Eating raw vegan can be really hard to do during holidays. With it being Easter, I’ve noticed some frustration on the forums. While reading Mipham’s book again today, Ruling Your World, I thought this may help others as well… “When we’re disappointed or frustrated, when we’re in pain, or when our day’s not going well-these are times when we’re likely to forget about the lion’s discipline and delight, and search for an object to blame… We believe someone stole our job, and that becomes our view. When we blame, we are failing to deal with our own mind.” It’s really difficult to go to a family dinner on Easter and look at all the tempting cooked foods. However, it’s not their fault or anyone else’s fault that they eat cooked food. The best we can do is bring our own raw meals and share our joy with them… because holidays and get-togethers are about celebrating your time together with friends and family and the purpose of the holiday… not to eat and not to blame others. Hope this helps :)


  • Sorry… there’s a typo. It’s not “stole our job” it’s “stole our joy” :)

  • That is EXACTLY how I feel! Don’t worry about what’s there and what is cooked and what you WON’T eat, worry about spreading joy and making new memories with family (and what delicious and scrumptious and divine raw desserts you will bring!)

  • I agree with you. I love the feel of getting together with friends and family just relaxing talking and enjoying the company. Sure the food makes for a nice thing to have and I love my food in all it’s forms (but that’s just my preference ya don’t like it go lay an egg :P). Besides shes right you can always make your own raw meals and share with your friends family and loved ones. Even those like my father who don’t have as he puts it a “bunny tail”. You never know someone might like a nice salad you prepared or some dip and lovely raw crackers. Or you could get a look like this is amazing I can’t believe what’s in it. Besides I like to think of people who are raw as the happy people of the earth. Can’t we be the ones to share our gifts and loves with others even tho we would love to have them make it for us knowing we are coming? There is enough anger in the world why must we add more for times that are meant to be joyous and happy?

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