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What's a good alternative to rice?

I must say that my biggest cooked food weakness is rice. Sushi,(and as crazy as this sounds, I have a relationship with rice ice cream a little bit) especially that Indian Basmati rice with saffron and oil. ohhhhhhhh I am falling apart here….. what is the best alternative to rice other than raw sprouted wild rice, etc. And what does raw rice taste like made with a base of cauliflower? Does it taste like cauliflower? Or rice? Thank you so much for any help!! I’m having bad rice cravings right now. :)


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I haven’t had a chance to make a cauliflower-based rice dish yet, but here’s a link to a Fried Rice recipe that’s supposed to taste a lot like the real thing:


  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    you could do oat groats. you soak them in water for 3 days. you can pull off 24 hours but it is at its best 3 days or more. ideally warm water in a sealed thermos or glass tuberware.

    one of my favorite dishes with oat groats is oat groats with cherry tomatoes, kelp, and finely diced broccoli. you put olive oil on the broccoli beforehand. this will soften it up. also diced onions and just a tiny bit of water from which you soaked the oat groats in. add some sea salt and black pepper and you got good stuff. i put alot of black pepper. thats how i roll. oh, not alot of olive oil just enough to get the broccoli covered and mix that around and press it down, toss it around, what ever you have to do. i will try to post this with a picture this weekend.

    also check my recipes for the other oat groat dish i made.

  • Most people don’t seem to like rice made with cauliflower. Jicama makes a great rice if you season it, parsnips too. The sushi rice in the book Raw food real world is very good. it’s a combination of jicama and pine nuts, you do have to wring the water out of the jicama and then add seasonings and dry it in the dehydrator or it’s still too wet, but it tastes really good.

  • I LOVE rice made from cauliflower! But then, I love cauliflower. I mix it with a handful of pine nuts and it works really well in sushi – not too wet for the nori. I have also used jicima, and I tried cheflandria’s artichoke/shitake sushi recipe from this site, (http://goneraw.com/recipes/3620-Open-Faced-Sushi) however I didn’t have enough artichoke so I used a turnip and the taste was a little strong.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Oh thank you everyone! I will try the pine nut jicama rice. But I have to do a little work to get my hands on some jicama. Anybody know where I can order it? Online? WHole Foods does sell it, but I’m too far away from one to get it there. Thanks!!

  • we get jicama from our local hispanic store, that’s the only place we’ve ever gotten it except for wal-mart. I have a big weakness for rice too!! rice with soy sauce is my biggest weakness.

  • I’m doing sprouted wild rice and am pleasantly surprised by it. I too love rice, especially basmati.

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    I get Jicama at Hannafords, so even if you have one that doesn’t carry it you might be able to talk them into getting it in.

  • I love rice made from cauliflower. It’s easy and fast to do and it’s yummy.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Parsnips are kind of rice like when grated and you could add a nice dressing. I also like to soak barley overnight. The couscous ideas are good using cauliflower.


  • i was going to suggest the cauliflower, but since it has been suggested already, i will tell you what i tell everyone about starch cravings:

    1) eat bananas

    2) try my sushi recipe (go to my profile to find it)

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