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the 80-10-10 diet



  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    Yesterday (Friday) I ate about 10 bananas through the day, an early snack of strawberries, a late snack of carrots then dinner of a huge salad. The salad wasn’t one of my best, but it’ll come back to me. I did have a bite of very dark chocolate before bedtime.

    I also had some yerba matte tea with agave and goji berries (i put the berries in the tea).

    Today, I started with bananas, then lunch was another salad (a very good salad), then dinner of a fruit salad with peaches, grapes, banana and pineapple (my family loved the fruit salad). And I just had the munchies for a little chocolate (what can I say), the 80% cocoa organic chocolate, just a bite. :)

    Also, today, I had a few dates as a “dessert” after lunch and dinner. So, basically it’s bananas, carrots, salads (kale, romaine, cucumber, zucchini, avocado, carrots, oj for dressing) and dates.

    The only curious thing is that my stomach is a bit swollen just below the belly button. Wondering what’s going on (or coming out….sorry).

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    superkat-I hear you. I tried 8-1-1 and it was not for me. Then I learned about ayurvedic doshas—body types, etc. and I understand now why someone like MOTH does great on this and a vata/pitta like me needs heavier foods. There are many raw lifestyles. Sometimes it takes trying a few to know what will work for you in the long term. I blend—simple fruits, green smoothies, salads until dinner. Then I opt for a more savory “gourmet-raw” type meal. It works and I’m happy with it. I can’t eat 10 bananas-ever. Steve Pavlina blogged a 30 day 80-10-10 back in January. You can search Steve Pavlina and raw food. Again. there are peole who do 30 days of this, but how many continue for life besides Storm? Body type-dosha. Understand yourself.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Izhpt: I appreciate the wisdom you bring to the table. I have just now started to understand myself WHY fruit seems to work best for my energy. I am an “air sign” (Aquarius), but I don’t know what this equals out to, dosha-wise. I just notice too many “root type” vegetables make me feel glued to the earth. Sometimes I eat them for some grounding, but then later I tend to feel unbalanced, and craving to be “up in the trees” again, where the fruit is. :-) I have found it is easy for me to consume 7 or 8 bananas in a meal, without thinking, just eating happily, whereas lettuce draws me down, requires focus to consume, for some reason.

    I am recovering from some self-destructive behaviors and I used to be hard on myself for eating so much fruit in one sitting, but now I realize this is normal for me. It’s a beautiful feeling, once you tune into your body.

  • eat for your type


    esoteric philosophies are not only in conflict with each other, but in conflict with physiology

    i don’t wish to offend…..but what affects us most as we move towards health is the state of our health before we start, how we have lived

    people aren’t used to the lightness that eating fruit brings, even after a meal of 7 or more bananas…we have conditioned ourselves to equate the heavy, full , bloated feeling to satisfaction…bursting with energy is not something we are used to OR know how to deal with

    high fruit diets only work well when combined with increased physical activity….in nature our food isn’t delivered to us by motorbike and eaten while watching ‘lost’....we are supposed to be more active….thus burning this extra energy

    eating heavier raw foods such as nuts , avocados, oils seeds and bad combinations of all the above in some of the more elaborate ‘gourmet’ dishes are the closest we will get to that satisfied apres-christmas lunch type feeling….this feels more normal…

    but believe it or not…fat is fat….raw fat is better, but there are still contra indications to health if we eat this way

    again….i must stress, i mean no offence

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