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What Do You Use for Medicine?

AziahAziah Raw Newbie

I have been slowly weaning myself and my family off of conventional medicine (tylenol, ibuprofin, etc). I refuse to give my children any more vaccines (I strongly believe they caused my kids food intolerances). And I believe that antibiotics should only be given in emergency. I also personally believe that the conventional doctors overmedicate us. That said, I do believe there is a time and place for conventional medicine.

I started seeing a naturopath for my kids and myself. My youngest has crazy mood swings and my oldest couldn’t clear her eczema. She put the girls on some supplements and put us all on homeopathy. At first I thought it was working…then I didn’t…then I did…now I don’t again. I have been seeing this doctor for several months (and she has been draining my bank account) and my youngest still has mood swings (that she is now blaming on my husband being gone even though she still has mood swings with him here) and my oldest cleared her eczema but I know for a fact that has to do with her diet. I, myself, am on the homeopathy and I have good days and bad days…same as prior to being on homeopathy. She also had me purchase tons of calming botanical medicine for my youngest for her moodswings and none of them worked.

So getting to my point: with conventional medicine out of the pic…and with me being skeptical of homeopathy and botanicals now…what is left? What do you use when your kids get headaches or moody or whatever?


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I just use raw food, kombucha tea, some herbs as seasoning, plenty of rest, exercise and water. I have fasted several times and I have done lots of cleanses. I am stricty non-allopathic and I take very few supplements anymore. Omega 3 is supposed to help with mood swings. For headaches, try steam or hot liquids. Most of my headaches in the past have been from congestion or food allergens.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Mood swings really could have to do with dad being gone or not – if the emotional issue is abandonment or lack of attention/affection, having dad home but knowing he will be leaving again is still just as crazy… As for headaches, a lot of headaches are caused by dehydration, so for myself, I drink 3 glasses of water if/when I ever get a headache, or you could also check into food allergies/intolerances for moodiness and headaches. For natural antibiotics, I use colloidal silver for my son, then I just make sure to give him probiotics afterwards because it kills the good bacteria, too, I think. Probiotics are a good preventive measure, too. Garlic works well for me as an antibiotic, but my son can’t handle enough fresh garlic to do him a lot of good medicinally :) I use raw cacao from www.sunfood.com to balance my hormones and relieve/prevent PMS. Other brands haven’t worked for me like that one does, and some of them have just made me sick. Hot peppers work really well to burn out sinus infections/congestion – either in your food, or you can take cayenne in capsules (I have to take these with a meal so they don’t burn my tummy). I use essential oils, too, sometimes – peppermint oil (dilute with a mixing oil like almond oil) on the tummy when nauseated, lavender or cedarwood oil on my pillow to help me sleep, etc. Herbal teas, too. I just gradually learn new things, so I have several things that I know now, but it has been years of just learning a little here and there.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    sorry to be that girl bringing up your “history” of posts…

    but i read another one where you said you were feeding your children a lot of sweet fruit.

    here is what is probably happening:

    the sugar in the fruit is starting a VERY FAST cleanse of all the cells in your kids bodies. even though they haven’t been eating cooked “junk” for a very long time, they are a product of your body, and their ancestors.. their cells still have a lot of “debris” to shed.

    all these toxins with nowhere to go stir up problems which can take MANY MANY shapes… i too get moody as a symptom. these are all attempts for the body to clean out… but it gets clogged because it isn’t used to having so much work. (this is why colon hydrotherapy is good, but for adults of course)

    medicine mitigates symptoms, but will be counter-productive in the long run if you wish to remain raw. it’ll give your cells more toxins to store, which will slow down detox, but then you’ll have even more in the “ATTIC” to clear out.

    the best thing to do is to stabilize detox with some simple cooked foods (like steamed broccoli, maybe even some rice), or to have them eat A LOT of greens, and make sure they are getting enough fats (not with sugar).

    hope that made sense. =)

    good luck!

  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    Pianissima – I don’t mind you bringing up past posts at all! Yes, they are eating a lot of sweet fruits. But the moodswings have been happening for months and months now…they have only been raw for 2 weeks. Her moods are something similar to bi-polar: she will be happy then something will “trigger” her (today her shoe fell off when getting in the car) and she screamed hystarically for 20 min straight..then it ended as quickly as it started. As for giving cooked foods again…I am very hesitant. She has had diarrhea straight since Jan 08 (used to have it prior but it was fixed by going gluten, soy, dairy free) and bloating. She has had solid stools and no bloating since going raw.

    Angie – I don’t doubt that there is some separation anxiety for her with her father travelling, but I question this being the sole reason for her swings, as the naturopath seems to suggest. Her father has been travelling like this since before her birth and the mood swings really just started happening as of late 07 or January 08 (hard to pinpoint). We used to do a daily course of probiotics but stopped that as of going raw. I will have to look into the colloidal silver…never heard of it.

    Thanks for responding!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    in any event, sweet fruit is not going to HELP stabilize mood. but it seems like you need more qualified help than that. =)

    my next thought then was that you would do well to find a naturopath that is more familiar with your diet. it doesn’t seem like he/she can offer much constructive advice if you are talking in two different languages.

  • We’ve tried all sorts of things over the years, and by far THE BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE thing we’ve ever done is “Energy Medicine”. There is a lot of it out there, and the cheapest (free), easiest and most accessible, IMHO, is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, www.emofree.com). We thought that was really great, and then learned about Quantum Techniques from that. Practicing QT has cured my allergies, transformed my husband into the wonderful person I knew he was all along, and totally changed the way I see the would. As a result, most of my physical problems are history. Food is a great start, but only 1 piece of my personal puzzle.

    Good luck!

  • You have probably thought of this. But just in case, have you thought of starting a daily food journal. To see if there is a pattern. You might see a pattern between the mood swings and certain foods (certain fruits, etc.) that have been consumed. I have read others say that adding more greens have helped with mood swings also.

    Jenoz – the EFT site looks really interesting. I am familiar with Quantum Techniques (Quantum-Touch). I have read several cases with much success with this technique. You are the second person on this site I have seen mention it.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I think mood swings are caused by 1. Stress 2. diet(and she will be detoxing alot of the chemicals that may have been her problem previously, If that is her problem) 3. Discipline(this goes for adults too). 4. Excercise. As silly as it sounds, lack of excercise can result in pent up energy,stress and emotions. I noticed the more active children I know are less moody. Not that I’m saying that is her problem, I’m only saying it is SOME kids’ problems. I was a very moody child, but I had alot to worry about. I think 90% of mine was Stress from the things going on then, and the rest was diet. I was a very whiney little thing, I got angry if a tiny moveable peice of toy did what gravity intended and fell off, I’d cry if my shoe laces were not even with eachother when I or someone else tied them…I’ve always been the worry wart perfectionist. The perfectionistic part is going to have to stop, because the fact is that I am a mess. :P

    I’m glad that you are trying to do things the natural way for your children and yourself. Realise it may take a while for their vitamins and minerals to build up, lack of certain vitamins can actually produce mood swings(mainly B’s), as can the detoxing from old foods. Again, I understand that! I haven’t been this moody in years, but to me it’s a good sign, I’m getting all that gunk out! :) If you visit your naturopath, ask them about giving your children infusions for extra vitamins since they are only just getting used to certain things. Not to mention children are picky eaters anyway, and it’s better safe than sorry. I use those as my “multivitamin”(and it absorbs quickly as it is liquid). Depending on what you use to make them, they are very tasty. You could also make some herbal vinegars for dressings. :)

    Here is a good explanation of Herbal Vinegars, they also (in other articles on the site) explain infusions,decoctions and talk about wild foraging if those things interest you. :) http://www.prodigalgardens.info/Herbal%20Vinega…

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    And this has nutritional analysis of various herbs and greens. I have a few other links somewhere, but If you got a look at my bookmarks, you would understand why it may take a while to find those.


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i’ve had eczema since age 3. i’m now almost 17, and my eczema disappeared about 3 months into going completely raw. it comes back in VERY mild forms when i’m stressed out, nothing compared to what i went through before.

    good on you!

  • exercising always helps with mood swings i find.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Aziah, how old is your youngest? Just curious. I think it’s great you are looking into natural ways to bring health to you family. Naturopaths are all so very different from one another depending on their background and training. I was referred to one by a friend who raved about what this person has done for her family, but I didn’t connect with her at all. I think I got caught up in following her instructions and taking her elixirs and supplements (which as you probably know are VERY expensive and not covered by most insurance) and so when they didn’t work it was a bummer…and I gave it three months which I thought was a good amount of time for things to unfold. Anyways, it can be so frustrating. I would recommend meditating on it. Most breakthroughs I’ve had are when I’ve really been able to be still enough to listen to my own intuition and what feels right. I truly believe the answers are within.

  • I use Nature’s Sunshine brand herbs and always used to depend on vitamins and herbs to make me feel good while eating SAD. However, now that I have found RAW I have reduced my use of herbs because I feel better now than ever before even though I am not 100%! My son who is not 3 wks. 98% to 99% raw, had a headach today. He had stayed out most of the night TPing freinds houses and swimming in the lake! LOL! Anyway, I gave him some White oak bark and it cured his headach. Another thing that helps is encouraging excersize after the consumption of sugary fruits. Otherwise the energy can turn in and become a bit honery to the system!

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i think people have some good advice. as a teacher for the past 10 years, I notice that food definitely affects kids moods. perhaps a food log so you can look for trends?

    from my own experience, it takes time for the body to detox off gluten (up to 6 months for the gut to grow back) and off cooked food (still detoxing after 5 weeks raw). so, be patient.

    has the naturopath done blood tests to make sure they aren’t any deficiencies? i had vitamin D and low iron, both of which can make you moody. If she wasn’t absorbing anything, she certainly is at risk. I currently find greens moderate my moods. also kombacha reduces my stress. (watered WAY down)

    your kids have been through a lot lately and it is also stressful on you to be a single parent while your husband is away. figure out a way she can soothe herself, such as going to a special place in the house, reading a good book, special music, other sensory tools such as a special blanket, etc. it is probably part biological and part behavioral for her. try to look for the triggers in her life that are diet and environment.

    BTW, I was just like this as a kid and I was celiac (gluten intolerant). I am SO GLAD you found this out early, she will have a much healthier life now. It took me 18 years to go gluten-free.

  • Hhmmm, well Aziah, you may not appreciate what I have to throw at you as far as the peanut gallery goes, but from a behavioral standpoint concerning your youngest, the mood swings may be caused by a behavior/reaction/repeat thing that occurs. I’m not sure why your husband is gone, seems like it’s business, but her behavior may be supported and actually influenced on a reward basis. My youngest had hissy fits that matched a scene from mommy dearest for about 2 years following my divorce. I was a single mom, and so tired, just wanted to get through the day. They were set off from the smallest things, dropping a spoon on the ground, losing a stuffed animal etc…I was exhausted with the fits and was giving her what she wanted when they happened, my attention. Attention is attention whether it’s hugging and a “what’s wrong dearest heart” or a slap on the but and a “don’t do that again”. I had to finally set some firm rules for not her, but ME. When the fit happened, she was denied any of my attetion by being sent straight to her room or to a “time out” spot. I didn’t talk to her, reason with her, plead, yell, nothing until she was done. Then she was required to behave appropriately. If it happened again, she was denied attention for her mood swing and it has since cleared up. It was harder on me than her, I have to tell you, but worth it entirely.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    This is totally unrelated, but my sister has noticed that the days her son watches TV/cartoons he becomes a monster. He is now forbidden to watch TV. He never did watch it much, so it was easy to pinpoint. TV=monster. I am totally against TV and turn it on only to watch a movie ever so often.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    She’ll outgrow her mood swings. Some little kids just have mood swings and it’s a part of their physical make-up. I promise she will out-grow it. I know it’s very upsetting and scary to see her like this, but she is just trying to regain control over situations her little brain perceives. It’s still fine-tuning itself.

    You’re going to have to find some toys and hobbies to help her mind channel in a more calming direction. Get her something for her hands that she can have absolute control over, like an Etch-A-Sketch(don’t know if I spelled that right)This sort of toy or hobby is really important and it must give her absolute control. It works.

    Any chemicals will alter her brain permantly. This is a horrible time to give her any drug or chemical. If things get that bad, you take something to say calm yourself, haha, don’t give it to her. Hyperactivity of any kind is not a reason to stunt a child’s brain.(I know you’re not, but I’m just saying) Things like a loose ribbon or lost toothbrush is going to freak her out. So let her freak out, and tighten the ribbon or find her toothbrush with her. Poster “have_mercy” said some very wise things. BTY, I think you’re an awesome Mom!! OOXX

    Oh, my own opinion of homeopaths is not postitive. I’ve seen only con artists and I think the theory behind them is bogus, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not fond of physicians, either.

  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    Well some of you certainly got her right…she is an attention-seeking child. I do practice consistant time-outs for 1 min for each of their age. My oldest rarely goes into time out anymore. My youngest however is in there all the time. And she actually seems HAPPIER in time out! So they really don’t work. Or maybe the negative attention of putting her in time out is what she wanted? I don’t know. But when she starts throwing food and hitting that calls for action on my part, IMO.

    And yes, with the naturopath I was starting to feel like I was getting “hooked” on supplements. Hubby and I did actually decide to end it with her. She had a lot of great info for us but the homeopathy and supplement part just didn’t seem to be working. And it was far too expensive to keep going to her without definite results.

    But maybe she is detoxing right now and maybe this will pass. I am a big fan of food=emotions. I used to do a food journal but it got to be a bit much so I haven’t done it in a while. But now that we are raw maybe I should try again. I also agree with some of you that stress certainly might be an issue.

    I will look into all the options you all suggested. Thank you all for your input! I greatly appreciate it!

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