best juicer for fruits/veggies and leafy greens

hi all- i am so confused about what’s out there. We have an old acme juicer which is no good for leafy greens, which i like to juice every morning. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


  • i have been using my same Champion juicer for almost 4 years, works great…i’ve only had to replace the screen once.

  • JDJD

    My Brevelle works great. Of course there’s occassional splatting going on but I think a lot of juicers splat.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie


    I use my K-Tec (blend-tec) blender to make wheat grass juice. It should work just fine for leafy greens, too. It actually works better than the expensive electric single auger wheat grass juicer I bought some years ago (and sold on eBay).

    You need to add a little water to get the blending started.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Omega juicer. The Champion, Green star and Omega are what is known as ‘masticating’ juicers. They grind up the produce slowly so it is kept cool. Less friction. These are the VERY best in my opeinion, as the juice oxidizes slower than in the centrifical (sp?) grater sort of ones. Those are a B to clean as well. I LOVE MY OMEGA! You can make raw sorbet and ice cream with it too!!! They are pricey, but check E-bay. They are well worth the ca$h!!!!!!!!!

  • The healthy juicer is an alternative, its a masticating juicer and it only cost 45.00 bucks I love mines and juice for 3 people in the house… Simple eaasy to clean up and portable ….. There customer service is awesome my cup had a crack in it they sent me one out with no problem. I think the Hippocrates institute recommends it BLAH BLAH BLAH…. For me it was the price and the fact as LunaBLU states it’s a masticating juicer and not the Jack LAME juicer that cooks your fruits and veggies by the time you drink it.. sorry JACK but that things sucks I have one sitting on my porch waiting for me to give it it’s last cleaning if the gnats don’t carry it off first.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    ardes – your healthy juicer looks fun. Gotta put some man power into making your juice! :) The price is incredible!!! How does it work for carrots?

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