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heightened sense of smell?

i first experienced this during the master cleanse..i had to go to the grocery store with my husband to get something (more syrup probably) and i walked down the coffee isle.. i SWEAR i smelled each flavor of coffee while i walked down the isle..it was pretty trippy.. but now it seems to be all the time for me.. since i’ve been doing more raw.. and cooked foods are starting to smell AWFUL to me! tonight i cooked and i had to throw it out cuz it was making me sick even though my husband didnt think it was bad at all.. i dont mind the heightened sense of smell if it is a good smell but when it is bad.. it is REALLY BAD!! anyone else notice this? or am i crazy? maybe i will just wear fresh flowers around my neck.. like a lei.. so i dont have to smell ucky things.. :)


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    absolutely! in fact, i just posted this in the amonia forum.

    this is why i can’t use chemicals anymore. i walk into stores and such after they’ve cleaned their floors and i have to get OUT.

    our senses are extremely dulled from our unnatural food intake, but also from living removed from nature.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Oh I totally agree… my husband has a better sense of smell than I do… and only more recently am I “catching up”. I have noticed a keener sense of smell… but, it comes and goes (I guess depending on what percentage of raw I’ve eaten).

  • well i guess a good thing is that if our sense of smell is better.. then our taste buds are also working better… so i can taste my food better too!! which is good when it is good.. and like the smells.. it is BAD when it is BAD!! :) like my dinner tonight :( wish i had some fresh fruit to eat.. grocery shopping tomorrow

  • I noticed this as well,I had a ridiculously sensitive sense of smell already, but now it is almost paralyzing when someone on the bus is drenched in colonge or perfume. In the city it becomes intolerable because everything smells so terrible that you actually feel ill from being out on a busy day. It makes one realize how unnatural things are around us. It is so refreshing to breath clean country air.

  • haha when i lived in HI i used to ride the bus to the college i went to and i used to carry peppermint spray for the stinky people.. i made friends with that spray :) peppermint i find is a good one because it isnt offensive to very many people.. and if a smell is gonna give you a headache, well peppermint it really good for that!

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    I didn’t realize how many things have a smell until I first of all quit smoking (2 years now) and then went raw. Who knew that paper had a smell, or scotch tape, or books? It is amazing to me. It can also be not so good when people around you have forgotten about their daily hygiene.

    What is peppermint spray and how to you make it? :)

  • either essential oil in water in a spray bottle (i guess that would work) or what i had was just something i got at a health food store… it was made with essential oils… dont use anything with any kind of weird fragrances that arent essential oils.. all natural stuff i also used to smoke.. and i definitely noticed being able to smell better after

  • YES! My sense of smell is intense. I have always had keen lil nostrils, but they have been amplified since my initial detox. I’ll be on the third floor doing yoga, and I can smell my boyfriend downstairs making a salad using either vinegar, nama shoyu, garlic, or onions! Not that these aren’t pungent, but I can always smell when he’s in the kitchen! The smell of gas stations used to be pleasing to me a few years ago, now I can’t stand to walk past them…Oh, and where I work they display dead fish for people to purchase…gag. I can smell the fish department before I walk in the door…seriously, NASTY!

  • Funny, I started a thread about this a while back. The killer for me is going to the gym. My guess is there aren’t a lot of vegans or raw foodists on the ellipticals!

  • i remember one day when my husband came home from work. we immediately jumped in the car to go somewhere and i was like “did you have oodles-o-noodles for lunch?!” he looked at me like i was crazy! he said “yeah, but that was hours ago!” i could still smell it on him.. that saltiness mixed with mystery spices/chemicals.. it was like he had just made it and was holding the bowl in the car with him or something.. that strong of a smell.. weird.. eww… i cant imagine a gym right now.. that would be yucky.. smelling all those peoples’ lunches… haha! errr uhh.. maybe i should imagine a gym right now though.. looks at thighs

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Ugh, my brother cooked spaghetti yesterday with ground turkey, and I swear it smelt just like a “woman’s” body part that hadn’t been cleaned in ages…I almost threw up!

  • I have been raw for about 1 1/2 months now. I also feel that my senses and especially my smelling sense are heightened. It’s pretty mind blowing and pretty cool!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    It happens as our bodies get cleaner. If you are going to the gym or on a bus or something, I have put lavender or some other essential oil just under my nose & it helps a lot. Peppermint would work if you mix it with a mixing oil (olive or sweet almond oil) so it doesn’t burn your skin.

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