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Making my fruitarian life more interesting and enjoyable

RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

My fruitarian life is not very enjoyable. I am always craving heavier foods, like nutsor seeds, but I know they are not really the right thing and I am starting to wonder whether all this is really going to work for me. I was wondering about moving maybe to Hawaii in the next number of years. My life here in Maryland is still pretty boring and all the fruit is pretty much garbage except the pineapple is good. But what person could make a living of pineapple and brewers yeast? Pretty much all the fruit is bad, unripe or spoiled, and when I buy the fruit thinking I could let it ripen but I put it in the sun, and no ripening happens. Just rots. Meanwhile I don’t have access to durian, or any of those other exotic fruits. So there’s an Asian store nearby, but I don’t really know if they have durian and I don’t really like life anymore. I cannot digest nut, seeds, or grains, soaked or dehydrated or not or whatever it doesn’t matter. How do you survive on the fruit life? And btw is it possible to order any of the fruits like durian or some fruit that people say taste like caramel. Thanks for reading.


  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    A lack of leafy greens is the reason I don’t agree with fruititarianism. Green leafies are chock full of so many nutrients they should not be omitted! Maybe the lack of ntrients is why you are craving heavier foods. There is not a lot of protien in fruit really. Avo. and durian have quite a bit of protein, but they are the only two I can think of.

    Sorry, I don’t feel like I was much help! :(

  • KelleySKelleyS Raw Newbie

    If you put fruit in a brown paper bag on the counter, it accelerates ripening. Maybe if you are that unhappy as a fruitarian, you shouldn’t do it. That seems to be the obvious solution.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey…I recently completed a fruitarian experiment myself. I went about a week or so and I enjoyed it, but before long I just started feeling limited by that diet. I started feeling like eating greens and nuts, and not feeling as content with my fruit. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed my temporary adventure into fruitarianism, I found it very cleansing and will probably do another fruitarian stint in the near future. But I didn’t want to limit myself any longer; there are just SOOO many yummy vegetables and greens out there, and loads of enjoyable recipes. I just got tired of limiting myself, so I had a spinach salad, and now I feel quite centered.

    Don’t be a fruitarian if you have to force yourself. :-) RAW is hella-interesting on its own. It’s fun to experiment, but if you’re getting discontent with that diet, then let down your boundaries and enjoy the green. You don’t have to stop eating loads of fruit just because you also eat the green.

  • Add in some greens!! Try a head of romaine chopped up with a half pound or pound of strawberries. Or blended with a couple bananas. Look-up the book “The 80-10-10 Diet” – LOTS of good info for eating fruitarian (which the author considers to include leafy greens).

  • I agree that the fruitarian diet includes leafy greens.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Nothing wrong with greens but a true fruitarian eats ONLY fruit.some eat seeds and nuts but fruit is it. If one feels greens are necessary then eat greens but please dont say that fruit doesnt have all the nutrients we need because this is wrong fruit has everything we need. Heres a shocker perhaps to some, i dont like greens or vegetables, theyre not appealing to me, fruit is awsome and a very easy way to live. Im not against greens just get irrated when someone says that fruit doesnt have the nutrients we need, this is not true. http://www.thefruitpages.com/ http://www.fruitarian.com all the information on fruit is there ,amino acids,protein,calcium, all of it.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Just curious if you can find a farmer’s market anywhere near you? Maybe this summer it will be easier to broaden your fruit intake. This time of year not much fruit is fresh locally, but greens are local. Yes…I am dreaming of Hawaii to. We’re planning a trip for sure in the next year.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    If you aren’t satisfied then its not working out for you and you should stop. Fruitarianism didnt work for me because I felt like I was missing something. It was the greens!

  • Roadrunner, I’m just curious, how long have you been eating JUST fruit? I’m not trying to challenge you or anything, I’m just genuinely curious. I’ve only been experimenting off and on so far with it, but I seem to do better with some greens thrown in each day.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    So is fruitarian eating anything with seeds in it – like cucumber, tomato, zucchini, avocado, etc. ? Or is it just sweet fruit? I am curious – I have heard people talk about fruitarianism, but I don’t know very much about it.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Thank you everyone! I decided that I need to realize that there are a lot more options in fruitariansim than I thought. I just realized that I get all my greens in from taking green food supplements- they got lettuce in them! Wow. I am still against nuts and seeds though, I am leary they seem very heavy. I just remembered that I can make a lot of really interesting things with fruit, you can make ice cream with young coconut, a soft sandwich cookie for an ice cream sandwich out of dried fruit and coconut, wow all the options!

    Roadrunner, I completely agree with you. The only thing I eat other than fruit is some brewers yeast every day, for all the different proteins I need to grow. (I’m pretty young) I have decided to be a true fruitarian, eat only fruit! Thank you for the link, that looks very interesting.

    bitt, yes! actually there is a farmer’s market opening near me soon. Wow, a trip to Hawaii, I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun there!

    humanimal, your right, I needed greens, and now I have started to take chlorella. It feels very energizing and does fill me up. In addition I am being intrigued by the hooplah of green smoothies. The smoothies seem better to me because they are mixed with fruit, as when I would eat a salad of romaine and olive oil, vinegar, onions and mushrooms I would feel absolutely terrible afterwards – all bloated and wishing i hadn’t eaten it. But before adding green smoothies, I want to be a true fruitarian and rely of fruit. Fruit is magical. Also, though it is very expensive, I found a cool website that sells fresh durian meat with no chemicals, same with coconuts! They sell raw palm nectar too, I wonder if it is the same as agave. Apparently there is no pasteurization, that would make it truly raw agave. But it is very expensive. A bunch of dried exotic fruits as well. Thanks again everyone. :)


  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Greg, I started out RAW. I went 100% raw November 7 ,2007. Before that time I was vegetarian for a year. All I ate was beans from a crock pot and veggies which I steamed. The last 2 weeks of October of 07 I did the master cleanse for 14 days and when i broke that fast i went 100% raw which was nov 7. I basically at that time began experimenting with everything,nuts,seeds,fruit,greens,raw veggies.I went for a week once on just greens and nothing else and I ate a TON of romaine and celery and Ill tell ya I felt terrible and weak, but of course I was detoxing still, the master cleanse got me thru most of that. I tried fruit and greens in variety for a while and still just didnt feel all to good like each day I was in slow motion! Every thing I did literally was a burden.I came across the fruitarian fitness site and f-1, then I got the book:”Fruit The Ultimate Diet” by ReJean Durette and all the questions I had were answered in this book. Then the site www.fruitarian.com and then finally www.fruitpages.com and read all of it and so I decided in January 08 to do this, 100% fruit but what i did was I ate the 80/10/10 diet from Dr.G and I did much better and was getting more energy finally. But for some reason it wasnt all right yet so I decided to go just fruit which I pretty much was doing already but with the big green salad for dinner like the 80/10/10 diet . so i dropped the greens and salad etc and just went fruit and theres where it began, now I feel excellent, I wake up before my alarm,I constantly work out, I run 2.5 miles 4 times a week and ride my bike to work and back 6 miles round trip. I just feel like a new man. And theres been times where i have had a salad a couple times since then and when I do it takes me down, makes me feel tired and the elimination is slowed down and not like it should be. I dont take supplements, dont need them RawKidChef but you feel you need them take them. Im not telling anyone to go fruitarian, Im just defending the diet as far as people saying it doesnt have the nutrients we need because I completely disagree with that,I experimented with many things and the end result for me is fruit. Just over a year ago I weighed 250 lbs and now i am at 165. I went from a 40 inch waist down to a 30. I bottomed out at 155 and stabilized at 160-165. Your body has an ideal weight and you will reach that weight and stabilize if you eat right. So again I dont disagree with greens its just that theyre not for me they take me down but for others they may be the greatest thing! I also did the green smoothie thing and it did nothing for me really. Only eating fruit has been ideal for me. RawKid its good to see youre into fruit and health at 12 years old thats fantastic! Rob

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i’m personally not a fan of fruitarianism for a number of reasons, but if you’re looking for a caramelly taste look into buying either fresh lucuma or raw dried lucuma powder…with some cinnamon and agave mixed inot aybe some banana/avo pudding it tastes like caramel to me!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Hey Rawkidchef. Agree with most said here. I did 8-1-1 for awhile, fell WAY off and started eating cooked of all things. It made me feel like a complete failure at raw. now, looking back, I just think Dr. Graham has a do or die approach to this and that doesn’t work with me. After reading Gabriel Cousens book, “Rainbow Green Live Cuisine” I know fruitarianism isn’t right for my ayervedic dosha and also for my blood type. We all have different chemistry. i believe he goes more into this in “Concious Eating”. Anyone read that one?

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