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I need to know, is it possible?

I was wondering if the raw foods lifestyle has just… not worked… Like… have there been people who have been diligently raw and reaped none of the health benefits? Or, is it a given, that if you consume primarily/strictly raw foods that your body will respond in the wonderful ways I’ve been hearing? I’d like to know if I can absolutely expect to feel invigorated and energized and healed? I’d like to know that I’ve finally found a solution to my perpetual exhaustion and enervation… I’d like to know that all the physical maladies that have been preying on my health will diminish with this lifestyle… ? I don’t expect a miracle… but I’m hoping for something close… something resembling a miracle… a caricature of a miracle… an infinitesimal partiality of a miracle. I need some inspiration, some proof that hope exists… that I’m not doomed to live out the rest of my days in a state of lethargic, zombie-disorientation; because I just can’t do it any more… I’m hardly living, I’m hardly able to function, I’m so tired it hurts… and I need my life, I need it to be mine, I need to not be inhibited by this any longer. Can raw foods save me? Is it possible?


  • Raw foods can save anyone. I swear. I may not be a doctor or a scientist, but I tell you it’s better that I’m not. You WILL feel GREAT. Granted, there will be times where it’s so hard…so hard…you’ll feel like crap. Depression through detox sets in in the beginning, along with other overwhelming detox symptoms…just so you don’t think it’s going to be a walk in the park in the beginning. But it’s all very exciting. Because you know as you feel like crap, those are TOXINS being released from your body!!! And then all of the benefits start coming. I tell you raw really can save anyone and everyone…

  • i really hope that i can also make it thru hat first few phases. tomorrow is day 1 for me and i need to stop diary

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Rawbeginner, don’t dispair! Sounds like you need to revolutionize your life and not only your diet! Raw foodism is a lifestyle, and make this just the first step to taking the reigns over your life. You’ll see that it will be empowering and fascinating and this community will see you through it. You just need to find the motivation and map out a way. Everyone’s different and only you know what’s right for you. Give it a chance and get out and go for a jog! Turn a new leaf! :)

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    After detoxing, there is no way your body cannot respond to all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and living energy! If you eat properly(meaning not living solely on drizzled agave,cacao nibs and nut cheesecake), your body will be gathering ALL the nutrients it needs to rebuild and renew itself. I think it’d impossible for it to not. You’d have to be dead for it to not respond. The fact that you are living now shows it is doing something with the food you eat already, but for better or for worse. I just reminded myself of the WORSE yesterday.. I had some organic cooked cookies yesterday for sentimentality(I cant even go into all the memories) and I feel horrid now. My nose is running non stop, and I keep coughing up phlem. I am glad that idiacy happened. I really see now just how bad it was for me. I knew it, but it’s all words until you detox from it. ugh terrible. I actually prefer the taste of a good pear to that crap. It was just memory-comfort why I slipped.

    Anyway as I said…you will heal, feel more energized, light and even HAPPY!. I’m not talking “living”, I’m saying genuinely HAPPY! Something I never fully understood until raw. If I was not UNhappy I was in awe, but then I was not only not unhappy, but over-joyous! I have energy, and motivation. I feel alive now. I can’t express the beauty of raw food. I would say “try it for six weeks” but I don’t know how long your body needs to detox properly, that all depends on how bad the food you ate before was, but I KNOW you WILL feel better. Once you start PROPERLY, you will never want to go back.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Yay! I remember feeling the way you describe – and I feel GOOD now – I can’t wait for you to feel it, too. :) Green juices and warm water enemas can really help through the transition/detox by helping to flush toxins out better and making detox symptoms less severe, but like Carmentina said, everyone is different. You can and will find what works for you. :) I agree that this site can be a huge help/support/resource/source of entertainment :) that makes my life better and makes eating raw easier!

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    yes there is hope!!

    i did very near 100% raw for about 4 months, and believe me, you will experience alot of relief, both mental and physical. i had very little detox, a few headaches, some light headedness. my depression lifted, and physically i was better. (my diabetes improved, thyroid function improved) after 4 months i started to struggle and went back to eating some gluten free cooked foods. i still try to maintain a high percentage raw. the only times i feel bad now is when i have cheated. but i find my mood is more depressed since i began eating cooked again.

    as long as you stay raw, you will experience much progress. i definately think it is easier if you are close to 100% because at that point the cravings go away.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    stylistchick – I have noticed the same thing – when I have gone to eating cooked food again, the depression came back/worsened. Being raw is what enables me to handle life and feel good. I forgot how bad I used to feel all the time until I went off and started eating cooked food again a little while ago. Yay, raw life!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Without knowing exactly what you’re eating, I can at least empathize with your words. But like the others said, don’t despair. It’s normal to have ups and downs for the first couple months, maybe a little longer. Overall, raw is the more natural diet for a human being, but if you feel desperate about lack of energy or depression, eat foods that will help. If you don’t get a lot of greens and/or citrus, then increase them, for example. If you look at your past menus and notice your’re lacking foods with vitamin K, then increase them. If you eat a lot of fatty nuts, then try decreasing. In other words, you do the same thing as you would with a cooked diet if you’re not feeling well. Keep your chin up.OOXX

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i think in the beginning its important to set a goal for yourself. and remember you really can’t eat too much on the raw diet esp. in the beginning. everyone says stay away from nuts, but i think they really helped to keep me on track in the first few months.

  • RawBeginner- you WILL undoubtedly find numerous amazing healing benefits through going raw, whether it be high raw or 100% raw!! How much a percentage to live it will depend on your individual interpretation and perspective of your body’s physical and emotional needs. Just start anywhere you can incorporating more raw,living foods into your daily life and go from there. You will love where it takes you- an amazing, if somewhat challenging at times, adventure of life and all it has to offer! Keep in mind that you will find this “almost a miracle” you wish for through raw foods, but we all have to keep our eyes and minds open to recognizing when we may need to tweak something or look at things to add, change, or incorporate since it it is a journey, a bit different for each individual. Low energy could be caused by low B12 (which even omni’s or SAD eaters can suffer from), or a numerous number of things, so relentlessly seek knowledge to help yourself. Eating raw will provide you the tools (pure nutrients) your body needs to search for knowldege in any area you wish, thus creating a beautiful cycle of physical and mental vibrancy and energy!

    Eating raw is merely one, albeit a HUGE, aspect of improving one’s overall health though! I hope you recognize that thoughts/beliefs/attitude have, at least, just as big an impact on physical and spiritual health as what we put into our bodies. So along with eating the best possible food on earth- raw, organic, vegan food! – BELIEVE that you are capable of thriving and deserving of living your best life imaginable! Practice living that positive, life-affirming belief in your daily thoughts and actions and you will overcome anything you wish!

    My heart goes out to you in your elequent, anguished inquiry. Sending loving thoughts of healing and peace out to you!

    Welcome to a whole new exciting, thriving life! Congratulations on a wonderous choice! :)

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