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Is there a substitute for onions in onion bread?

The other day I read an older thread here about the toxicity of onions and garlic. It made me want to cry. I looked around on the internet and there seems to be data to back that up. I still want to cry because I am a garlic, onion, spicy, flaming food kind of girl. To me, this is what makes food exciting (although I can’t count the # of times others have told me I should eat fewer peppers, wasabi, garlic, spices, because it would change my health and probably my personality, HA).

It isn’t something I am thinking I want to give up and I don’t have a problem with doing what may not be good for me in moderation. However, I want to try going without them for a few weeks and see if I can tell a change.

I like to make sandwiches and take them to work. I LOVE the onion bread recipe I got from this site and it is perhaps my favorite food. Since the bread is almost all onions, is there anything I could use as a substitute that wouldn’t be gross? Also, I don’t dehydrate mine completely so it is still very moist and pliable, which I also like and would not want to give up with a substitute ingredient.



  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    Just a thought – I know this isn’t quite the same, but seems to me like you might get a similar affect (pliable and flavorful) if you used something like tomatoes and basil (for the bread).

    I love onions, garlic, and all the horseradish and jalepenos I can take. I haven’t gotten to the point of giving them up yet… It seems to me like the more you research certain ingredients, the more you find that certain things are either not good for you or not raw. My personal take is leaning more and more toward what The China Study suggests, which is a whole foods, plant based diet. For me, this is a good foundation and if I can be more raw than not on most days, I’ve achieved my goal. ;-) Good luck!

  • what about celeriac…or celery thinly sliced..and if you like the onion garlic flavor you can use the ayurvedic spice…asofatedia good luck to you.. if you dont use garlic and onions..and then use them when you are sick they are great antibiotics…

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    i make my onion bread with carrots and onion, try a carrots and parsnips all grated up for a good flavorful bread!

  • Personally I think you can find any evidence or research that suggests EVERYTHING is toxic. Air is toxic, but I won’t stop breathing! If you want to do this then go for it, but unfortunately I don’t think there is a good substitute as far as taste goes. I used to be a gourmet cook and the only thing besides an onion that has that sort of flavor is a shallot (which if you believe onions and garlic are toxic, I assume you believe shallots are too) However, if you are talking about a substitute to make pliable bread you could use any sort of vegetable. There are tomatos as Newbie mentioned or anything else. Good luck!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I agree. I really would want to see hard scientific evidence on that one. My grandmother lived to be 99 on a medeterranian diet of onions and garlic in everything. By the time you get rid of hybridized fruits and veggies, onions, garlic, nightshades, etc. There’s no fun left. I think raw food is fun creative and sexy. Restriction is just boring and would never last for me. Personal opinion only. I LOVE sundried tomatoes. It doesn’t so much matter to me if they were baked at a low temp. They are an added ingredient to a completely raw dish usually. Just decide what works for you. If they don’t make you sick—go nuts. I can’t eat that onion bread. made it once with 1/2 the nama and it still tasted so salty to me. Onions don’t like me.

  • Dain5000 just give it a try, I started a post called GARLIC yes or no and it wasn’t a favorite LOL, especially by my friend Adensspell who I now understand is Italian so for him garlic is just a staple and I respect that, but you do owe it to yourself to see how you feel. I have given up onions, and garlic totally and I have noticed a great difference in my attitude, eliminations, and my insides feel cleaner “can’t really explain the last one”. The onions will always be there when you want them but just take a month off and see. I am running out of change but that is just my little two cents. Also for any that remember the last post (GARLIC yes or no) I made guacamole last night without the onions and the garlic and it still tasted great. :)

  • oops found some more change, in regard to what Izhpt said. I think when you take in this information about garlic and onions being a toxin we are not speaking from a live longer perspective, this is coming from a since of well being and brain function. I do believe you need garlic in your life maybe for some type of anti-biotic purpose, but not as a every day seasoning.

    Thanks 4 reading.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Ardesmond2 – I read your thread and knew there were big garlic/onion fans on this site because some of the resposnes were combative. It was if you had denounced their gods. But I understand that because I eat loads of garlic/onions/peppers/hot spices. Anything that generates BTUs in food is my friend and I can eat gobbs of it for breakfast and all day long. I used to have Saturday morning breakfast with a group of friends of mine, when I was still eating SAD, and would put an entire table-size bottle of Texas Pete on my hashbrowns. They would be swimming in the stuff.

    Before I ever knew what the raw food movement was, I had numerous friends into alternative health and food as medicine. They would constantly tell me if I moved these items out of my diet, I would have a personality change because these foods make you, what was the word, on yeah – combative.’” Fortuantely, age and meditation have been good for me and my professional affords me occasions to be combative so I’ve worked on that.

    I wanted to abstain from these items, if possible, for a period as a personal experiment. I did a 8 day Master Cleanse once and felt pretty good, but I cant contribute that to the absence of these items because it was the absence of almost everything.

    After I read your initial thread, I did some online snooping. I agree with your last post. While there is no suggestions that these foods/spices present a mortality problem, onions/garlic are neurotoxins with documented short-term neurological deficits. This does cause me some concern because the studies on food products aren’t that extensive unless somebody has found a way to make money off of them and then they just hide the bad stuff they discover because they aren’t required to disclose it.

    Adensspell – I agree that every food has drawbacks for at least some people. Nothing is 100%.

    I like the idea of trying tomatoes with basil. How obvious was that? Yet it never crossed my mind. (See what I mean – the macrobiotic people would say don’t eat tomatoes because they are night shades.) The celery sounds good too. The carrot/parsnip combo sounds really interesting. I love parsnips. My grandmother used to grow them and prepare them for us when I was little. For me, they have a comfort food quality. Im’s going to try both suggestions and see hwo it works.

  • Dain5000 just by reading your post you have what it takes to make it in what ever you do. I love it when a person does there own research. !!!!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    ok…im up for the challenge, ill give up onion and garlic for a month and see what i see, i fyou find me curled up in fetal position outside an italian eatery crying and muttering, please feed me pesto by the spoonful until i return to relative normalcy! grin

    Dain! parsnips are “da bomb” i loves em too!

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