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Neti Pot

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Does any use a Neti Pot?

I have one and used it a bit many years ago. I was just reading on another raw forum that people are reporting that using the neti pot was helping clear out their ears too and not just their sinsus’. Has anyone had this ear cleaning experience using their neti pot?

Also, instead of just using the sea salt, someone was saying they used baking soda with the salt too. Anyone have any idea what the baking soda would be good for when rinsing out the sinsues?


  • tdgtdg Raw Newbie

    I had a neti pot – it broke. I got a sinus rinse bottle by Neil Med (I think) at Walmart since I hadn’t been near a decent health food store in a while. Anyway….. I had a plugged ear that was making me crazy. I used the sinus rinse for a couple of days and my ear is clear now. No more sounding like I am underwater!! I have used the baking powder but didn’t add salt to my rinse. The Neil Med one comes with a powder mixture (not sure what is in it). It works well also.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    tdg – Thanks! That is good to know that it does help the ears. I think I’ll do just salt for a few days and see if my ear feel clearer and if not, I’ll add the baking soda to the mixture.

    Do you think the baking soda did something special to clear out your ear?

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    hmm. Don’t know about that baking soda, but we use a neti around here very much in the winter w/ salt water. LOVE it! many of my patients have reported no snoring since adopting the neti.

  • Love my neti pot! Our pediatrician recommended it for my kid’s allergies. I don’t have allergies, but use it once in a while anyway, and I believe it helps me avoid some of the yucky cold symptoms that go around.

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    That’s why I love this site. You learn something new every day. I never heard of a neti pot. I guess I’ll google it to find out about it. Sounds like something I would use.

  • the health food store i work at was CLEARED out of our neti pots when it was on oprah not too long ago and then our distributors were out of them for like months trying to keep up with the demand oprah made for these things!! it was amazing. we had a special order list for these things that was 50 names long and we’d get them filled and 40 more people were on a list and slowly it calmed down.. and you wouldnt believe it, it started over again when the same show was shown as a re run!!.. so i had to try it. it works! i bought it for my dad who uses it faithfully to keep his sinus infections under check and is really impressed with it.. fortunately i dont have much allergies nor do i get sick very often but it is handy to have when you need it.. i used it the last time i was sick and it was a lifesaver!! i was still pretty miserable with the flu, but hey, i could breath! i only have used the salt that it intended for the neti pot. i dont know about the baking soda.. we also sell something called neti wash plus that has zinc in it.. i dont know about it either. never used it. but we have plenty of people who buy it.. i do know that if you use salt (that isnt marketed for the neti pot) you want to make sure that it ISNT IODIZED!! if you use iodized sea salt it will burn the crap out of your sinuses!! oh and also if you want to have fun, go to utube and search for neti pot and watch some funny videos of people using the neti pot.. :)

  • I used a neti pot when I started having trouble with my ears. They were really clogged after having flu/cold and would not clear…a year later! The neti pot definitely helps..although I have to admit has not completely alleviated the problem. I would highly recommend using it though because it a great sinus cleanse. Just don’t use too much salt when you first start because it can burn. Try and get all of the water out too so that you don’t suddenly ‘leak’water from your nose when it is not expected a few hours later!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Thanks guys!

    I was trying to find info on using the baking soda online – all I could find it that the baking soda is supposed to be soothing and the salt is the cleansing part. So, the baking soda really doesn’t do anything cleansing wise I guess. I thought maybe it killed any candida or mucous or something (we had that thread on here a month or two ago about how internally baking soda might be a candida killer). Just wondering if it was possible to have a candida problem in your ENT region.

    So, I guess I’ll just stick with the salt and see if my ear seem cleaner.

  • oh! have you ever done ear candling?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I am too nervous to do ear candling because of the possiblities of any hot wax falling in my ear – I already have enough ear “damage” (hearing loss) so I am staying away from that.

    I have tinnitus too and I read that the neti pot can help with that so maybe I will start seeing some results.

  • suryadayasuryadaya Raw Newbie

    I take my little ceramic neti pot with me any time I leave for more than a few nights. I’m an addict, snorting seasalt water like cocaine every morning. I used to have sinus buildup and headaches for all of the fall and winter, most of the spring, and colds during the summer. I haven’t had a cold in six months since I started using it daily, and the only times I’ve had sinus problems or headaches were when I ran out of seasalt, and when I got back from a short trip without it and forgot to use it when I came back.

    1 tsp of sea salt to one neti-pot worth of warm water seems to be close my body’s saline level I guess, because I barely feel it at all, although the chlorine in my tapwater sometimes gives it that parfume of pool and is probably slowly killing me. Oh well – my nostrils are bleachy clean. In the beginning the stuff that came out was disgusting but used regularly I have less and less buildup in my nose and sinuses.

    The only problem I ever have is that occasionally this saline solution literally disappears somewhere in some sinus cavity in my head and 2-3 hours later I’ll lean over to pick something up and upon inversion a tablespoon of clear saline just starts raining out of my head. I have to run off and grab a tissue! I try inverting right afterwards to get all of it out but I still manage to fail. I’m worried sometimes that I’ll lean over to help someone with something and my nose will leak all over their desk. I don’t think the people I train at work would be pleased to hear me say “Oh don’t mind that big splotch of water, its just the saline left over in my sinus cavities from when I rinsed all the snot out of my head before breakfast. Its perfectly sterile, just wipe it off that page before it leaves a watermark”.

  • Sally C. OstlundSally C. Ostlund Raw Newbie

    I have a Neti pot but it is too old. I am looking for new.

  • jacksanjacksan Raw Newbie

    I use a netti from time to time during certain seasons. Personally I use the arm and hammer brand saline which I think is baking soda based. I love it.. I do know that my ears feel less "plugged" up when I am using daily and consistently on my sinuses. As to whether there's a connection or it's in my "head" I don't know!laughing

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