how about frozen berries and veggies

Are frozen berries, frozen sweet peas, frozen sweet corn, and frozen green lima beans 100% raw? Is it safe to use them for smoothies and salads?


  • Almost never. If you want to eat raw do not eat frozen fruits or veggies.

  • I am afraid they have been blanched in hot water before freezing.

    If you live in an area with limited produce/organic stuff worth finding out about bulk buying or sourcing it with other vegans- form a cooperative and buy in bulk. Fresh juicy fruit is the way to go; can be tough though depending where you are living etc.

  • I’ve written about this before, but will gladly share my information again. I wrote to several companies about their frozen veggies. Cascadian Farms was the only one that flash-freezes and applies no heat whatsoever to their frozen vegetables. I don’t know about fruit companies though. Hope that helps.

  • Is it raw if you freeze them yourself? I like to make ice cream out of frozen bananas.

  • If you freeze it yourself it hasnt been heated.

    Completly personal choice wether or not to eat home frozen fruit.!

    Banana ice cream rocks :)

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