banana consumption, need control?

Can a person consume so many bananas a day as to harm health? I like eating bananas and, can eat as many as 8 a day. Is there a healthy limit? Should I listen to my body or should I control the intake? Thanks very much.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    That sounds like a questions for humanimal…King of Bananas!

    But seriously, I don’t think you can eat too many bananas if your body is craving them.

    Anyone else want to chime in?

  • bananas are a staple in my diet. Same thing with dates. They help me feel satisfied and keep me from being constantly ravenous/famished.

    I too would like to know if we should be limiting our intake. I don’t care about the calories in the bananas, but if they are organic are there any issues with eating many bananas?

  • daisygirldaisygirl Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard humanimal say he eats 12-14 bananas in a day…and he seems okay (haha). I’ve heard so many raw foodists say listen to your body- and as long as you are taking in some leafy greens, it should be okay.

  • the human body is very intuitive if you listen carefully it will tell you precisely what to give it.

  • They are my staple also, I have as many as I feel I need. agreed you must have as many as you need to in one sitting.

    I love organic banana.. infact have just ordered a case :)

  • Where can you order a case of any fruit or veg.? Is it at your local store or online?

  • My local organic store, I rang them about bulk buying, sure way to save some money on an essential ie. bananas!

    One case is all mine! just have to haul it home on saturday.. with a little help!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    The best advice ever… Eat what makes you feel good, and what feels right for you :) I’ve heard many people say to stay away from bananas, but then I’ve also heard people say that they eat 8 or so bananas by lunchtime! I love bananas. They fill you up, and for organic ones, they are reasonably cheap!

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    Oh my gosh!! Bananas are a wonderful food!! They are super nutritious, cheap, easy and readily available. Eat as much as you want of them and of any fruit for that matter. Fruit is our natural food. Glucose is our number 1 nutritional requirement and we get it from fruit!!

    Gotta love fruit!!

    All the best,


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