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Hey guys!

My mom has been into raw food way longer than me, but she only incorporates it into her diet. I live in ottawa, and just visited home for the easter weekend. The whole time there I made and ate 100% raw because everything was already in the fridge (haha). Now I’m back here in ottawa and it is day 5 of being completely raw. I think i’m starting to feel the detox effects. I’m making sure to eat fats, veggies, fruits, and be balanced. I’m also taking David Wolfe’s the sun is shining stuff daily. Any recommendations on how to survive this period of detox, especially being a student, i don’t have time to make fancy meals everyday. Thanks so much! -Taysha Joyce


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi Miss cute! I definitely suggest reading these this forum: And joining this forum: On the 100% raw week forum, we can offer encouragement and advice about how to do it. On the first forum, we’re blogging about what we eat every day. You’ll quickly realize that most of us spend only 5 to 20 minutes and 3-8 dollars on a meal or snack. We keep it quick, inexpensive, and easy. Gourmet is great, but you’ll be happy to see that it can be done on a student’s schedule and budget. Welcome to raw food!

  • flybabyflybaby Raw Newbie

    I think when detoxing you need simple meals, easy to digest and superfooods you use are a great choice too. It is soo good that your mother is into raw foods! When I go home the fridge and cupboard are packed with everything, including foods I used love such as yoghurt, which is quite difficult to resist. When you are craving something sweet eat some raw honey, bee pollen, figs, dates or bananas. These are really great to prevent indulging on processed food. Include herbs like nettles and dandelions which help the detox. Spirulina and chlorella algae are very very good for detox too.

  • thanks I really appreciate the info:)

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    During detox it is best to eat much less overall and each much more simply. Mono meals (one food at a time) are best. Sticking to juicy, soft fruit is ideal. Getting LOTS of rest and downtime is crucial.

    You will feel better soon!!!!



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