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Different "cleanses" for the body?

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Even though I have been into raw for many years, I have never really done a cleanse (and I am sure I need too). I have done a few juice fasts and that is it.

What are all the different cleanses that are avaialble?

I have seen colon cleanses, liver and gallbladder on here. Are there any other internal organs you can cleanse? (or would need to cleanse?)

For myself, I know I need to do a colon cleanse (I have done cleanse before having colonoscopies but I heard those aren’t really that cleansing) but I was interested in how would I know if I need to cleanse other organs or not?

If anyone has any insight (or a great site that covers all this to read for this) that would be wonderful!

Is there a way to cleanse everything at once? (with out putting me in bed for a month!)

Has anyone tried any of David Wolfes EJUVA cleanse? It is expensive but I see he has one for candida which I think I need.


  • Right now I’m doing the Master Cleanse and I have done LOTS of cleanses and this has been, by far, the most effective one I’ve done. My colon is much cleaner!! Check out the Master Cleanse thread and on one of the first or second pages there is a link for the entire MC cleanse book to read. This has been so super good for me…I have lost 8 lbs. in four days…and the first 7 were lost in the first 2 days…

    The Diva Detox cleanse is really good too…check out their site www.therawdivas.com for info on the free cleanse

    Also, there is the Green Smoothie cleanse for a week…just green smoothies!

    But the MC has been the best for me to see results in.


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Thanks Sky Princess!

    I did read the MC thread that you guys are doing. Sort of sounds like a liquid fast?

    would you know whether or not the MC just cleans out the colon or does it something else too?

    I don’t need to lose any weight (well, maybe I could lose the flab around my tum-tum!) I am more concerned with my organs being clean of old bad “stuff”.

    I will check out the MC book site. :)

  • I was wondering about how much juice is consumed on a juice fast? I know a juice feast is much longer and uses more juice I think? anyways I wanted to do a juice fast this week but wasn,t sure how much juice I should actually be drinking everyday?

  • Well, it’s super alkalinizing (all the lemons) Here’s some more purposes:

    To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.

    To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.

    To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.

    To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.

    To relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.

    To build a healthy blood stream.

    To keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    QUUENFLUFF - When I first read about the MC Cleanse on this site, I thought these people were crazy. I also read about fasting and initially that seemed sound to me since animals do it when they are sick but I didn’t understand why. I spent hours and hours reading up on these two processes,trying to understand how they were beneficial to the body or if it was just a control mechanism or a fad.

    I think the MC is a fast facilitated by the MC lemonade. The following is what I learned and why I decided that both made sense.

    The body takes in all kinds of unhealthy toxins from the food and environment. Those usually enter the bloodstream right away. The body tries very hard to keep the blood from reaching an extremely toxic state. When it realizes the bloodstream has too many toxins that can’t be timely eliminated, the body offloads those toxins in your fat cells or other cells. Many of these toxins are fat soluable to begin with. The outside of our cells are surrounded with a bidirectional, permeable membrane and the cell decides what it will let in and out. The inside of your cell is filled with cytoplasm, which is a gelatin like fluid. When the blodstream has to many toxins, the body directs the toxins to pass through the cell membrane and store the toxins inside the cytoplasm in order to keep your blood at a healthier level even though this makes your cells sick. This doesn’t mean your blood isn’t filled with toxins because it is. If you have toxins in your cells you also have toxins in your blood. The natural state of modern man is toxins in both our blood and cells. The issue becomes how do you get them out.

    Fasting does numerous things for the body. Foremost, because energy isn’t being used to digest food, the body uses that energy for housekeeping such as repairing new cells or excreting toxic load. There has to be energy above and beyond what is required to move your body, pump your blood, digest food, etc. Many of us don’t give our bodies the opportunity to do this important housekeeping because our energy is consumed with digestion. Fasting also allows the body to rid itself of superfluous tissue and excess fat, which stores most of the toxins.

    The MC, in my opinion, really is a smart combination of nutrition to aid cleansing in a fasting body. I guess it is true that a 100% fast is water only, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to fast.

    The 3 items in the MC lemonade each serve an important purpose. Lemons and limes help the body offload toxins by causing the cells to excrete toxins and rid the body of mucous. At the beginning of the fast/cleanse, the first thing to become clean is your blood. Once your cells realize that the toxic load of your blood is down, they will start allowing the toxins to exit the cytoplasm by passing through the cell membrane and then enter the blood stream. Then the process starts all over: the blood offloads toxins which triggers the cell to dump more toxins into the blood stream. This process starts happening within the first 48 hours of the fast. That is why you start feeling sick because your cells are dumping toxins into your blood stream. This ongoing process is greatly facilitated by the lemons and limes.

    The maple syryp serves an important purpose too. It tends to keep the electrolyte balance in place so you don’t have an imbalance problem during the fast, which can be very dangerous.

    Finally, the cayenne pepper serves a very important role as well. Although it is good for many purposes, here it is used to cause a thermogenic response in your metabolism. Once an organism recognizes that it may not have an adequate food supply available, its metabolism will drop into what is called the starvation response. However, you need to keep your metabolism high because this is how you burn the fat cells and superfluous tissue, which is also the process that assists in your cells dumping the toxins. Without the cayenne pepper, your metabolism would slow down and you would cleanse at a much, much slower pace.

    The lemons and cayenne pepper expedite the cleansing of cells during the fast while the maple syrup helps maintain your electrolyte balance. It seems to be a pragmatic way address the problem.

    After reading everything I did on fasting, how the body handles toxins, and the MC, this is how I think all the pieces fit together for the MC. Others may not agree but it made sense to me.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Queenfluff~ I too have not done a cleanse and know nothing about it but I do know a little about a colonoscopy cleanse… It only cleanes out the colon… The so called “colon clease” we all keep reading about is in fact an intestinal cleanse… It is the small intestine that is 33 feet long that absorbs the nutrients from our meals… It is not viewed during a colonoscopy but trust me the colon is totally cleaned out and viewed… The mucoidal plaques collect in the small intestine blocking absorbtion… I am trying to think about doing the Master Cleanse in a week or two…

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Meditating~ I think you have made me a believer!!! So well explained, great job!!!

    THANKS FOR THE PUSH into getting a cleaning!!! LOL

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    WATERBABY - I really emjoyed my first MC and started one not too long ago but got off track with it. I usually substitute a meal daily with MC lemonade, which isn’t the same as doing the cleanse but I do enjoy it. I don’t ever get hungry if I drink the MC lemonade. I found the MC fast to be the most positive food-related or health-related experience I have ever had and recommend it to anyone (who isn’t diabetic or underweight).

    Anyway, I have been envious reading Sabrina and Sky Princess’ thread on their cleanse and feel motivated to start another one. Waterbaby, if you are thinking of doing one soon, let me know. It think it would be beneficial to do one and stay in contact via a thread. Maybe Queenfluff and others will want to join us. :)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Wow thanks Mediating for that description!

    I am familiar with fasting and what it does. I read the MC book online and I can understand why the lemon works with the fast. I used to drink warm water with lemon every morning – very good for mucus I was wondering about the maple syrup – it not being raw and everything.

    It sounds like the salt water drink is only for if you are having trouble elimating on the MC? or if you have diarehha (sp?)

    It sounds like the MC only cleans the colon and the kidneys then (as far as major organs go anyhow) not the liver or gallbladder? Does the MC clean out any candida out of the system?

    I am actually considering doing the MC - I guess ten days is the minimum then right? I probably would start next week maybe. I am just getting a UTI which I could feel a little bit in my kidney – it still isn’t completley gone yet. I wish I know about this earlier because I really have eaten anything much the last two days. :)

    Question: I saw the measurements for the drink and it said drink 6 to 12 glasses – is the “glass” the 10 ounces mixture? then I will have to drink six to 12 of the 10 ounces each? – can you make it is a big batch instead?

    I don’t think I have a 1/10 tea measurement spoon – only 1/8. I don’t really care of cayenne that much – can you taste it alot?

  • Meditating, that was nice…made me proud to be a current MC…person, or whatever, lol. Actually…I’m feeling hungry. :0)

    Queen Fluff~ Hopefully this will help a little…http://mastercleansesecrets.com/recipe.php

    This is the recipe I’ve been using…just makes a bigger batch and it’s so much easier than making a little cup at a time. This makes about 60 oz.

    You can do the MC for as long or little as you like. If you’ve never done it I’d reccomend doing it for about 5-7 days or even start with just 3…(that’s when I lost a big bulk of weight…7lbs.)...I wish I’d committed to a week or 5 days because I’ve never done this before…never gone this long without actual food.

    I always thought that a glass meant 8 oz…but I don’t care about measurements anymore after 5 days…I just grab a glass, fill it, and guzzle it down.

    The salt water flush is for giving your colon a good bath…it really worked and was effective. It helps get rid of stuff that’s caked on your colon too, plus giving you more effective elimination, yes.

    I’m not sure about Candida, liver, or gallblader, but it certainly rejuvinates and cleans out your cells, so it would make sense that it would help certainly in some small way at least. Lemon really isn’t a sugary fruit (correct me if I’m wrong) so I don’t think it would contribute to candida…maple syrup?? Not sure at all…but my personal gut feeling is that it would flush lots of toxins (including candida type things) out of the system…but still, do some research on that.

    Hope you do it! It’s one of the best cleanses I’ve ever done and I’m enjoying it (more the first 4 days though, lol…now I’m holding on to it with a white-knuckle grip, lol…but I can do it…) If you’re interested you can check out my adventure with it at www.rawroyalty.blogspot.com

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yeah, I don’t know much about the MC that everyone talks about… but, I did a non-invasive clean that included a salt water flush, colon cleanser, and blood cleanser as the last stage. It was great! I also did a hot-cold sauna cleanse to eliminate toxins thru the body and the lungs. The sauna was made of cedar which is medicinal.

    Lemons and grapefruits are great for cleansing the liver. Check out the Liver Cleansing Diet book.

    Simply fasting is cleansing. But, your body needs nutrients too… so a water fast with juicing may be more beneficial. Don’t drink tomato juices or orange juices… too acidic for an ‘empty’ stomach during a fast.

    About losing weight… you will likely lose more waiste then weight. If you lose weight, then you will likely gain it when you eat… or you can eat a meal for dinner.

    Good advice about the electrolytes for prolonged fasting. Coconut water has electrolytes.

    WOW, amazing advice about the cayenne. I took that too, as a supplement while doing my cleanse!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Meditating, Wow, GREAT info.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I think I might just get that little Master Cleanse Booklet – I know I see it in WF all the time. The website doesn’t have all the pages on it (it say see page 14 – I don’t see any page 14).

    I am sure the little booklet is pretty cheap and i like to have something to refer too.

    Well, with my current UTI and my “almost” kidney infection – I really think I need to do this. I sometimes wonder if I am not getting the benefit of all the great raw things I eat because I probably have mucuos coating in my intestines. I am pretty sure i probably do. My stools often look “coated” and I am (was) a total breadaholic and ate alot of vegan soy thingys. I hate thinking that I am spending all this money on great raw stuff and superfoods and not reaping the total benefits.

    waterbaby12347 – I met raw foodist Brend Cobb who beat breast cancer and a few other things by going raw – She did a little lecture and mentioned colonscopies and how they don’t look at the whole colon and the “cleanse” you do before it doesn’t clean out the whole colon. That was the first I had heard of that. I had precancerous polyps removed from my colon – so I had several colonscopies and sigmodscopies. I am supposed to get colonscopies every five years now to check. I heard that there they have developed a new colonscopy procedure where they can look at the colon like an Xray so no need for that metal snake thingy and all that air entering you!

    I will start mine next week – I have a dinner thingy on June 1 so the earliest I would start will be June 2. This way I can load up on lemons and limes at the Farmer Markets next Sunday! I think they sell Maple Syrup there too – don’t know if it is the right sort though.

    SkyPrincess – thanks for that link! I will definately be making the biggie batch!

  • Go Queen Fluff!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    QUEENFLUFF - I and Rachel are starting an MC tomorrow so you can join us when you are ready to start. There is a thread here called 10 Master Cleanse and I assume it will be continued under that thread.

    I have company coming on June 12th adn staying almost a week, but would like to continue the cleanse until I drop my mucousal lining. I don’t think that is enough time. Western medicine says the lining is a myth and supposedly no one has ever documented one in an autopsy so who knows. If it is true, I want mine out because I think then it would help with nutrient assimilation.

    I don’t know how this would affect a candida issue. One one hand, they tell you not to take in any sugar during a yeast cleanse so the syrup would not help that but I wonder if it would be enough to a decrease to cut it back. I promise you that if you start the oral GSE, it will take care of that problem. I know several people who have used it for that reason and everyone said it worked, including myself.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Mediating – Ok, I’ll post under the other thread when I start. damn, if I didn’t have this dinner thingy I would just start now – I am pretty much liquid fasting already.

    So, you don’t think the 10 days is enough to get rid of all the mucous? I think I will do the ten days and see how I feel. Any idea how to know if the all the mucous is gone or not?

    I think if this cleans the colon I think it will get rid of some candida – colon cleanses usually do. If not I might do an herbal type cleanse someday. I am going to look into the GSE for after my MC.

    I am not really nervous about this – I liquid fasted for 7 days before so I am sure I can handle it – I already know how crappy the first three days are – after that is gets easy.

    Can’t wait to see what “comes out” ! I think I gonna take pictures of the really gross stuff – if there is any! (haha! mostly as a reminder to myself later in life how “polluted” I was.)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I believe you pass it. I think it may be the lining you see passed in all those pics from something akin to “I can’t believe that was in my gut,” or maybe that is a colon lining – although I haven’t heard about that yet. I think Zoe wrote something on this lining in another thread. Perhaps she can chime in here. I would like to hear from someone who had visual veriication of passing one. I you actually can pass this thing, the timeframe needed surely varies from one person to the next. I MCd 8 daysbefore and no sign of it but I have had 40+ years of extreme SAD abuse so mine might be super-glued in.

    I have read incidents where individuals report passing gallstones during an extended fast so that may be a possibility. I usspect most of what you rid yourself will come out as urine, bad breath, body funk and wooly think toungue and teeth gunk. Sounds attractive, yeah.

  • Queenfluff – I am interested in starting the MC on June 1st as well since i have company coming on June 13th. I have done the MC before, however I have only done them for 5 days. I would like very much to go a full 10 days and am willing to start with you on the 1st.

    As far as the candida goes, I too hear that the GSE works the best. My next trip to Whole Foods I will be purchasing some GSE as it is a great disinfectant and a few drops in pure water is a great rinse for produce.

  • Queenfluff – I am interested in starting the MC on June 1st as well since i have company coming on June 13th. I have done the MC before, however I have only done them for 5 days. I would like very much to go a full 10 days and am willing to start with you on the 1st.

    As far as the candida goes, I too hear that the GSE works the best. My next trip to Whole Foods I will be purchasing some GSE as it is a great disinfectant and a few drops in pure water is a great rinse for produce.

  • I said you could do the MC for as long or short as you wanted…but I’ve read a bit more and I don’t think for health reasons, one should exceed 10 days. Our body needs nourishment and though the MC is very cleansing and sustaining, our bodies are on a starvation type mode, with a diet with very little calories. After 10 days, I would definitely reccomend stopping.

    Now Juice feasting is another matter…:)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SKY PRINCESS - I was reading the label on the maple syrup the other day and was surprised at how many calories it has. I drink at least a gallon of MC Lemonade daily and assumed I was taking in very few calories daily; however, the maple syrup used in a gallon has 1000 calories, which is not that far removed from a conventional calorie restricted diet. I suspect I am taking in around 1200 calories daily in syrup. I mention that only as a point of interest as I think the benefits of the program have nothing to do with caloric intake.

  • Ok, I read from this link…about it being about 700 calorie intake. http://mastercleansesecrets.com/10daysmax.php You can read it there. Really interesting. Anyway, I don’t feel like I’m getting many calories in at all…but perhaps I am. :)

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