I am a Crime Buster but ....

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Ok, yesterday my bf and I had a weird day.

Yesterday, some dude stole my bike!

My bf was making our smoothie in the kitchen when he heard a ruckus and look out the kitchen window to the back area of our apartment where people park their cars. I also had my bike locked up to the post where our parking spot is since we don’t have a car right now and I have been using it alot.

My bf caught at the last minute my bike in this dudes SUV and saw him getting in. He was thankfully able to just get the licence number and kind of car etc. The guy saw my bf looking at him at the last minute and he sped off.

So we called the landlord and than the police and they send a cop over and my bf gave his description. Well, they found the guy by tracing the car and my bf had to go and ID him and the guy confessed and I got my bike back! (the guy actually dumped it somewhere else on the way back to his apartment because he knew my bf saw him).

So, the guy will be going to jail. My bf said the apartment building he was living in was a dump and looked kind of like a druggie house. Our guess is that he was going to sell my bike for drug money. My bike is maybe only worth a hundred at the most (not the greatest bike in the world but almost new). There are lots of other bikes he could have stole. It was weird that he went in our car area to take my bike. (you can’t even see it from the road.)

Anyhow, I felt great that justice was served – I kinda wondered what else he went around stealing (the policeman said there had big a increase in bike thefts around here in the last 2 months – this is normally a crime free neighborhood).

But I couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy later – like I ruined his life or something. Apparently his life was already in disarray – he gf kicked him out 4 weeks ago or something and she gave the cops his new address. But how dumb to steal a bike in broad daylight at 2pm!

Whether or not we pressed charges or not, the guy confessed and the cops were going to arrest him away but I still feel bad about it – I couldn’t help but think about how bad the poor guys life already was and now I made it worse.

Did I send out bad karma by getting this guy caught and arrested?


  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie

    He brought that to his reality. I don’t think you created bad karma. If you were walking around damn-ing him, I’d say yes you were circulating bad energy. But still in the midst of your bike being stolen, you are able to realize that he has a life and some issues. But you didn’t create those issues. Maybe this is his time to sit in jail and have a life epiphany!! You never know…

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Yes, I thought of that too …Maybe he will realize his wrong ways by having time in jail to sit and think about it.

    I will admit I was pretty mad and sad when I found out someone stole my bike. Right now, it is my only transportation except the bus since I have no car. I just got the bike fixed up too and I have been using it alot. So, I will say I was pissed when it first happened …I was telling my bf it was probably a good thing I didn’t have to go and ID him because if I had the chance I would probably would have started lecturing him about how wrong it is to steal things..blah, blah, blah. My bf said he would probably have preferred jail than to listen to me lecture him about the badness of stealing. :)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Oh queenfluff, I am so sorry you had to go thru this, what a gut-wrenching thing to go thru, and it surely does play on the emotions. Think of this, if you witnessed him raping someone, or knocking an old lady over the head and stealing her pocketbook, would you feel badly about him going to jail? A crime is a crime is a crime. I know what you mean though, you are a kind hearted person and it really does hurt to cause someone pain, even if they did something painful to you. :( BUT honestly, you did not cause his pain, he caused his own pain, he caused this circumstance, not you. If this guy is bold enough to steal in broad daylight, he’s on the fast track to doing bigger things in the future. You probably did him a favor because now he will have time to get help and to possibly turn his life around. Jail can really help some people more than hurt them. He would have probably continued stealing from others until he had gotten caught, think instead of how many other people you have helped by ending the evil cycle…or…bicycle ;) The best you could do now is pray that he truly learns from this mistake, or mistakes, and comes out reborn as an honest person.

    As a side note, I probably would have ran outside and chased him LOL! ;)

  • . . . and if he does have drug problems it forces him to deal with it and go through withdrawl. It can’t be to fun, but it sounds like he was pretty desperate person and his life couldn’t have been to great anyways. Maybe now he’ll get the counciling or whatever he needs.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Rawmama – Yeah, we have chased him down but my bf saw him just as he was getting in his car and sped away – it was like 3 or 4 sec window! Otherwise, I woulda gone out there and told him off! I keep telling my bf “He stole the wrong bike!” ha ha! :)

    Yes, I hope he figures it out that crime does not pay. I think the police searched his apartment – we never found out what else he might have been arrested for – I think he alreayd had a record.

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    I can totally empathize with you Fluff. My bike was stolen last week from in front of starbucks at noon, in Union Square!!!! If you don’t know San Francisco then I’ll just say that Union Square is a very upscale place where you wouldn’t expect someone to cut your lock at noon.

    But I don’t think you’re circulating bad vibes, that guy was going to steal your bike. If I could find the guy who stole mine I’d knock his ass flat and say, “Fuck karma, where is my bike asshole?!?”

    Now I have to do two photo shoots to afford a new one. Lame.

    But if anything I’d say you have karma on your side, because you got it back. Fair is fair.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    If a thief goes unpunished, the crimes could escalate, the drug problem worsen. You did the right thing by calling the police.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    I agree with 123. you did the right thing.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    He he Slosh-uh!

    Your post cracked up. I didn’t want to admit on here but I was stomping around and ranting “Who does this dude think is his to steal MY stuff?” and “He messed with the wrong chick” and “Wait until I get him – he messed with the wrong bike”. My bf was getting sick of me saying it.

    Yeah, good thing I wasn’t the one go to identify him – I would have stuck my tongue out at him! It wasn’t like I wanted bad things to happen to him – I just hate the injustice of stealing I guess.

    Stealing bikes right in broad daylight—what is going on? Hopefully I prevented other bikes and thing from being stolen from other people.

    Thanks guys!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    This thread is making me think I should get a new bike lock…

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    MOTH - I am going today to one that is one of those you have to put a blow-torch through to get it off! ha ha! Right now, the bike is in the apartment and it is only going on lock if I am out with it.

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