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YELLO hands

Ok two people at work and now my close friend all say my hands look yellow.. I have not noticed it as my hands look normal this tint to me. I have looked online and it seems that a lot of people that eat living foods experience this. Does anyone here know where this could come from. My diet consist of one smoothie 2 green juices a salad at lunch and heavier raw dinner with some nuts thrown in there every now and then for my deserts. The only think that I eat yellow is lemons, and mangoes. Any suggestion or comments would be helpful…..


  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Do you eat/juice a lot of carrots? That’s the only skin change I have seen in raw foodies I know. Otherwise, I wonder if too many greens & not enough seeds, grains, etc. would cause something like that?

  • No carrots whatsoever juiced or just eaten…Funny thing about it is I just compared my hands to a meat eater and to be quite honest there hands seem to be the one I should post a forum about… This wasn’t bothering until my lunch mate asked me do I have jaundice “I mean come on.” Another thing I think that may have something to do with this is that i do a lot of food prep cutting and juicing veggies maybe it comes from working with veggies “WHO knows”

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    ardesmond2—i was going to say that too. raw foods have a lot of dyes in them that get on your hands (and all over your clothes if you are me!). as an experiment, if you are really worried, you could try wearing some gloves when you prepare food for the next few days and see if that’s it.

    it might also be one of those things that is a sign of health, but since so few people are truly healthy it’s just not a common occurrence. ??

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I have experienced it as an adult, I noticed someone staring at my feet. Wehn I looked down, they were in fact kind of orangish! I first called a nurse friend and she immediately said “have you been eating lots of carrots?” I had. I called my mother later and she told me, the same thing happened to me as a baby. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes. They both said it was the beta carotene. I know that lots of other vegetables contain it and in larger concentrations. I imagine when they told my mother and later me that it was carrots, it was because that was common. Eating lots and lots of raw foods containing beta carotene could produce the same results, I bet.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    This has not happened to me, but I’ve read some posts about it. Then again, you eat WAY more greens than I do. i know you don’t eat carrots, so it’s not that. HMMMM>>>perplexing.

  • Me too, Me too! Since I’ve gone raw (well not 100), I have noticed my hands being yellow. I don’t really eat carrots very much, but I do make the occasional carrot/walnut patties. I thought it was maybe something to do with my digestive issues, but discarded that idea because the rest if me is pretty normal colored. Hummm, maybe it is the dye.

  • I have that too, but the rest of me has a yellowish tone as well. Do you have and olive complexion or yellow undertones?

  • i have Irish skin…but my hands and feet are yellow. my friends pointed out that I “forgot to wash self tanner off” in college…I’ve never used that stuff! It’s worse when I’ve been eating carrots but I’m always a little yellow. the rest of me is pretty red haha…a dr told me it’s nothing to worry about, could just be a sensitivity to the beta carotene.

  • ardesmond2, I too have changed colors!!! LOL I don’t eat but one carrot a day but have eaten only raw meals since oct… I eat tons of veges each day and they are all full of anti-oxidants… I believe the color change is due to the amount of anti-oxidants consumed… My changes are all over my body, not just my hands or feet… All my lilly white places are now a bit “orangie”... LOL Also I believe this will aid in protection from over exposure to the sun..

  • I also have slightly orange hands and feet with no noticeable color changes anywhere else. Folks rarely notice unless we’re deliberately comparing palms. I started looking like this several years ago after I got hooked on drinking lots of green juices every day. You can take in a lot of beta carotene – and other natural pigments – without ever eating a single carrot.

  • 25 years ago or so there were “oral tanning pills”. Beta carotene mostly, but it made toy look orange! (Yellow is a component of the color orange-yellow and red). Other ingredients were added—probably not good for you—and they managed to get the color more brown. Some group musta protested and had it removed from the market. It did not give the sun protection of a good tan….

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I remember reading something about the liver purging “junk” when the diet is much cleaner in a Norman Walker juice book. I also turn a little orange when I am drinking a lot of green juices and carrot juice. I think it is OK. Sometimes we just overwhelm the bodies ability to process all that pro vit A or another sign of detox.

  • yes deborahann you’re right! our liver is overwhelmed by the amount of vitamin A coming in. but the thing is to still continue your intake of carrots, papayas, oranges, beet, etc as it helps to detoxify the body. perhaps this is the colour that is healthy. perhaps, ardesmond2, this is how we are meant to be. im known as the golden child in my school because i literally am the yellowest kid around. everyone else has very dull coloured hands and faces.

    i’ve even been asked to go to hospital by my teachers. its not anything serious, just your body detoxing. ;)

  • Thanks for all these responses “you really have to love this site”

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    There’s actually a name for the condition and it seems to be quite common in vegetarians. It’s called carotenemia. Sounds kinda sinister, doesn’t it? LOL.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Well, I did try some self-tanner lotion a couple days ago and now I have orangey streaks. That stuff is stupid.

    Off-topic, soooorrry! ;o)

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