Juice Fast Versus Master Cleanse

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I’m starting a juice fast tomorrow and was wondering if anyone who had done both the master cleanse and the juice fast could compare them. Which one was more difficult? felt healthier? was weight loss different? Any thoughts would be great!


  • Hello kminty3, I tried to do a juice fast(using mostly fruits) in the past but the sugar caused me to have intense cravings for the bad foods. I am currently doing the MC and have no cravings at all. I am on day 7 and have lost 6 lbs so far.

  • I thnk the key word is balance. You need your green veggie juice when juice fasting otherwise your bloodsugar will yoyo. I wouldnt recommend the MC its basically a water and processed sugar fast.

  • I will be starting an mc on the 29th, but to prep for it I will be doing a 3 day juice fast on the 26th. I find that this helps me extend my fasts (I am planning on a 20 day fast this time around). I did this on my last fast and took it to 15 days, and could have done longer if I didn’t have family obligations. (got to sneak the fasts in when I can!).

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    M@tt that brings up my next question: how close together can you safely fast? By safely I mean not screwing up your metabolism? I think mine is slow.. even though I exercise regularly.. don’t want it to get slower!

  • Hey kminty3, I like to go about 6-8 weeks between long fasts, but here’s what I do in between. I try to go 1 day a week (usually a friday) and fast, then once a month do a 3 day (fri-sun). This seems to keep the weight off for me, and I’ve got a bit to go. The long fasts I use to detoxify, then I usually go for a walk in our neighborhood (lots of hills) for an hour. It’s almost 3 miles, and a good exercise while on a somewhat leisurly stroll.

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    thanks M@tt.. I did my master cleanse two months ago so I think I’m ok to start a 12 day juice fast? Sounds like you are very familiar with fasting.. do you notice a big difference between juice fast and MC?

  • They are both great fasts, but the MC is geared more towards internal cleansing in that it dissolves mucous in the digestive tract, and the salt water flushes cleans the toxins out of your system. The juice fast allows you to fast on a level not as extreme as the mc. So if you wanted to, you could easily alternate the fasts. The juice fast should turbo charge your health in that the vitamins and minerals from the various fruits & veggies will be absorbed into your system very fast, so that if you have any defficientcies (sp?) before you start, you’ll be replentished when you finish your fast.

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