Jump right in?

Is it better to go fully 100% raw from the get go or transition in?


  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I think it depends on your personality, but I went 100% raw right from the start. I found it easier to have black and white rules with no room for exceptions. This site makes it really easy to enjoy all your old recipe favorite’s in a new raw way!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I went 100% overnight but looking back I wouldn’t do it again because the discomfort I went through was a bit of a distraction – my digestive system wasn’t quite up to the job so it was a roller coaster ride. Green girl is right, for some it’s all good and I was there psychologically, I just didn’t realize how long it would take for my body to adjust. So I guess if want quicker results and you’re ready for the detox/adjustment phase, go for it, but if you’re concerned about feeling unwell take the transition a bit slower. You’ll get to the same place eventually!

  • i think it’s up to you. personally, i did raw all day and one cooked vegan meal in the evening for 2 weeks. but my stomach went through pain, bloating, yuck! so i decided i’d just jump right in. i thought, if i’m going to do it let me get it over with. today is day 24 100% raw! i had some detox symptoms and then i got the flu in the past 3 weeks, but i feel great now! my advice- try not to get the flu while you’re transitioning- eek! Ha!

  • thanks guys.. well i am on day 8 now of being 100% and i am feeling like i have no energy. 2 days ago i was performing amazingly at the gym, but today i could barely walk for ten min. this is the detox? how long does it last? and what are things that are really filling that i can have to help? my mom is recomending green smoothies

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey! Yeah, that’s most likely detox. This is when I started to say, “But what about the boundless energy and all that other stuff??” I’m not sure if eating filling foods is what you’re needing…rest might be more helpful and lots of fluid. You’re body is doing a major job right now and you have to allow it. You’ll hear people talk about withering away a bit during detox as your body makes the transition before it can start to build itself back up again. You may even have some flu-like episodes like heartshapedsky – I had two of those that were brief but debilitating. It’s a little disheartening when people start asking why you’re doing it and they can see you feel like hell and you have to grin and say, “Because it’s good for me!” So forget about working out, you can make up for it later. As far as time, think months instead of days so you don’t lose heart. I’m in month 8 and I feel great – finally!

  • amysue- exactly, i had to stop my marathon training and just lay low. this week i’m slowly picking my workouts and running back up- and with new raw enthusiasm!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Green juices – tons of them! – can help ease the symptoms of detox. Warm water enemas along with the green juices can also help. The symptoms, from what I’ve read, often show up because toxins are being stirred up, and the green juices, water and enemas help get the toxins out of the body more efficiently and quickly. Definitely go at your own pace, and amysue is right – fluids and rest; your body is working hard. Definitely the energy to exercise will come later. Someone on this site said he went raw pretty quickly and didn’t exercise for the first couple of months or so to let his body detox first.

  • I’m new to being 100% raw as well—I’m finishing up my first week. I actually haven’t been having very bad detox symptoms; I’m feeling better, I’m sleeping better, and my food cravings—which used to be outrageous—have disappeared. But this week I have been feeling pretty worn out after working out, and my muscles are more sore than usual. I thought maybe it was because I pumped out my workouts a bit because I’m feeling so healthy and good about myself, but maybe it is because I’m detoxing? Shouldn’t exercising help the detoxing go more quickly, since I’m working up a sweat and drinking lots of water after? I’m wondering now if I should lay off the really taxing forms of exercise, such as running or lifting, until some time has passed.

  • Hey thanks cherie03!

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    I was addicted to caffeine and cooked food too much to go cold turkey over night. I loved the lifestyle of transitioning gradually. This also helped my detox so it wasn’t so severe. I started with one day a week, then two, then three and so on and so forth.

    My ultimate goal was to eat 100% Raw most of the time, with an occasional cooked meal (i.e., Living a High Raw Lifestyle). To do that, I had to have days that were solid Raw. I noticed that it was during the 100% Raw days that I felt the best and I soon became addicted to that high energy, waking up without headaches, feeling so great that I couldn’t stop smiling. Over time, quickly at that, I became close to 100% (reserving a couple of percentage points for times when the situation still required some flexibility).

    Finally, whichever way you choose, you’ll ultimately (hopefully) start living a predominantly Raw lifestyle that will knock your socks off. It’s important that you learn how to make foods and meals that replace your current diet and learn how to make Raw food prep EASY! Saturate yourself with this knowledge

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    addison – I think you’re probably right. Exercise is important, just maybe walking or yoga? I didn’t do it all overnight, but I did have a couple of periods of pretty quick transition, and walking is one thing I never really had a problem with – everyone is different.

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