Raw foods that keep well?

I’m going to Burning Man this year and am trying to think of foods that would keep well for a week or so. I’ll have a good cooler. Any ideas?


  • go to the library (or buy) and check out one of those trail foods books that focusses on dehydrated food.. i have a book that is called mary bell’s complete dehydrator cookbook… and while it is not raw focussed, it does inspire some good ideas. if i come up with any i will post them and put them here.. good luck i am soo jealous.. i really want to go (i’ve never been) but i dont think i will make it this year. have fun for me!

  • but definitely take some sort of trash can or bucket rigged with charcoal (for smell, unless you have one of those kitchen compost buckets.. though i dont know if it would be big enough) for any produce you do take so you can compost it!!

  • I went to burning man last year, but not for the entire week, so i didn’t have to worry about too many days of food (plus i didn’t eat too much while there). I brought a bunch of fresh corn on the cob – which keeps well without refrigeration for a few days and tastes delicious that time of year, a few bags of dehydrated raw nuts, a bunch of dehydrated fruits, and lots of fresh fruits that keep – like apples and oranges. It was not a gourmet outing for me, but i survived all raw.

  • Ah you are so lucky to be going to Burning Man! Write later in other stuff or blod how it is. I’d love to go some year.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Watch out for Wisey and Salva they are 2 of our raw food buddies from here in the UK who will be at the Burning Man. They are creating a British Embassy out of a double decker bus, they’ll all be dressed in suits with bowler hats and brief cases, go and see them they’re great fun!! They’ll have some raw food with them too I’m sure ;)

  • some good feedback everyone! I’ll make use of those tips!

    moxandspaceships – I sure will. I’ve been blogging about the whole raw thing as well over at omnithoughts.com

    Zoe – I’ll keep an eye out for that bus!

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