Hey all! I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who is in Oregon, specifically the Salem-Eugene area?

Is there a separate forum where people can find other raw foodists that I should post to?



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    Hi Shrkbyte. I live in Hood River and was wondering the same thing. I would think there would be a ton of raw foodies in Eugene. There are no local sites in my community that I can find and I think it would be great to connect with some folks locally.

  • I am in Bend, Oregon..

  • i’m in portland

  • We are thinking about moving to that area! It looks so beautiful out there, we are currently in Ottawa, Canada but bored. It is also very expensive to live here and be raw/vegan. I order all my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs there and alot of the food I eat is shipped from out there. I would like to find a cottage type home to rent so I can grow my own food. Would you recommend that area?

  • Troutdale.

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    heartshaped: I just signed up for the juliano dinner on the 12th too…am bringing my sister who is interested in raw…I’m really looking forward to having some yummy food prepared for me!!!!

  • kindaraw- my name is ami, let’s try to find each other in person for a hello! we have some stay at home mommy and nutrition interests in common!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    heartshapedsky: my name is karen and i’ll definitely look for you. my hair is a boy cut now, not at all like the picture in my profile. See you then!

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