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Fat Burning Nuts?

I find that the more nuts I eat, the more weight I lose. This goes against everything I’ve ever believed about nuts so it’s hard for me to understand. Is this one of the reasons going raw is a great way to lose weight? Also, in general the more healthy fats I eat like avocado I tend to lose weight.

Perhaps if the body is getting lots of healthy fats, it feels it doesn’t need to “hold onto” fat in the body because it’s no longer in fat starvation mode like it is when we try to keep our diets low in fat.


  • LUCKY!

    I wish that would happen with me. Do you have a lot of weight to lose? that could be it. if not, then you’re just lucky. :)

  • You are lucky. I have to be careful about too many nuts because I definitely dont get that affect. However I noticed that when I eat coconut ice cream (usually a pint at a time lol) I dont gain anything and in fact my stomach appears flatter afterwards. Probably because of its antifungal, antibacterial properties.

  • ooo lyn-doe how do you make your wonderful coconut ice cream? Ice cream that flattens the stomach?! Now way! Im very interested!

  • Hi Sunflowery,

    I heard somewhere that when you eat good fats (nuts, seeds, fatty fruit), they help to flush out and replace the old animal fats you may have in your body from eating meat or dairy … but veggie fats don’t “stick on the hips” as much as animal fats do. Perhaps this is a contributing factor.

    If you have an hour to kill, here’s a great video from Dr. Michael Klaper talking about veggie fat vs. animal fats. what he shows is pretty darn scary!!! I just watched this yesterday.

    It’s called >>>>Foods That Kill Healthy Eating.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    I also want that coconut ice cream recipe, just ‘cause I bought both young and mature coconuts and I love my banana ice creams. Please and thank you?

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Also, I’m starting to eat a hand full of seeds or 3-4 brazil nuts after my morning green smoothies because they help keep me satisfied and calmed down rather than constantly eating fruits and fruits and fruits afterwards. It helps!

  • Hahaha omg I wish it was my recipe! Its actually a brand called Sidwiggys,its sold in Colorado, made and distrubuted from Fort Collins, CO. Its made from organic coconuts, organic agave and vanilla beans. (thats just the vanilla one, they also make mint and chocolate) its so good and i cant get enough. they have a website http://sidwiggys.com/index.htm if you want to check it out.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I don’t know if it’s luck, I just think people are all different. There is a book called “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” which I haven’t read but it is the idea that our bodies need good fats and the people in her study who ate the most fat lost the most weight. That is not to say that it would work for everyone. Some people lose weight by eating tons of fruit and others might say that person is lucky because it doesn’t work the same for me, or whatever. I sometimes wish there WAS just one answer/way to eat/cure for ailments that worked the same for all of us! My friend said that if it was that simple, we wouldn’t learn. I guess she’s right. There IS something pretty cool about learning to listen to my own body and conscience to help me learn what’s best for me.

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    It’s probably the simple fact that nuts are more filling. I heard about a couple of diets out there that stress eating nuts (but not TOO much) because it acts as an appetite suppressant. So, maybe that’s what’s causing you to lose weight.

  • Hate to break up the womens retreat but, here goes. I have also read that once you start to partake in good fats your body will start to lose all the cooked animal fat. Something to live by or at least try to see if it works for you is when you know that you are going to binge, eat or just have some nuts try to have something green afterwards, whether that be a juice ,salad or whatever. The greens help to push the nuts and seeds on through and makes the nuts/seeds easier to digest.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Maybe it’s because some raw fatty acids help the body to burn fat more efficiently. I’ve read this is the case with macadamia nuts. Don’t know what other fats it applies to.

    Coconuts have medium chain fatty acids, and these fatty acids are more likely to be converted to energy for the body’s needs, instead of getting stored as fat.

    As far as avocado goes, I heard recently about a guy who ate 10 avocados a day, and still lost weight! I’m not sure how this happened, maybe it has to do with the type of raw fatty acids in the avocados. :)

  • I think it depends on your weight before going raw! Most people are already overweight and sure, they eat lots of fats, but it seems it is still less than on SAD. A 100pound person will never lose that much, actually gaining weight.

  • locustgirllocustgirl Raw Newbie

    i don’t think it is an issue of animal fat vs. plant fat, but one of saturated fat vs. polyunsaturated. from what i understand, of them coconut fat is the most easily digested and what makes a lot of people fat is carbohydrates, msg, artifical sweeteners, things high in fructose, to name a few.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I hope this will be true for everybody, since I like seeds and nut a lot, but I feel guilty when eating them (well, this must be a consecuense of hipocaloric diets I have done)...

  • I’ve always been able to eat a lot of fats and oils including tons of butter before I started on raw and never gained weight. It’s always been carbs that seem to make my body gain weight. Again, I think everybody’s an individual situation. I’m eating more nuts, seeds and coconut butter than ever now in hopes of at least keeping my weight up.

  • You are some lucky fat eating losers! (weight losers, that is!)

    I gain a pound just looking at nuts! I’m a short gal, but I have to eat very cleanly, and mostly veggies to lose weight…

  • sunflowery-I’m glad you posted this. This has been happening to me too. I thought I was going er uh..nuts. I have about 25lbs to lose to be at my goal weight. But when I started raw I had 40lbs to lose. The avacados keep me feeling full at work, and the nuts give me a boost of energy in the afternoon. I teach little kids so I need lots of quick energy sources. I can’t expalin why it’s happening but I am loving it!

  • Thanks for your responses! I only have about 5 more pounds to lose and they’re going pretty fast with all the nuts and avocados I’m eating. I have no idea why that would be but I like it! I’ll just need to make sure I don’t keep losing too much weight after the 5 pounds have gone. When I eat fruit I feel like I don’t lose weight so I guess I can just up the amount of fruit in my diet to maintain the weight.

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