Adrenal Fatigue

anyone know what type of test can diagnose this…how to treat it?


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Often, adrenal problems go hand-in-hand with thyroid problems. Here are labs that can test your adrenal function via saliva tests (usually 3 samples taken per day I believe).



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master


    I heard Maca is good for adrenals. Yes/No? How about Calcium and B Vitamins…

  • woman to woman at has a section about adrenal fatigue. Allopathic doctors might look at you funny when you try to talk to them about it—at least mine did. Anyway, they have a supplement program, and if you are near Maine, you could see them. I have also learned that the saliva test 3x a day is the only way to test because cortisol levels in your system vary throughout the day.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    I have it big time dnacol…and Meditating is right the thyroid antibodies have also gone completely out of whack. I have been treating it really seriously as a few months back when it really kicked in (after a lifetime of being easily stressed and a barrage of new very confronting things happening) I started to get really sick and was losing a lot of weight. My raw diet wasn’t working for me. Since then I have been using masses of nutritional supplements (naturopath-guided) including one called Adrenotone and taking a tonic with ginseng and licorice in it. I am also having B12 shots once a fortnight and have gone back to yoga….those stretches across the kidneys/adrenal glands are really good. I am also seeing a nutritional specialist GP who is very good. Adrenals out of kilter at chronic levels can affect liver/digestion in fact just about everything and rebuilding is a slow process. You need to really look after the liver/gallbladder and possibly take digestive enzymes as adrenalin relates to shock and that turns off the digestive process. Other treatments? Meditating, removing causes of stress from your life if possible and deep breathing…... look after your heart too and make sure you are feeding it lots of love and joy :)

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