freezing raw soup for future eatin?

what is your opinion about doing this? and any advice on how to thaw or.. anything.. i know some of the nutrients/enzymes prolly go away when you do this.. but how bad would it reealy be?


  • I would think it would be okay. Probably a great idea if you live in a cold area, but try to eat local. You could make all kinds of soups with fresh local produce for the cold winter months.

    I usually make my kids smoothies for breakfast and freeze whatever is left over into sorbets. I know the nurtitional value is depleted some, but not too much. You could always thaw the soup in the fridge or on the counter for a day or two before you plan to eat it, or toss it in the dehydraytor to speed it up.

  • oooo the sorbet idea is a great one! i often make too much smoothie in the morning.. duh! why didnt i think of that!? thanks!

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