I tried raw fooding for about a week right after Christmas but was drawn back to cooked foods because my boyfriend has to eat SO much all the time (high metabolism, I hate him a little) and I was constantly surrounded by food that still tempted me. I’ve been vegan for almost two years (with a few dairy and egg weeks here and there out of monetary necessity, unfortunately) and he is mostly vegetarian. Even though I went back to cooked foods, I kept up with juicing and I believe I eat around 50% raw on most days, usually because I just keep a lot of dried fruit and nuts and seeds around that I buy in bulk. Most of what makes up my cooked foods are grains—oatmeal and whole wheat pasta, specifically. I do make some cooked soups every now and then and sometimes still saut


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Sprouted beans are edible, though some folks find them hard to digest. Sprouted lentils are easiest to digest, i hear. You’ll find that you can get complete protein from greens. Greens are very very important on a raw diet. Green smoothies have helped many folks to reduce cravings, eat more greens, have the right pH in the stomach, improve digestion, etc. Growing and eating sprouts is another option.

    you mention dried fruit – most of that is actually not raw, unless you specifically buy it from online and the place says that it’s raw. that’s cause it’s heated to high temps (150 degrees +) to dry it. just an fyi.

    it’s so exciting that you’re beginning your journey to raw! believe me, i NEVER thought i could do it. but it was easier than i thought. i find myself RARELY using the dehydrator. mostly i have green smoothies, fruits, salads, and really creative salads found on goneraw.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    I’ve chosen not to call myself “vegan” or a “raw food” person. I’m not 100% raw, don’t really plan on it, but I do choose to eat a healthy way which means organic fruits and veggies (and a lot of them). I don’t so many weird looks, then.

    Though I do have a raw food t-shirt that I love to wear and have people ask about.

  • Good information, Winona! I know that the food co-op from which I get my bulk “raw” foods would know whether or not the food is really raw, they’re all pretty knowledgeable. Dates dry right on the tree, right? So those are generally raw…but I’ll definitely have to look into the others. I think the dried cranberries I just bought aren’t really raw, the bin said that it had added sugars. :(

    But I’m pretty excited nevertheless! I just need to learn about growing wheat grass so I can try some juice.

    Debbie, my dad told me the same thing when I went vegan…he said that he didn’t want me to classify myself as one so that I didn’t limit myself to only vegan things… “Who knows what you’ll want to try someday that you think you can’t have because of a label you give to yourself?” So I didn’t really call myself vegan for a while until I had kind of figured out that I wasn’t really making any exceptions to the vegan rule! And then I went to Russia for a month and had to eat dairy the whole time, so I kind of kept making exceptions every now and then when I came back home because I saw that it wasn’t the end of the world. I really hope to be at least 95% raw this summer though! Just for the challenge.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    I recall saying I would only eat raw foods and then I really felt guilty when I ate cooked oatmeal. Mentally, I have to tell myself that it’s ok, that’s why I don’t use a title for how I eat. That’s why I like this site. Some days I’m 100%, some days I’m close, some days I just have to survive with what’s offered (not often, thank goodness).

    Anyway, enjoy.

    Also, if you have a blender, you’ll be fine. I have a dehydrater and used it a lot at first, and now not much.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I ate high-raw for 2 1/2 years without either a dehydrator or a juicer, and several months of that was without even a blender, but I did have a food processor most of that time. When I got my juicer (Omega brand, similar to Champion) and my dehydrator, the world opened up and I realized that back in the days before raw, if I moved into a house with no stove/oven, I would happily plop down $500 that day to buy one ($500 is what the juicer and dehydrator cost together)! Even though I don’t use either of them daily, I now have a lot more flexibility and variety, and it is easier to prepare things when I’m not home. (I was a stay-home mom for the first year of raw, and now I’m in school.) Either way, it’s important to find what works.

    I agree with not limiting yourself with a title – I remember one day telling a man “I don’t eat cooked food” when he offered me a recipe they were doing a demo of, and then I remembered the (cooked) sprouted wheat tortilla I had eaten a few hours before. :D HAHA! Besides that, I never started this whole process with the intention of being a “raw foodist” and I didn’t quit eating meat with the intention of being a “vegan” – I decided to eat exactly what my body wanted and this is where it led me.

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