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How to jump start weight loss?..

Hi! I have a question for some of you more raw-food experienced people out there. Here is my background. I am 5’5”, 27, 162 pounds, nursing mother. I have noticed that after the births of each of my three boys, that no matter what I do, how much or little I eat or exercise, I can not seem to get below 160 pounds. Before my first pregnancy, I weighed 125 pounds. Each pregnancy, I gained between 45-65 pounds. I would always quickly lose weight, until I hit 165…then would not drop another pound until I quit nursing. Now, I have a ten month old that I hope to wean soon. In the last few months I started running 5K, 3x a week. Didn’t lose a pound (or dress size either). A month ago, I started moving towards a raw food lifestyle, and am about 75% there. So, here is my question. Could nursing be the reason I am not losing weight? I am very frustrated, as I feel I have made lots of changes, but am not seeing the scale move. I really want to lose about 30 pounds. Do you have any suggestions for ways to jump start my weight loss? A friend has suggested working out in the morning, before eating anything and not eating after 6 pm. Any other suggestions? I am not eating a lot of nuts or avocados. Lots of green smoothies, which I LOVE. Usually a smoothie for breakfast and lunch. I would really appreciate any insights. Thanks! Sorry for the long question…


  • Yes, Nursing for me kept on the weight. Until, I started to drink alot of water. It seems if you eat raw, vegan or little. You keep to much water weight on. Just in case you need it for milk. And if you work out you need more. What I did was every time the baby drank milk. I would drink a huge glass of water. After about a month I dropped below 160. and it kept coming off. I would try to nurse as long as you can and just drink, drink, drink, Happy Earth day, KJ

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    i have 2 boys myself and the youngest one also ten months old and I am still nursing. I have the same issue that i lose my pregnancy weight pretty fast but I cant seem to get below 67 kilo (sorry, havent been on a pound scale in a while). Since I have been raw (besides my 4 week challeneg i am usually 60%) i do noticed that even when i drank a lot i would not go pee as much as expected, so i do think that your body keeps more water in since the milk for the baby has priority and you body will do whatever it takes to provide the baby NOT the mother..lol…

  • sounds like you’re already doing alot to jump start your weight loss (running, and eating more raw). i’ve read nursing actually uses like 500+ calories during milk production. so yes, keeping some extra pounds might be necessary. but then again, i think varies from woman to woman. i’m still nursing my son, he’s 27 months! and i’m 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. i’ve been eating a vegetarian diet for over 5 years (including while pregnant) and have been mostly raw for over a year. i have found that hatha yoga everyday and pilates a couple times week have helped me to tone and strengthen those areas that needed help (i.e. stomach, hips and thighs). yoga is great for building that core muscle strength. good luck!

  • Are you organic? My experience (although I shouldn’t be able to speak up here because I have no children, but have always had weight issues) but a cancer scare made me go organic first. I cut out all red meats but stuck to ONLY organic foods otherwise. Weight dropped off like crazy. And I wasn’t trying to lose weight, it just happened. That told me everything I needed to know about the chemicals and pesticides in normal food. Since going organic/raw/living (I am about 90%, I LOVE cooked rice still) I seem to maintain, no matter what, a weight between 125 & 127 lbs. The smallest I have ever been in my life. (I’m 46 yrs old & 5’8”) Try looking at other things in your surroundings like chemicals and pesticides. Oh yea, I also have learned to only eat when I am hungry. And WHEN I am hungry. If it is at midnight, I eat something. No more breakfast,lunch & dinner I eat to sustain my body now. Not feed an emotion or for entertainment. Going organic/raw/living, you will eat less because your body does indeed get all the nutrients from the food you are eating. Instead of filling a void other food doesn’t provide. I am just preaching to the choir that already knows huh? (smile) Good luck from me too! It is a battle so many fight today.

  • kjdelicious and sabrina1979: thank you for the water reminder. I have slacked on that lately. I will definitely be drinking more now.

    mrs.rev BT: I have done yoga a few times, and have enjoyed it. I would like to do more of this.

    marcia: Ok, organic…kind of a sticky subject around here. See, my dad is a agricultural chemical salesman. Has been for 30+ years. My daddy that I love so much, that has raised me, loved me, payed for college and a wedding, helped with our first house downpayment, bought my first car, loves my children, hangs with my hubby, etc. sells pesticides. And, the organic movement is growing. And daddy’s business has suffered. I feel like I am stabbing him in the back by eating organic! But at the same time, I want to do what is best for my body. I am considering just buying the “dirty dozen” organic, and everything else just conventionally grown. Do you see my quandry? :) In response to the rest of your post, I am still learning to only eat when I am hungry. I must give credit to raw eating in that it really shows you all the baggage that we bring to food…I am becoming aware in new ways every day how I eat for reasons other than hunger…anger, tiredness, stress, social situations, etc. Thanks for your insights, I REALLY appreciate it!

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    I’m sure what will make your father happiest is you being happy and healthy.

  • The info about nursing burning calories is correct, my mother is a midwife so I’ve talked to her many times about these sorts of things. So actually I believe nursing is helping you to lose some of the weight you have lost. I’ve never had kids so I can’t say, but it seems like you are doing great, running et cetera. I think the more raw, minimally processed foods you add the better your will look and feel. But hey- you just started moving towards raw a month ago- give yourself some time. What is in the 25% of your diet that is not raw? Avoiding the evening eating thing really helps me keep my weight stable, as does raw food. But I totally feel you, I have been incorporating the raw lafestyle for about 3 months now and I’ve only lost like 5 pounds. Perhaps when you finish nursing you could try a detox fast or something to kick start weight loss again. That’s what I’m planning on doing here in about a week. But I REALLY REALLY DONT think nursing is the culprit. But it’s your body, and we all are different. I still wouldn’t suggest weaning early just for weight loss, you’ll have time for that.

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