Fatal Nut & Legume allergy

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

Most of you know I’ve been raw for some time, but after reading The RAVE Diet and Lifestyle and watching Eating (thank you for the recommendation), it is even more imperative i get my kids doing better. Problem is my oldest who is vibrant teen who happens to be fatally allergic to all nuts and most legumes. At 5’6” and 97 pounds, he would expire without these heavier foods. He tolerates seeds fine. I can get a smoothie in him in the am, but that’s it. Summer is coming—a good time to transition away from animal first. Anyone?


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I would try some of the many dehyrated recipes out there. Try making seed burgers and pate wraps. There are many other online recipes and recipe books out there which can provide you with perfect replacements for children’s favorite foods: such as burgers as a I mentioned above, chicken nuggets, milk shakes, etc. Check Juliano’s Raw book! He has tons of recipes that look and taste like the real junk foods. As your son grows he will become more conscious about his relationships with food. Just make sure that you continue to educate him about health and why it is so crucial.

    Lots of Love, V

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I would try to make a lot of Avacado based recipes if you can… I’m not sure if he’s allergic to Avacado’s. They’re creamy and fattening (for me atleast!). I just made a raw chocolate pudding using them and it was a big hit! I haven’t eaten meat in a long time and i feel great! There are some meat alternatives on this site – like using mushrooms or coconut meat marinated in nama shoyu and then dehydrated… coconut is another good fattening food to use! If you can get him to drink a smoothi, try using banana, avacado and/or coconut meat… 3 fattier foods. I love all 3 but have to limit myself! There are soem wonderful Hawaiian BBQ Kebab’s on this site that i make once a week – that’s my weekly raw meal for my husband to enjoy with me! I know how hard it is to find recipes w/o nuts! I try not to use them since i’m trying to lose weight… Also, what about chick peas? I’m told you can sprout them yourself! How is your son with Sesame Seeds? I just made Matt Amsden’s raw Hummus and it was delicious! You wouldn’t know there weren’t chick peas in it! Excellent stuff! I hope that helps a little bit! Good luck to you and your son!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I think very unfortunately, he is now a teen and wouldn’t touch an avocado if his life depended on it—and it will. I know I can get him having lots of fruit so that’s a good start—chick peas are a legume (allergic) and I was sick for 2 weeks after making a raw hummus with them—wouldn’t sprout a legume ever again. I’m going to see what i can come up with on the sunseed front as far as making Mylks and burgers, though, he won’t even try my burgers. I don’t have Juliano’s book—I think I have 20 or so others, just not that one. I’ll keep digging. Thanks.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Wow, you have 20 raw food books? i would eat anything you made in your kitchen! i don’t own a single raw recipe book. juliano’s book is okay, it was a little too complex for me but his recipes were good if i learned how to make em. try making sweet manna bread from sprouted grains, carrot cake, other desserts with dates.

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