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Soy beans

My favorite cooked food. I know there are ways to get my soy intake raw but for years I’ve been in love with lightly salted soy beans. I’m working on being a concret 75% raw so I suppose keeping that one thing in my diet can’t be too bad. Are there any serious things to keep in mind with soy beans. I eat about a bag a week from Trader Joes and I don’t think I could live with out…



  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Soy beans are VERY bad for you. If there is any way to get them out of your diet, I would encourage you to do so. If you want for info. on them, you can see my website: www.taoistlife.com, at the bottom of the page, there are links to soy info. and a TON of studies on soy saying the wide array of negative health effects that it has. Also, if you go to the forum section on this site and type in soy, you can find a lot of info. from other previous discussions as well.

  • Oh wow thank you so much for the info, also I love the url of site. Sounds like an awesome site. I’ll try to work on cutting soy beans out asap

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    totally agree. it’s very sad they are getting such hype as a health food. this is totally political. it is one of the US’s biggest crops now, and one of the biggest GMO crops.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. if you’ve been eating them, then any decrease in consumption will be beneficial. so no worries

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I agree that soy is bad and you know what – I never realized it until about a month ago. Since I became vegan and more financially strapped (not able to afford lots of great raw stuff), my vegan product (mostly fake soy thingys) intake really increased. I noticed I was more moody and depressed and I would wake up feeling sad and not rested from my sleep. I never noticed this when I was just vegetarian. I never really ate any soy then I guess – but giving up cheese/dairy I went around trying all the fake cheese products and mayos which are loaded with soy.

    Even last night, I was trying to use up the last bit of Veganaise i had in a dip and a few hours later I got all moody and depressed and began crying and than it lifted a few hours after that.

    If I don’t eat any soy (soymilk doesn’t seem to bother me though – I will eat creamy cooked vegan soups with it and I am OK after eating that) products, this doesn’t happen for the most part. Needless to say I threw out a package of vegan cheese because now i am afraid to eat it. I don’t want those crying and depressed fits again. This didn’t always happen when I ate soy though – it seems like just recently because my intake of soy had soyrocketed.

    I will probably never eat soy products again (at least not on a regular basis).

    This website too really woke me up: http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/articles/SSP2…

    I was surprised that I have lots of the symptoms on there.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    EEEEEEK! Soy bad!!! Cease and desist!!! You don’t want or need to injest soy, it’s nasty!!!

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    what about almond milk-? is this raw? i don’t drink soy milk of course, but wondered if store bought almond milk was raw.

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    I really don’t think it’s that bad. I have never had any bad experiences with it either. Obviously not a raw product, but it’s not like it’s some kind of alien food source or toxic waste like some people say. Not to be controversial, but really, it’s not all that bad.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I beg to differ….I would really take a look at the research I have gathered. But, to each there own….. I’m glad you haven’t had any issues with it.

    I just know from my experience working with a number of clients to those with muscle neuropathies to autism and sensory issues that taking soy out of the diet made dramatic improvements in their physical health and social/emotional wellbeing.

  • I know we have spoken about this before, but what about the phytoestrogens in flax and hemp? I do eat those, but am not 100% convinced that they are safe either. I have found no research negating their benefits, but am leary because they are phytoestrogens. I have to say, I have felt infinitely better since giving up soy ages ago, and am convinced soy lead to a fibroadenoma in my breast. If anyone has any solid info about flax and hemp, I’d love to hear about it.

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I have heard alot of bad about soy lately. I never really knew much about it, but I never thought it was bad. I guess it’s worse than I thought. Thanks for informing me.(:

  • parviainenparviainen Raw Newbie

    I am also interested in finding out the truth about soy, so I checked out that taoistlife.com site. It said that phytoestrogens in soy are goitrogens that can lead to endocrine disruptions, thyroid disease, and can cause permanent thyroid disease in babies. So I checked out the term goitrogens in wikipedia.org. Wikipedia lists that goitrogens are found in almost all the vegetables in the brassica family, for example: bok choy, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, mustard greens and collard greens, not to mention the long list of other foods: pine nuts, strawberries, spinach, millet and radishes. I sure all foods have something bad about them. But most of them are so healthy and good for us otherwise that the good outways the bad. In wikipedia it also suggested to combine these foods that suppress the thyroid with foods that stimulate it like avocado or coconut. So food is more about science than anything else. I am sure that all food put on Earth has a purpose and through research and continuous learning on how to combine food to get the maximum benefit we will find out what they are.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    parviainen—yes, but unlike strawberries, cawliflower and the rest, soy beans are actually inedible raw, and have negative health benefits that stretch far further. asians were very smart to turn this complete non-food, into food by fermenting it. it is less bad for you that way. but it’s cooked, so…

    it’s also important to consider that our bodies will adapt to poison taken in small doses over time. this is why people don’t literally DIE from eating dairy, or meat, or sugar. however, this adaptive response over “poison” does take a toll over time.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Soy contains harmful stuff. If you eat a bag a week of roasted salted soy beans, then that is like eating roasted nuts. If you are going to eat soy, some soy milk (cultured or fermented is best) would be much more benine because it is a liquid. The main thing with soy is that it is extremely mucous forming, and that’s why you shouldn’t eat too much soy milk anyway.

  • absolutely not. commercial almond milk is pasteurized... not to mention it usually contains some kind of sugar, preservatives, etc....

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    At least soy is vegan!!!

    Better to eat soy than take an another animals life.

  • true, but soy contains very high levels of estrogen, and can slow down growth in humans (particularly infants).. i was giving my 6 month old son soy milk for a few months and he is very small for his age. i think that this contributed to his low weight

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    The estrogens contained in soya are called phytoestrogens, many other foods consumed daily contain these also.

    Phytoestrogens are very misunderstood, they are weak mimicking estrogens which lock up the receptors so more harmful enviromental estrogens are not absorbed.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I used to eat soya mince and those soya burger mixes and I would always get bloated afterwards. When I had the food intolerance test I found out I was intolerant to soya.

    I've heard lots of conflicting evidence re soya- it is said that the Japanese have lower incidences of breast cancer which they put down to the phytoestrogens in tofu and tempeh.

    The lady who did my intolerance test said only fermented soya is good for you- the heavily processed Western soya is not.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Alot of soya products are modified and those are full of gluten, preservatives and other horrid additives that it would prob be healthier eating a normal burger by the time there finished lol.

    Yeah the Japanese diets are rich in phytoestrogens and iodine, which is thought to why they have lower rates of cancer, even though a large part of the population smoke i read.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    "Alot of soya products are modified and those are full of gluten, preservatives and other horrid additives that it would prob be healthier eating a normal burger by the time there finished lol."

    No wonder it made me bloated! Do you know that brand "sosmix" powerlifer? I ate that for years and eventually I got horrid indigestion and bloating after eating it so I stopped eating it about a year ago. It had hydrogenated fat in it eek.

    "Yeah the Japanese diets are rich in phytoestrogens and iodine, which is thought to why they have lower rates of cancer, even though a large part of the population smoke i read."

    The iodine will be due to the nori I reckon.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Ive seen the brand you mentioned but never tried it, think ill give it a miss lol.

    They eat so many different types of seaweed such as wakame, dulse etc, but nori is one of the main ones due to sushi.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    "Ive seen the brand you mentioned but never tried it, think ill give it a miss lol."

    Ha ha I don't blame you lol- it is very processed.

    "They eat so many different types of seaweed such as wakame, dulse etc, but nori is one of the main ones due to sushi."

    Nori is the only one I have tried that I like.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Dulse is nice its not got a strong flavour at all, and melts in the mouth easy.

    Im not fond of wakame as it has a richer taste, takes forever to chew and is very slimy lol.

    Sea spaghetti is nice need to try more of that and sea lettuce is ok.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    When Mattas re opens in 2 weeks I'll have a look. They got to Sri Lanka every year for 3 weeks. Mattas is a well known international supermarket in Liverpool. They sell a few kinds of seaweeds.I don't go to the Chinese places because the seaweed packets' instructions are all in Chinese and I don't know what they are or what to do with them and the people bless them, don't speak English in there so can't advise me.

    What do you do with the dulse? How do you prepare it?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Nice one England has a much wider range of places than up here.

    You just soak the dulse in luke warm water for 15 minutes then its good to go:). I mix it in with a miso soup though as i dont like eating them on there own.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Thanks powerlifer- I'll have a good look in Mattas when they re open after their holiday.

    p.s sent you an email.

  • Paul BPaul B Raw Jr. Leader

    Based on what I've read, there is nothing wrong with soy. http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/soynorris http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/soymessina

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i find it hard to believe that an organic, non-gmo, soy bean could be problematic. however, i have no problem believing that a processed, msg-ridden, fake meat rubbery type thing would be nasty. i am guessing that some of the negative effects pple notice when they eat soy could actually be attributed to additives. i wonder if they have tried making their own soy milk, i have and never noticed any negative effects. i suspect that the powerful dairy industry may be behind some of the negative propaganda behind soy.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    "Based on the bulk of the evidence soy appears to be perfectly safe for nearly all healthy individuals when it is consumed in reasonable amounts"

    Mja so even small amounts are very unsafe for a few people or if consumed in large quantities it's unsafe for nearly all healthy individuals.

    Good food is safe for every one in small or large quantities.

    I don't trust soy there is to much research going in soy to prove or disprove that it's healthy.

    You can't eat raw soy beans, if you can't it eat raw don't eat it.

    "Better to eat soy than take an another animals life."

    Of course there are no animals harmed when the made the millions of acres of soy farm land and destroyed the land where a diversity of animals and plants lived!.

    just my 2 cents.

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