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I was raw for about 2 months and started eating some cooked food again because I have been in alot of stomach pain with severe bloating regardless of what I eat, I thought it might be candida but I don’t know at this point because the symptoms vary and could be a number of things. Last night I decided since everything I’ve tried is failing I ate an egg, I had been vegan for a few years prior… bad idea… i’ve been in intense stomach pain and vomiting all morning. Has anyone else had something similar to this happen? It is like my body rejects dairy now, I tried kefir last week and got sick as well. I don’t agree with eating dairy but I am starting to wonder what I can do for my stomach issues. Doctors have only said that it is IBS, and I have tried enzymes, HCI, as well etc and it helps a bit, but not much.The main problem is severe bloating, I personally think it might be parasites or candida, and have tried cleansing but nothing is working. I might try going 100% raw which is very difficult for me being in Canada right now, and it gets expensive. Has anyone else had similar problems that they have conquered by being raw? Thanks


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Here’s a an article that might be helpful Parasite Cleanse

    I personally recommend taking psyllium husk to keep you regular. You should have 2-3 eliminations per day. This helped me greatly with IBS problems.

    My stomach can’t handle any cooked food… when you ate raw, did you eat all raw? Did you check this site to make sure everything you were eating was truly raw?

  • Thanks for the link :) I find that adding fibre actually makes it worse for some reason, especially psyllium, did you find it made you more bloated at first? Maybe it takes time to re-adjust the bowel.

    I was eating probably 90% -100% -as much as I could raw, I found some improvment at first but then it was back to same-old. I actually started eating some brown rice which helps a bit for some reason. I am just really confused at this point because I have been sick for a long time and want to eat the best diet to heal, which I am sure is raw, but my stomach has very weak digestion so raw can make me even more bloated and uncomfortable sometimes. I went to a naturopath and she doesn’t support raw foodism and said to eat more spices and vegetable soups right now. There seems to be so much contradiction according to the “proper diet” Inevitabley I want to listen to my body, which can be hard when you feel so out of balance. Raw foodism seems very much a positive thing to me all round and I really want to continue on the raw path, but also want to do what is best for my body.

  • I started a parasite cleanse 2 days ago and I am feeling a huge difference already! I would definitely recommend it to anyone with gas/bloat problems. I have been using black walnut tincture,pau d’arco tea and tincture fresh ground cloves and wormwood along with carrot and garlic juice. Thanks for the advice, it is making a huge differnce thus far.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Good to know – thanks for the update!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    aecsaky – it takes time to adjust to the fiber. but once you do, the fiber works wonders for you! psyllium is very strong, its important to drink tons of water and only take the psyllium for a week at a time (not continuously). if you want to have an everyday fiber, take lots of flax (i eat 3+ Tbsp a day) and it’ll clean you right out.

    i really recommend eating 100% raw or as much raw as you can. i think time will help you. definately listen to your body. i have had tons of stomach problems in the past, IBS, tons and tons of elimination problems, etc. Honestly, it took quite a few months of eating raw (3 months 50%, 2 months 90-99% raw) to get my stomach back to normal. alcohol has to be avoided unless it’s wine – i can safely ingest a cup and my stomach wont explode. try eating fruit and green smoothies as much as possible. glad to hear your parasite cleanse is working, cool beans!

  • I am going to try the psyllium again in small amounts and see what happens. I just discovered tigernuts/chufa and they are really high in fibre and delicious,so I have been eating alot of those too. I have a weakness for vegan chocolate cake and it will probably be the end of me, but I am going to try to stick to my guns. :P It is absurd how many north americans have bowel problems and it seems mostly from stress/lack of proper nutrition. This site rules and everyone is very helpful, Thanks.

  • Ive been there mate. I was sort of raw for several months without notice it, the I started with heavily cooked foods again and I started to feel sick. This is because you are so clean that your body does not have white globules to fight the “normal” food bacteria. After been kinda sick for a few weeks I wanted to switch to vegetarian again (I was vegan for a couple months also). No prob with cheese and other meals. But I felt guilty, so, you can do two things. One: You can keep going as a vegetarian until your body adjust to it. Two: You can look for a lot of info and become a full raw vegan. The problem is when you dont know where to go. Usually when you make the change from vegan to raw if you are not completely ready for it you might have cravings for dairy products. Right now Im proud to say that Im 90% a fruitarian because I eat rice and drink tea, but I believe that the change must be gradual for people like us. Try this ayurveda recipe for stomach probs: Ginger powder, juice of one lime or lemon and a bit of salt. Mix everything together before the strong meals (usually lunch), this will help to digest the food. And I recomend Oolong tea also perhaps 20 mins after you eat. Good luck and hope youll be healthy very soon! ^^

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