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survey for my book-whats your sign

Hi everyone I am a newbi-well kinda I did join months ago and rejoined. One of my many hats is one of The Astrologer-and I am writing a book about Natural Living-diet-nutrition-mental- emotional well being By The Signs Can all of you raw peeps send me your sun sign-in the forum here—and your moon sign if you know it! Go to www.astrodreams.ca if you do not>>>and wanna know…just wanting to know the stats….Thanks! Ps this site will be mentioned as a contributer


  • I’m a scropio,that’s all I know lol

  • Aries, Baby, Yeah!

  • Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius.

  • I’m a Gemini with Capricorn Rising and a Sagittarius moon (but three other signs in Cancer, which I know can have a lot to do with diet and connection to the earth). Keep us posted on the book – it sounds interesting!

  • Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, Libra rising. I’m definitely interested in your book!

  • Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus, Virgo Ascendent :)

  • Ummm, Pisces. I don’t know about the other stuff. :)

  • Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries and a Cancer Ascendant. Very interested in the book.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie


  • I’m an Aquarius too!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Umm, where on your site does it tell people what their sun and moon sign is?

  • I’m a Virgo with moon in Libra and a Cancer ascendant.

  • Sun – Sagittarius, Moon – Aries. Ascendant – Gemini

    I’m interested in your book too. Did a lot with Astrology years ago.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I answer in the other thread but I will put here too:

    sun – virgo

    moon – Sagittarius

    rising – Scorpio.

    I am intersting in this book too. I think astrology is fun. :)

    I think us Virgos are very likely to lean towards those health foodie issues!

  • Bday is oct 26, 1988….so I’m a scorpio :)

  • Sagittarius and I think my rising sign is Sagittarius. I don’t know why my moon is though, I think Venus…

  • Capricorn! (Leo Rising/Moon)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Sun : Peices. Moon : Taurus. I had always wondered why I was so STUBOURN, then I figured out my moon is Taurus. My dad is the exact same signs as me, and would love to be veg.! He is useless in the kitchen, and eats what my mom puts in front of him!!!

    Let us know what the predominant sign seems to be!!!

    Also, could you tell me about this such and such rising thing? my bday is Feb 24 1969. Do i have anything else to my sign?

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I would think that alot of vegans are pieces, due to the love of furry critters. I would be interested to know if I am right!!

  • giuliagiulia Raw Newbie


    your book seems really interesting to me, I'll check it out later today!

    I'm Sun in Leo, Sagittarius Ascendant.

    @renib: you can easily find out about your ascendant on www.astrosofa.com/horoscope/ascendant 

    It's really interesting to look deeper into astrology and everything that opens up once you started!



    renib DeletedClaireT
  • SimonSimon Raw Newbie

    I'm Pisces. Moon Libra.


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