Fruit and disease

Hello – I’d really appreciate your help; I have been 100% raw vegan (for past 3 weeks; four weeks prior to this 80% raw vegan; and 15 years prior to that a veggie, but ate dairy). I eat mostly dark green leaves, avocadoes, tomatoes and cucumber (and soaked nuts and sprouts). Trying to avoid all other fruits though….

This is because I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (had symptons for last year or so) and my yoga teach recommended an ‘alkaline’ diet – which is how I initially found out about raw food.

I’ve read that sugar feeds disease (the first book I read was ‘the pH miracle’ by Robert Young – and as some of you may know, he says to avoid fruit at all costs…

But since I’ve been reading other books and posts on this site (every day since my transition!) I’ve seen that others who have disease do eat fruit …

Sometimes I really crave fruit, and then I have a massive fruit binge!!! But because my symptoms (which I won’t go into here, but aren’t very nice) haven’t gone yet, I then worry that it was because of the fruit I’ve eaten.

I also get migraines (they have significantly improved since changing my diet) – but still getting about one a week.

What are your thoughts on fruit and disease? I’ve read a lot that it’s best to ‘listen to our bodies’ – but to be honest, I’m not quite there yet… Just focusing on eating raw and making sure i’m getting lots of nice things to eat is where I’m at at the mo:)

Thank you so much for any feedback. Love, Kaye


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Could you make some green smoothies with some fruits on it? Victoria Boutemko has a book about smoothies that she puts a lot of greens and fruits.I’m doing some green soups latelly like avocado soup : 1 avocado,2 T miso,lemom juice and a lot of other greens. I just love it. Ah! Coconut water is the best thing for dehydration and many other problems. Or a smoothie that I like is water,orange,sunflower seeds, honey,and flax seeds. Anne Wigmore green soup is an avocado,sprouts,rejuvelac and an apple.Try this.I’m trying not to eat a lot of fruit too,but I add them in smoothies and soups.

  • I am mostly fruitarian, I have had crohns UC for nearly 7 years, diagnosed for 5 years. well I had, I am now healed :) Have been raw for around 6 months and focusing on getting 100% the past 3 months. Vegetarian for 10 years.

    Importantly you have to listen to your body as you dont want a flare up…but I can understand what your say! That intuition takes time.. Take it slow, mono mealing with fruit may be the best bet. Introduce one thing at a time and see how you get on.

    Keeping oil free and very low fat has helped me, but I do have avacado as a treat at weekends, otherwise try to keep things simple.

    It can be very hard and offputting when you face awful uc related symptoms after eating, puts you off trying to eat anything, but keep going, it really does work!!

    Best of Luck


    Try not to combine too many things to avoid any pain etc.


  • Hello again – thank you both… This is very helpful. In fact this morning I did more research and I’ve bought Dr Doug Grahams 80/10/10 diet book – and I’m going to buy Victoria Boutemko’s green smoothies book too… (One of first books I read was ‘12 steps to raw’ – really, really enjoyed it). Thank you! Love, Kaye

  • Kaye, Fruits are our natural primary foods. All you have to do confirm that to yourself is imagine yourself in pristine nature, surrounded by edible foods but without the “knowledge” about which foods have which nutrients, etc., that we’ve learned from modern nutritional theory. You can crawl around and collect small sprouts of plants, you can dig for roots, gather mushrooms, pick leaves, or you could just reach up and grab a sweet, fragrant, colorful mango. If you need further convincing that fruit is our #1 food, try feeding the foods you think are healthy to a baby—like broccoli, tough greens or other cruciferous vegetables. They won’t touch them. Yet they’ll eat almost anything that is sweetened. That’s because we know from our earliest moments on this earth that our natural foods are supposed to be sweet. When we want to describe something as really good, we call it “sweet”! Sugar is our #1 nutrient need. It’s gotten a bad reputation because has been used to disguise inappropriate foods. Our practice of sweetening foods in order to get them past our taste buds is prima facie evidence that we recognize the importance of sugar to the human body.

    If you’re suffering digestive disorders of any kind I’d highly recommend Dave Klein’s book about Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, the exact name of which escapes me at the moment. He has a website devoted to it so you can just google his name and it should come up. He is the publisher of “Living Nutrition” magazine as well.

    My recommendation is—don’t deprive yourself of your natural birthright, the joy of eating fruit. Like many others, Robert Young has some things figured out but is obviously very confused on the subject of which foods are optimal for human beings. Please check out my website and Yahoo group archives for much more info.

    Kind regards, Nora

  • Hello Kaye, I had UC for almost 20 years and resolved it 100% with none other than fruit. It was a little discouraging at the beginning as I was in detox mode for about 2 weeks but once I got over that I was 100% cured. Here is the link to David Klein’s books and services: I used his book and called him a few times to get myself on the right track. Now I am grateful. Nora is right on, our normal food is fruit and you will find that out when you read Doug Graham’s book. If you have any questions about UC and fruit / raw foods please do not hesitate to send me an email. My address is sotb (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

    In good health!

  • Oh, thank you, SO SO much…. Nora – I found your site yesterday – and read every single page… it resonated so much with me… and SocaL – I also read ALL your posts – and your blog… thank you…

    I’ve bought Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by David Klein, and will also subscribe to the Living Nutrition magazine.

    Today is my second day eating fruit ‘til evening… Then I will have some ice-berg lettuce, celery, tomatoes, red bell peppers (after some more fruit) :-)....

    I am very happy because even though I had blood in my stool yesterday (sorry) and a few cramps (after eating the fruit) today I have had NONE and I’ve eaten a lot of fruit (x3 bananas, x2 apples and a kiwi).

    SO YAY…. It’s so good to know that other’s eat fruit that had what I have and now are healthy…. I’m so much looking forward to being in good health…

    Thank you, love Kaye… Really appreciate this…

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