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Are there any anti-viral foods?

The only thing I’ve ever heard of or found out about is the brand Enzymatic’s “virastop” that we carry at the store i work at..

My closest friend [close as in best friend- she’s the only other raw person i know in this state.. same goes for vegan]just found out her ex boyfriend gave her HPV. She doesn’t have any symptoms [no warts, nothing.] but has been completely bummed for the last few days.. not leaving the house, not talking to anyone.. i basically have to force her to talk to me and let me come over. Anyway, we are looking for anti-viral things she could consume. Whether it be foods, herbs, supplements or teas or whatever. She’s very willing to try anything. I feel so helpless. HPV is terrifying. The doctors have made it into a huge thing- but at the same time i’m so fucking pissed off that they don’t educate us more about this when we’re younger- because then good people who aren’t straight up promiscuous little tramps [excuse my foul labeling] wouldn’t be in these situations.

Sigh. we look forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link if anyone needs to know what HPV is:


Also, has anyone even heard of anyone else curing themselves of viral infections/viruses…???? what about HPV?


  • i dont know how credible this website/webpage is but it seems to have so good info http://www.mullumherbals.com.au/avian_bird_flu….

  • Well, as I know garlic is a very good antiviral food. Lapacho tea is said to be anti viral too.

  • there are SOOOO many people who have HPV. something like 1 in 3 or 5 sexually active people! and most will never have a symptom! many dont even know. she shouldnt feel so bad about herself.. if she ever does have symptoms, she should do a detox.. alot of times that will clear up any symptoms.. but she shouldnt stress.. she is DEFINITELY not alone, not even close! she just needs to make sure she gets regular pap smears cuz it has been linked to cervical cancer.. but as long as she is getting checked she’ll be fine.. if they find abnormal cells, they will keep an eye on them or remove them.. and it isnt really that big of a deal to have them removed.. you just go.. it hurts some.. then its over.. im not trying do down-play her feelings but she should really cheer up. this will definitely not ruin her life, not even close.. if she gets a new partner, she needs to use protection. thats all.. it is sad that schools dont educate more.. i remember all they did was scare the hell out of us with ridiculous pictures of people with diseases that were like awful and obviously hadnt had medical care for a while.. like lets take pics of this stuff at its worst and scare some kids.. and we wont have to worry about giving them any real education.. but other than that, there are antiviral things out there like elderberry.. however that is to block viruses before so dont know how it works after.. garlic is a good one olive leaf extract, oregano oil.. lets see, in my book it says to avoid simple sugars.. use homeopathy for symptoms, Thuja oil topically for if there are symptoms.. it says that a selenium deficiency makes it easier for viruses to replicate.. and to take stuff to boost immune.. but really, if there are no symptoms, there isnt anything to do except to eat as healthy as possible (diet really plays a HUGE role in what this virus is gonna do) eat a whole foods diet with as much fresh RAW fruits and veggies as possible!!! eat foods that are supposed to boost immune and dont worry.. worry can actually make symptoms show up!! and make SURE she gets to that pap smear!!!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Mango woman, I love how fierce and protective you are for your friend. :o)

  • Thanks everyone. There’s so much conflicting information out there..

    Is there anyone [besides a poster from the forum post: http://goneraw.com/forums/6/topics/1478?page=1#...] who has had hpv and their body ‘got rid of it’ after a while?

    We’re both pretty much “100% raw” or whatever. I mean we both use braggs and spices, etc. She’s really good at the whole low fat raw vegan thing. She exercises and whatnot pretty regularly.

    Jenergy.. :) she’s the one human i’ve met that can sit with me in silence and know what i’m thinking. coolest person ever.

    alright, well thanks everyone again and maybe other raw foodies out there will have some opinions or advice!

  • Hey Mango Woman! The foods I found to protect against cervical cancer are rich in C, folic acid, lycopene, and beta-carotene: sweet potato, carrots, kale, ruby red grapefruit, asparagus, spinach, wheat germ, catalope, cauliflower, and berries. And of course, garlic for anti-viral properties.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I don’t know anything about HPV, but have heard and read on the web about coconuts and coconut oil being anti-viral.

    Coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in the originating plant, in our gut and in our blood… Google search “coconuts antiviral” and read all about it.

    Take 4-5 T. coconut oil per day for healing, or eat 1 coconut and drink it’s water a day (young coconut). That was on one of the coconut tapes that I had listened to by Bruce Fife (author of a book about coconuts).

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I wonder if doing wheatgrass implants with it’s juice or pulp would help? Wheatgrass seems to heal so many ailments! If you phoned one of the natural healing institutes, I wonder if they could guide you on this, or at least let you know if wheatgrass or wheatgrass juice would help?

    Best of all…prayer…with God all things are possible, your friendship to her is the rock she needs, and your prayers and knowledge of health will help to find answers :)

  • try: pau-d’arco root, astragalus, and licorice – all anti-viral herbs. And shittake mushrooms. Make an infusion (a tea). Drink it several times a day for ten days, every six months.

    Garlic is also a superb immune-booster.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I’ve read bee pollen is anti-viral. Try to get the fresh frozen bee pollen, though. You can check w/your local farmer’s market or health food store. :)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Coconut oil is supposed to be antiviral!

  • yes, i second coconuts & coconut oil.

  • also, the fact that she caught it as HPV before it turned into cervical cancer is a VERY GOOD THING! i think anti-virla foods are great, but i would go with teh conventional meds for this one, then take probiotics to re-nourish the system.

  • Hi mango woman,

    I would like to suggest Olive Leaf Extract. The way I have taken it has been in liquid form. It is supposed to be a very strong natural antibacterial and antiviral which has been shown to destroy the herpes virus in in vitro tests.

    I found these after a quick search.

    http://www.houseofsteed.com/sons/olive.htm http://alisaterry.blogspot.com/2007/02/olive-le…

    I had a doozy of a cold one time, eally awful, and I took it in water 3 times a day. Tasted foul, kind of like old prunes, but BOY did it do the job!!!!

    Really and truly knocked it on the head.

    I have personally gone through having the HPV virus. I totally understand your friend being bummed out, I was horrified when I found out I had it. I had been with the same guy for 2 years, and when we split up he slept with 2 other girls (safely) and hey presto, when I got back with him I contracted the virus. (also bearing in mind that it can lie for a long time in your system before becoming evident, so it wasn’t definitely him, but the likelhood is very high.)

    I wish I’d asked him to get tested before I got back with him. Just goes to show you don’t have to be a promiscuous person to contract it. It is a very, very common virus of which ther are many many strains, and my gyno said up to 80% of the female population may be carrying it without knowing it. It is that prevalent.

    At any rate, I no longer have the virus in my system. My gynaecologist suggested i get my warts burned off but I am SO glad I didn’t. He told me that the virus should naturally exit my body in 1-2 years. I wanted to do it as naturally as possible and one and a half years later, my immune system has gotten rid of it. I didn’t go on any strict regime, in fact I smoked and drank in that time! (I know, shameful).My tests now come back clean for HPV.

    I think the main reason I healed it is that I addresed my toxic shame relating to having an STD. I said Louise L Hays affirmations with regards to venereal disease. Most importantly…I let it go.

    I wish your friend well. Tell her to eat well, forgive herself and her boyfriend and not label herself dirty or unclean,and do things that make her feel beautiful and feminine. I know my esteem issues with regards to femininity had something to do with me attracting the virus into my life.

    Maybe she doesn’t believe in metaphysical causes for physical disease but it is worth a try!

    It is possible to be free of it, I’m proof :)

    Feel free to contact me if you need to ask any questions.


  • Get your friend to drink Essiac tea to help prevent cancer.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    Everyone here has had excellent suggestions. Burdock root is good, don’t know if it is an anti viral “per se” but it binds to toxins, then flushes them out (is also diuretic) you can buy it at asian grocers, but do not know if it is raw in that form. You can also harvest it wild once the plant is 2 years old, and has a stem. (it’s the common burr plant) shouldn’t take it during pregnancy though

  • I had HPV in the late 80s and haven’t had anything since. Most people simply become immune to it 2 years or so after infection, if you believe Mercola (www.mercola.com). I mean I had a kid years later and everything and have never had another single symptom. A friend who is an OB/GYN PA said if you haven’t seen it for 10 years, you’ll likely never see it again. So tell your friend to cheer up! It really isn’t that big a deal on the grand scale of things – Candida was worse overall.

  • Yes, chicory, there is Burdock root in Essiac tea for that purpose. Aren’t herbs wonderful. I wish doctors would study them as part of their training.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I healed myself from it. I kept my stress really low, and I ate very nutritious food. I exercised regularly. Luckily, I’ve had no recurrence – 3 years later.

  • And don’t forget spiritual food ;)

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