making kombucha need help!

kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

Just made my first batch of kombucha! yeah! it’s says to seperate disks and then give one away or throw away and use one to start another batch, but since I am a kombucha junky, I’d like to keep both to make new batches. I bought a really really large glass jar to make it, would it be ok to make the whole big batch with both disks and just double my recipe?


  • I used to make kombucha alot. Until last summer, the heat created a disaster and I’m totally afraid of the stuff now. LOL

    but to answer your question, i dont think it’s necessary to double your recipe if you use both scobys. you can put them both in the same jar and they’ll probably both sink to the bottom and either stay separated or they might even merge and stick to one another. then as your kombucha ferments a new scoby will form at the top. 2 scobys in the jar will not make the batch any more potent (from what i’ve found).

    oh and a lil tip, in case you didnt know: when you bottle up your finished batch, add a couple of raisins or goji berries to the bottle before you seal. then when you open the bottle you’ll get an extra lil “fizzz”.

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