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My boyfriend and I live together. Since I’ve been mostly raw these days we don’t always eat dinner together since I sometimes just make a salad when I am hungry and then he cooks something for himself later since he usually has a late lunch at work. He usually doesn’t want what I make (salad or raw spaghetti usually) unless if it’s a raw dessert (I love to make pie or raw chocolate balls). What sort of raw main courses do really well for your family?


  • cool cucumber soup is a good one at my house.. i also make like a pilaf kinda thing with sprouted quinoa (since cooked quinoa and sprouted both have a very similar texture to him) i just add whatever (cherry tomatoes, vinegar, onions, dried cranberries, maybe some garlic, etc)

  • “him” is my husband :)

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    First off, my partner and I eat totally differently raw food but if you want to make something for both of you, I would probably find out what kind of raw dishes he would find appealing and provide a nice kind of buffet with a good variety of foods. He might just like the desserts!!


  • I may try the pilaf of sorts and the soup, I just made some yesterday (Borscht) and it’s great from the usual salad I have. And ask him what type of raw food he likes other then the chocolate stuff and pies that I make, he has a sweet tooth just like me!

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