Happy Day Chocolate Mousse

Holy Mother of Cracker…

Happy Day Raw Foods’ “Chocolate Mousse” is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, HANDS DOWN TO DIE FOR!!!

I say if you can find it at your local Co-Op or health food store…BUY IT. I’ll keep you updated if I ever try the Vanilla mousse.

I had to share my excitement with you guys. But take it easy on the spoonfuls if you try this. I went a little mousse-happy and now my stomach huuuurts.

Enjoy though!! Seriously amazing for a raw mousse pie or something!!!



  • Sounds so good!!!!!!!!!!

  • do you have a link for them or something? I can’t find anything on it.

  • yep I second that…we have em here and they are awesome!! they are mostly cocnut based…yummy…oh happy day!!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    ha ha! “holy mother of cracker..” :)

    Yeah, I have had the Happy day mousses too. I have had the vanilla and the chocolate. I ended up using them in smoothies more than just eating them – the chocolate worked very well. :)

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