Thank you Ambikalee!!

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You have indirectly saved me from a full on hissy fit today… heh…

Yesterday when I checked out the website you have in your profile here, I came across the link to, so I clicked it, and wow! Free guided meditations and yoga videos. Coolness! So this morning during my me-time between showering and waking up my son for school I did one of the meditations. Metta for loving kindness. (And now I know what Metta means… more coolness!)

Oh. My. God. Am I ever glad I did it. I have had A DAY. First my son was just all over the map emotionally this morning, didn’t have his homework done, crisis after crisis, drama drama drama. Etc. I weathered it beautifully and was able to help him chill out before he had to go to school. Then I was 20 minutes late for work, because I had to stop at the city office and pay my overdue utility bill. Since I completely spaced out paying it yesterday I wound up having to pay the entire amount instead of the “minimum due,” that I usually pay. Couple hundred dollar mistake. OOPS. Ouch.

Then on my way to work there was an accident that I apparently missed by, oh, probably the 20 minutes I took to pay my utility bill. Ambulances, fire truck, people in neck braces, the works. Thank you universe for making me forget to pay that stupid bill yesterday!

Then AT work… I found out my vacation request was denied for May. Airfare tickets to Mexico are ALREADY PURCHASED. Not sure what I’m gonna do about that yet, and really dreading telling my hubby who is going to be livid. Ack.

Normally by now I would be completely freaking out. Or at least crying, cause I’m all emotional like that. Gemini on the cusp of Cancer = emotional spaz! Heh… today I’m… I dunno… just weathering it all. I’ve gotten really angry a couple different times, but it hasn’t spiraled up into anything major. I’m convinced it was that meditation time this morning. Yay, meditation! I’ll be making time for that little gem every morning!

Oh, and I found out during my lunch hour workout at the gym that being pissed off is a GREAT motivator to really push it hard. Heh.

Anwyay, just wanted to put some appreciation out there. Thanks for what you do, and for providing a link to a resource that has kept me sane today!


  • thanks so much for posting this! I am also having a day and it is really cheering me up to hear that my website lead you to some peace and happiness. Yeah job done for the day..which is great cause I had to cancel classes..lost my voice and am sick… thanks for the good vibes!! Much Love and Light to you!!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Don’t you just love how the universe works? Awesome. :o)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hey, I like that YogaYak site. Cute yak pic at the bottom! I see lots of yogas that I should be doing but don’t – I am going to try the one for neck pain. Is there a mediation to bring a better job luck into your life? He he! :) :)

    Ambikalee, I like that you have Living Foods tab on your site. Maybe you should mention Gone Raw on there. I notice that you are in Chico. I know there is a new raw food place up there – have you tried it yet? Next time I up that way I want to stop in there.

  • YEs I have vbeen there many is awesonme!!! expesive but awesome!! I wonder if I could get a link or something a banner to send em here..if not Ill just put a link..i need to update that website anyway! ANd yeah there is a meditation for a good job its called CREATIVE VISUALIZATION.. see it feel it believe it as often as possible till it happens! Good LUCK! Ill send you some good vibes!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Ambikalee -

    Thanks! jumps up to catch the good vibes :)

    I do try to do the creative visualization. Sometimes at night, I’ll even wish on a star like I did when I was a kid! :)

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