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Calling all blendtec owners!!

My mom just received my blender from blendtec at their place in Florida. she opened it up to make it easier to bring it up to Canada and said she thought it was flimsy. really light and not very solid.

does anyone have a comment on this? i’m scared of having it brought here and realizing it’s not sturdy so i’m worried since i have not been able to physically see it. light is good as long as it still works.

please reassure me!


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I love the blendtec I puchased this Fall and bought my son one for Christmas. Light weight is not the same as flimsy. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I love my blendtec, too. I’ve had it for years. It’s wonderful. My friends just ‘upgraded’ to the blend-tec from their Vitamix and love it. They say it’s so much more powerful, they never need a tamper, it’s easier to use, and it fits under their cabinets. Not to worry.

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    love it bunches! don’t worry!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    It is lightweight yes but flimsy no – that thing has a lot of power. No worries there – I love mine! :)

  • It’s “flimsyness” is one of it’s best qualities. Of course, it isn’t flimsy at all but I know what she meant by it. I thought the same thing when I first opened it. I wondered why after they made the worlds best blender they made the container out of cheap plastic. But it isn’t cheap plastic. It is made out of some indestructable stuff that looks like plastic. They actually use some material that is in there in bulletproof vests! So don’t worry. It’s lightness and design makes it so easy to handle and clean! The container will stand up to anything you throw at it. I love my blendtec! LOVE IT!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yeah, the blendTec container seams to sit on the base better than the VitaMix… it is lighter than the vitamix… both the base and the container. I prefer VitaMix… one of the reasons being because the BlendTec “jumps around” when it blends some of my foods.

  • Triton co-polyester is Blendtecs replacement plastic for the old jug that gave of poisonous biphenol fumes, i came across that info on this site, dont think its available in England yet. I discovered Blendtech Totalblender HP3A marketed in the uk exclusively by Usmoothie, a franchise operator, its a special european model, was thinking about it but need to check out the jug.

  • We’ve used our Blendtec once or twice per day for 6 months now and it has been absolutely flawless. The quality is phenomenal. No worries at all!!! I expect the thing to last for many years, and I’ll surely buy another when the time comes. Both the design and engineering are amazing. Plus, I’m too short to reach the top of a Vitamix!

  • thanks everyone! i got the new HP3A so hopefully it’s got the new jug on it.

    my mom has a kitchenaid blender with a heavy base and a glass jug that can’t blend a strawberry for it’s life but it weighs a ton and she keeps telling me how much better a blender it is. easy to clean? yes. glass jug is great? yes. takes about 20 minutes for me to get most of my spinach blended and still leaves chunks of fruit and stems? definitely. guess it’s just what we get used to…

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    phew! we just ordered a blentec after thorough research. I suppose nothing is perfect. how is the noise level? heard it is loud.

  • i did a lot of research on this one too! vitamix was at our local costco yesterday so i watched the road show for a bit. i think either blender would be awesome as long as it does all that!

    haven’t gotten it yet (probably late next week) so i’ll let you know on the noise. i’m throwing a dinner party tomorrow night and wish i had it now!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    bitt – It is loud – I can hear it in the courtyard of my apartment building. But I think the VitaMix is just as loud. I figure I make some concessions for a great blender. But since it blends so well and fast – the loud noise is not happening that long.

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