A little embarassing....acne on the tushie

Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

Ok, I’m just going to ask….here goes….

I, my husband, and now my four year old son have some weird acne on our rears. It hurts. It’s like a boil, it hurts and swells, and if it opens up it’s just clear liquid that comes out. And then it re-fills for a while and causes scarring. And when it starts up, it will spread sometimes to a spot on the thigh, even one time on my calf (and I still have the scar).

I have something similar that’s hormonal that is on my face. Just clear liquid, refills for a while and scars a little. But it’s just so much worse on the rear end. I use tea tree oil soap (dr. bronners) and coconut oil for moisture and healing.

Every once in a while I find a spot on my back or arm, too. Any clue? (thanks for not laughing too hard….)


  • Debbie,

    This is a forum for questions and answers. A lot of it has to do with health. Don’t worry about anyone laughing. Good for you for asking.

    Clear liquid normally comes from blisters. Blisters normally come from exposure to something. It sounds like what ever it is may be contagious. I would get it looked at by an MD, ND, or NP. Once they identify it, then you can treat it with healthy stuff.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    Thanks. I do see a homeopath, maybe he can guide me. I was hesitant about the MD route because of antibiotics and such treatments. Though I do agree this does seem to be spreading.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It is not a laughing matter…I had these evil things when I was 3 months into 100% raw. My goodness it was horrendous, I have such sympathy for you. Mine would start with an itch, then a dark red spot would appear underneath the skin then the most hideous boil thing would swell up. It was so painful, and eventually it burst with icky yuckness everywhere and leave a bruise type scar. I don’t go to doctors, my family are all doctors – enough to put anyone off ;) I just gritted my teeth and went through it. They stopped after about a month. That’s detox for you. I hate to even talk about such things coz I don’t want to put people off going raw, but really it is all healing, and that hideous gak is better out than in…maybe if I had been doing my skin brushing, yoga and greens at that time I wouldn’t have got them…

  • Sitting on damp bread I have heard is a way to fill them up so that they can burst… I only get these occasionally, but I know what you mean with it hurting! I find going to the sauna and wearing cotton undies (or clothing if your undies don’t cover that much) helps to keep sweat from coming into long term contact with the skin which is the usual cause of acne.

    Waxing or shaving could also pose an issue… I used to have major issues on the other side between brazilians- I guess its the damaged hair follicles filling up with sweat and oil.

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    Debbie: Going to see the doctor for a diagnosis can be a good thing. You can take the scripts and shred them when you get home if you like. I hate doctors, but they are trained to diagnose (although, in my experience some didn’t bother to pay attention.) As for the blistery boily things if you bruise some cabbage up really well and put it on like a bandage or band-aid it may help. A thought occurs to me though… if it’s on your butt is there something suspect you sit on? Maybe your couch got mildewy or you used a new chair cleanser. Once it reacted it might spread.

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