” I can see where people feel peer pressured” is that while I do strive and keep a raw vegan diet, sometimes in reading the posts I feel not I’m not doing enough. Of course we are all on here because we are interested and striving for the lifestyle.. but sometimes I feel like if people mention eating some cooked food it’s so taboo

  • KMINTY3 honestly come on “GONE RAW” it is TABOO think about it . LOL :) \

    Ok people I digress I feel like people may be taking me the wrong way, Let’s all eat a cooked meal tonight at 8PM and blog about it tomorrow YES.

  • I totally get you…no worries.. We are each so differnt and its hard to look at things from an other perspective. I agree..I homeschooled until I found free Waldorf Charter School for my kids. I could afford to eat all raw if I worked at a corporation..but which would be better? Or if I worked ALOT more..but my children wouldnt be raised by me..it would be someone else influencing them. We all know what it is we SHOULD be doing it just all that other crap that gets in the way of us doing it! I know I shouldn’t drive my VW bus its a gas hog..I know that to live my absolute truth I would have an off the grid yurt home, offer free food to whoever comes over, do massage and yoga from home..have an awesome biodynamic permaculutre wildfoods garden and spend all my time loving on my babies and spreading light to the world. For now I will settle for being vegan and as raw as possible, shopping at the thrift, foraging in my town, sprouting and spending as much time as possible..loving on my babies! Smiles and Hugs!

  • something I am reminded of often and that Batman article Zooey posted hits on it, is the cultural nature of food…I love raw food and have been pretty much 100% since January (a little nutritional yeast here and there, maybe some nama shoyu) and I feel great on this diet, much better than when I was even just vegetarian…however, through music I have become part of the Bengali and Hindi community in Southeastern VA and there are times when my group is playing at festivals and food is a big part…If i didn’t eat the food they would certainly understand though some might take it is a slight, If i do eat the food then I am forsaking my Rawrior oath!! (GASP!)

    In that situation what is the right thing to do? I do eat at the big Pujas two or three times a year and I don’t feel guilty about it. The reason to have a raw food lifestyle is to NOT feel guilty about food while being as healthy as possible…my diet is raw, one meal of cooked vegetarian indian food is not something that I consider a severe derailment especially since it allow me to cultivate a role and place within an important community…

    I’d feel guilty about killing someone…not eating some dahl

  • YES I love it ambikalee common ground. Just Breath, and that pose is sickening in a good way is that you.

    hey you are the author to BEAN’no I remember when I made those and my wife was like “you are kidding this isn’t beans”

  • Ardesmond- I’m with you. Lets eat a cooked meal this evening. I am not even 50% raw, I do feel sincerely bad with that number, only because its not healthy.. I love this website nevertheless! This website is the best health conscious website I’ve been on so far. And the way these people are view health is right up my alley! I love the discussions that go on around here. I have never learned so much about health, what food REALLY IS, what the human body REALLY NEEDS until I was introduced to this site.

  • yep thats me! LOL I can change it if its too much… The beano’s I posted but my dahling friend made the recipe! Alright..big day of baby loving gotta run!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    healthful eating as i see it is either an extension or a RESULT of a BALANCE you find within yourself. relying on diet to GIVE you that balance will make you feel adrift because you don’t have that anchor in the first place.

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