Nuts,dried fruit,seeds are they raw???

biscuitbiscuit Raw Newbie

I am concerned that most of the “raw” seeds/nuts/dried fruit I eat aren’t living at all. Zoe from purely raw has listed them on the dead foods list because most are heated when shelled. I don’t buy cashews from shops but the foods which I am concerned about are all dried fruits, macadamias, almonds, brazils, sesame seeds and also spices. Does anyone know of somewhere I can buy in London UK nuts and seeds which are definately raw and what to look out for with dried fruits like raisins, apricots, figs. Because ordering raw nuts online is so expensive! And if Zoes online, your food looks amazing- will have to order from you!x (oh and also… shredded coconut??? i was looking at getting some but don’t think it could be raw?)


  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I was sad when I found that out about nuts and seeds, especially since I’d been eating them for a while. I don’t really eat nuts anymore except for walnuts, occasionally, and Maranatha raw sesame tahini. Let’s Do Organic has some good shredded, unsweetened, dehydrated coconut that’s really good! :)

  • biscuitbiscuit Raw Newbie

    Thanks rachel :) found those on a UK website but they’re out of stock att he minute… will keep looking though!

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