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Just can't do this anymore

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

Where do I begin?

I started off as a regular vegan, buying breads and butters and cheeses and really eating a lot of processed foods. Then I heard about this raw diet, and it really appealed to me. I thought, wow, that’s like the ultimate vegan, that must be really extreme and tough, I admire those people. Maybe one day, I might try it. Then, I began coming to this site more and more, and reading all over the internet about raw food benefits and the beauty of unprocessed foods, and making your own, and being creative, and healthy…. I read it all.

After a while, I had read so much that I just could not look at cooked broccoli the same. I felt guilt every time I chose steamed over raw broccoli, and every time I scooped cooked brown rice onto my plate. So, I gave in to the guilt and started eating more and more raw foods. Soon, I also began to feel guilty about eating more grains than fruits and vegetables. This was all during school.

Now, during the summer, I am back home, and my mom is buying me all types of fresh produce and stuff. And it just seems like I am getting more and more particular with my food. I can no longer buy soy milk without feeling guilty about buying a processed food. I can’t help but feel that I could be eating healthier when I stuff my face with steamed vegetables that my mom makes. I don’t buy pre-cut vegetables or canned foods. I buy only whole, natural ingredients.

You all must be thinking, “GREAT! She’s really growing, learning to take care of her body and finally eliminating processed and cooked foods!” But in fact, I am being tortured here. I honestly don’t want to feel this way about cooked foods. Sure, I want to be partially raw, but in all honesty, I still love some cooked foods.

That’s only part of my problem. I get excited about my food. Scary, unhealthy excited…the kind of excited that I assume some people here also get judging by all the recipes. I fantasize about making recipes constantly. My head is reeling with, “OOooo-Mom bought carrots, must make a carrot cake!” and “Gah! We have all these bananas, I should make an ice cream!” and “Zucchini! Oh how I miss lasagna, gotta make that!” And I can’t help it, but I always take like a gazillion pictures of all my recipes…I CAN’T STOP! And it takes me so long to make my meals, I hate always being in the kitchen. Always doing the dishes…always whirling that food processor. And produce gets bad so quickly…and I am never full and I always feel like I should make food for everyone around me to sample for some stupid reason.

Last week, my friend announced that she’d host a party, which would last all day, and would be a recipe-making party. For some reason, I felt upset by the idea. I didn’t want to go. And I finally realized that it was because I am ALWAYS making recipes, why would an all-day food-making party appeal to someone who is always in the kitchen? This made me realize that I am spending way too much time on food.

I am at the point in the diet where I just want to buy some vegan cheese instead of making my raw nut cheese which takes forever, and I want to buy bread, which would take 5 minutes rather than homemade raw bread which takes an hour! And I know everyone says that food is important because it takes care of your body, but SERIOUSLY! It does not have to be the most important part of our lives! And I feel like that’s what I am making it out to be! I don’t have time for anything! And everyone says that sprouting is not hard, well it takes up time-checking it, changing the water, thinking about it, remembering to change the water-it does cause some strain in the thought processes. I don’t want food to take up my life.

SO, I just don’t know. The point of this is to express myself and unload all this anxiety in my head. And I guess I want to know what everyone thinks…if the raw diet is really taking over someone’s life, shouldn’t they stop it? Also, any advice on how to take food off the mind and not always be in the kitchen preparing meals? Should I set limits on the time I spend making recipes-like once a week, or something? I need therapist-like answers, cause I feel like I am being driven nuts by all this food.


  • itouristitourist Raw Newbie

    Because of the topic listed, I almost didn’t read your post. It looked like someone not committed to health who was trying to “diet” perhaps to lose weight.

    You don’t have to do everything to benefit from raw foods. I don’t sprout seeds. Of course the more vegetables and fruits you are consuming, the higher your nutrition level is.

    I wish I would have given up milk when I was very young, instead of consuming it like media has told us to do as part of our “wellness” program. Milk must be an integral part to a person’s cellulite and deterioration program.

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    ok. Honestly, it sounds like you know what you want to do, but that you’re dealing with the mental transition to a raw lifestyle, which can be kind of hard. It CAN be frustrating, because every trip to the supermarket after living raw for a bit can instill some anger and annoyance, because it feels like we’ve been lied to our entire lives. To think back to when I was eating chicken caesar salads and thinking it was healthy IS frustrating, but at the same time, I know that I am a better person for choosing not to put those sort of meals into my body anymore. Looking around at the fast-paced, get-it-now, can’t-survive-without-it culture we live in IS hard sometimes, because we value food for many other reasons than simply consuming anything that temporarily satiates our hunger and taste buds; we value its colors, nutritive qualities, the way it makes our minds and bodies feel in the short AND long term! How blessed we are to understand this! You must keep this in mind.

    In terms of time consumption, I seriously take FAR FAR FAR less time in preparing my meals than before I switched from being vegan to raw vegan!!! I am a poor, college graduate (as of May!) and would much rather spend my extra $80 on art supplies than towards some Vitamix Excalibur whatchamacallit. I don’t sprout. I hardly soak. I am even getting to the point where I just eat most of my foods whole! One of the beautiful things that I love about raw food is that this is an option, that living so simply is so easy! I don’t buy overpriced exotic fruits and I don’t make my own mylks and cheeses etc etc etc. I work 14 hour days with two jobs, with 4-6 additional hours doing other things I enjoy. I don’t have time to sprout, soak. dehydrate, etc. This does NOT have to be part of your regime. Food does NOT have to “take up your life”.

    It may seem like we let food rule our lives here on this website, but really it is just because we are excited about it! It borderlines obsession because it is a passion of many of the goneraw members, or at least I believe so. Personally, I love this website because I do not have any raw friends in my city, so it gives me a place where I can discuss my questions and such without feeling lost and in the dark.

    And this next part may sound edgy, but I mean it in an honest and sincere way. my last response to you is this: If you want to buy bread, then do it. If you want to buy vegan cheese, then do it. Nobody is going to scold you or make you feel guilty other than yourself. If you want to enjoy a cooked food here and there, then enjoy it goddammit! I would suggest to quit brewing over such decisions and just do what you want. Easy as that.

  • Rawsiki, I totally feel you on so much of what you said, so can I share a bit of my food philosophy with you, and you can just eat the meat and throw away the bone(pun intended). I feel that food should be a blast, it should be fun! If this whole thing is causing you anxiety, then that defeats the purpose. Find a level of raw that allows you versatility and freedom, and eat the things you enjoy that you can think back and say, aaaaaah! It will free your mind, and it is much better for digestion! And if that food is not 100% raw, then remind yourself like I do: There is no raw police peeking around the corner to make sure you are on task, ready to smack you if you don’t do everything just so. This lifestyle for most people is a transition. Go easy on yourself, you are doing so well just by having an open mind, and taking control of your own health, and giving a darn what goes into your body. Don’t punish yourself. And finally, for the major part of the week, I do recipes that have about 4-5 ingredients that require a cutting board, knife, and spoon. The complicated recipes are specifically for a treat, not an every meal thing, don’t take them too seriously. I think when raw becomes to expensive, time consuming, and snobby!, it is impossible to maintain! I am not 100% raw, but I try to eat everything with joy and thanksgiving, and maybe one day I will be 100%, or maybe I won’t, but this is all a journey, and we are all different, so I try not to compare myself with what other raw foodists are doing. I hope this helps you out at least a bit!

  • When I first started eating raw foods I became a little discouraged thinking that I needed to plan out meals far in advance to allow time for soaking, dehydrating, etc. But over time I realized that often it is the gourmet type meals that require this amount of work and really the simple recipes are just as delicious.

    I’d say I’ve found that making items that I know will keep well for a couple days helps cut back on preparation time. I like raw burgers, such as the pecan burger on this site, or I’ve made tuna salad sandwiches by JamestheRaw. This chop suey recipe I found by Carmella is very good (and easily makes 2-3 meals).

    http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/1908-tuna-salad-... http://goneraw.com/recipes/89-Carrot-Pecan-Burgers http://www.rawfreedomcommunity.info/forum/showt…

    I just rented Ani Phyo’s book from the library. She has some tasty, simple dishes in there. Might be worth checking out.

    I can empathize with your guilt about using products such as soy milk or having steamed vegetables. I have felt that way too. But I realized that by adhering to such a strict diet I felt constrained at times. I have since cut myself some slack and occasionally have the steamed veggies or make a vegan cooked meal. As long as there are no preservatives, processed or unnatural ingredients in my food I am okey with the fact that it is cooked. Although the more I eat raw the less I feel I want cooked foods. But still I don’t eat completely raw and I feel good.

    I think what it boils down to is how you feel. You are right food should not be time consuming. It is all about finding a balance while doing what makes you feel good. Sometimes it just takes time to get a routine down.

    I think the most important things is just being aware of what you are consuming. Sounds like you’ve got that down.

  • It’s okay…Relax :) Let the anxiety go. It reminds me of when I first read Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures” book. I was filled with so much anxiety about flouride, chemicals, radiation, etc etc that I actually would go WITHOUT water for days rather than just giving in and drinking tap if I was desperate. This went to other extremities of not taking showers for fear of taking a “toxic steam bath”...You get what I’m saying?

    It’s OKAY to feel the way that you’re feeling! When I first started reading your post, I did NOT think “Oh great! She’s learning about the benefits of raw!” I thought…”Oh no…she’s overwhelmed…she’s not ready”. If you don’t want to do this, then don’t do it. No one is making you. It sounds like it’s more trouble for you in the end anyway. Raw is about being enthused…and you’re not. So…I’d say do the best you can. Maybe a 75% diet would be better. Or maybe not, because those numbers of percentiles might go spinning around in your head!

    Just take your time…you’re doing better than like 99% of America right now lol

  • Totally agree with bethechange and sabriya. Life and food are to be enjoyed, savored, embraced. We are to be free!! Not in bondage. I think to some extent, we all have gone down that road because we want to find that heavenly, perfect, just right place of eating and health. Be at peace. There are many healthy vibrant people who do partially raw. We can’t get caught up in the % thing…. Eat your bread, your cheese, whatever raw thing lying around and carpe diem. No worries. Keep it simple – sometimes the best first cut into your food is your teeth – no knife required. : ) Get some rest too – sounds like you’ve worked hard so far this 2008. ; )

  • Oh my goodness! I was like that a while ago too…I felt like I was reading a little bit of myself…I get really excited about raw food and recipes…and would often feel guilty about some cooked foods that I still wanted…but you know, I often feel very vibrant and just healthy and great after good, whole cooked foods. I’m a high raw girl, but I eat some cooked food and I enjoy it and don’t feel bad about it. The goal, girl, is a state of health where we feel energetic, feel healthy, feel beautiful, and just feel GREAT!!! Every body is different…Try to eat mostly raw…just make one special raw dish a day or every 3 days…and stick with simple, quick dishes for lunches and breaky…this will make it super easy. Hope it goes well!!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    RAWSIKI - I thinkyour reaction is normal, or at least it was normal for me. At first I felt the way you did and found out I didn’t have time for anything else while I was making all this elaborate raw food. Also, I felt that the pressure to be 100% raw was like joining some whacky religious cult. You hve to ignore that stuff, be kind to yourself, and do he best you can, It doesn’t have to be a dogma and you can partake as much or as little as you want to. Just increasing the amount of raw food you eat is beneficial for your health.

    I started drinking lots of green smoothies to get around the time thing but now I have started devoting time to making different dressings for salads as a way to enjoying preparing meals but not devoting every waking hour to the cause. Once a month I might make crackers. Don’t sweat it and you will get to the level of raw that you can deal with comfortably. It’s all good. :)

  • To alot of what you said, I relate. And I appreciate you posting this and venting. I hope that was helpful for you, as it was helpful for me to read. I feel so similar, it is something I do struggle with as well. One day I am 100% the next I am 50% and am seeking a sustainable balance. But I see the value of not being too “hardcore” if it causes stress. When I am liking this food lifestyle the best, it is because there is simplicity. I go to whole foods and buy the occasional ‘gourmet’ raw foods, but other than that keep it simple: fruit, smoothies, salads and a lot of celery and carrots for snacks. Hang in there and hugs to you :)

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    It sounds to me like you’re making this waaaaaaay too complicated for yourself. You know what I do? I get an apple, I wash it in the sink, and I eat it. There’s zero preparation, and it’s the quickest “fast food” in existence.

    KISS - Keep It Simple, Silly.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Eating this way will bring emotional issues to the fore related to food. Once you’re raw, these issues might manifest themselves in your new diet ie infatuation to do with food and eating or thinking about it all the time. I think this is just part of the process of learning about our own addictions to food and we are becoming more conscious of it when we go raw.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, just observe and look at what simple changes you can make to take the stress out of it. If that means eating a portion of cooked food then do so without guilt. Or, commit to raw and accept the challenges you will have to go through with that. Maybe you need to have ‘other’ things to do that will take the focus off food a bit.

    love and blessings

  • jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

    Hmm, this is all good advice. But I was thinking-reading thought the part where you want to share, want it to be beautiful-well, sheesh maybe someday you could open a restaurant-or at least be a chef at a raw one!! Really, the fear of getting sick is what makes me stay raw. I hate pain, and I’ve seen so many people who could have avoided it by what they put in their mouth. es, just have an orange or something!!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I think you’re over-complicating this whole thing. Try eating more of your foods whole. Its fine to get excited about your food, (more people should), but “scary-excited” to the point where it takes over your life sounds like disordered eating to me. (Not necessarily an eating disorder, just disordered eating). If you need to lay off raw, do so. Mental health is connected to physical health, and if the way you are eating stresses you out, stop. Guilt is also a negative emotion that in this case, is useless because it’s just stressing you out.

    Relax, keep it simple, eat the way that makes you happy.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    This is why I love being fruitarian, no preparation,no dishes I dont even use my kitchen! Just peel and eat, DONE and sometimes depending on the fruit you dont even have to peel, just eat and discard,DONE! And I only eat when Im hungry not for social purposes or appointments etc, or because Im watching a movie, just when Im hungry. Today my family is all meeting at my sisters for a bar-b-que. Im taking my fruit up there with me and if I need it Ill have it, they dont understand me but they definately see how healthy and vibrant I am and my mom and dad for one are asking many questions. Id be lying to you if I said I didnt love cooked food, i ate SAD for 38 years! lasagna,ice cream, candy,hamburgers and on and on but I OVERCAME it, n ow I drive by burger king and it no longer smells good in fact i smell GAS from the grill they use, same with neighbors using their grills it now STINKS to me! Transitioning takes time and itll be well worth it! Just keep striving and youll see!! Itll be ok.Food shouldnt run our lives theres more to life than food, food is just fuel for energy to take care of the more important things in our lives which for me is my kids!


  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    I felt the same way when I first started eating raw!! it was like I was ALWAYS in the kitchen, for HOURS, and the time it took to make the recipes was like five times as long as it took to eat them! And then my family started wanting to try the stuff I made so I had to make enough for them.

    I keep it really simple now, and I don’t feel stressed anymore. I still do make some of the more complicated recipes, but not every day. Maybe like once or twice a week, when I have more free time. I feel better now that I’m eating simple and not wasting so much time in the kitchen than when I was having all these time-consuming dishes.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Wow – tons of good advice! I felt a lot this way & couldn’t figure out how to simplify & stay 100% raw, and then I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t make my own food, and my mom doesn’t know how to make anything I eat. My mom started opening young coconuts & bringing me the juice & the meat in separate containers, and she juiced some apples, cucumbers, celery. Then I gave her a simple salad dressing recipe and she made the dressing & cut up a head of cauliflower, & brought it to me with salad greens & avocado & fresh fruits & some flax crackers she bought for me at the health food store. After I got home, I still didn’t feel like making anything; I could hardly stay out of bed for more than an hour, even if I was sitting down. I bought Manna bread & ate it with tomatoes or avocados, & I kept eating lots of fresh fruits and ate a couple of other things that aren’t vegan, but that work ok for me. My mom helped me make a simple recipe, and since then, I have just kept it to those same things: I cut up veggies & keep them in the fridge to put in salads, eat lots of whole fruits, put hemp seeds in my salads to get protein & omega-3s, make salad dressings once a week, and maybe a recipe here and there – I like things like pies or raw tacos that I can make once and eat for a few days because they are not going to go bad by the next day. I also bought a package of raw dried fruit from www.therawchoice.com so I can have a fruit option without having to go to the store as often if I don’t want to go every 2 days. I also have started buying fruit like pineapples, mangoes & bananas that I can buy green & they get ripe in a few days, on the same shopping trip that I buy melons, oranges, etc. that need to be eaten right away. I have found that cauliflower, celery and cabbage stay good for several days in the fridge, so I buy those at the same time as I buy zucchini, greens & cucumbers, and I know I’ll have veggie options. I used to go to the store at least every other day and sometimes every day just to buy something for whatever recipe I decided I wanted to make. This is just an example of ways I have started to simplify, & you can do what works for you. When I first read your post, I also did not think it was great – guilt is not a good reason to eat raw foods; if you choose to eat raw, it should be because that’s what you WANT to do :) Life is more fun that way. Enjoy your life!

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I had similar problem in the beggining (2 months ago) and i decided to eat simple. Now i make some desserts sometine, and my usual diet is very simple, some fruit and “sprouted salads” with some greens. (I’m not 100% raw, I eat (cooked) bread).

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    WHAT is wrong with being excited about food?

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    WHAT is wrong with being excited about food?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Nothing, luna – good point I forgot to mention :) Being overwhelmed is one thing, but being excited about the best-tasting nutritious food you have ever eaten seems like a healthy happy thing – I love happy food!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Nothing, luna – good point I forgot to mention :) Being overwhelmed is one thing, but being excited about the best-tasting nutritious food you have ever eaten seems like a healthy happy thing – I love happy food!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Rawsiki, I TOTALLY went through what you are going too… and this, just after reading Trudeau’s book. I had a lot of anxiety over what I ate. I totally understand. I actually gave up. I ate cooked food, and LOTS of it for 2 weeks straight. But, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted, because I knew what it felt like to be on a raw diet… and I want that. So, I began to add more raw foods, but I didn’t stress about it. I am actually 50-75% raw, right now. I am less anxious about what I eat. What a relief. Of course, I WANT the gourmet foods… I feel like I still need them (transitional foods), so I am constantly in the kitchen. BUT, I only eat 2 meals a day. I started making raw food for someone else, so I was in the kitchen EVEN longer. But, I didn’t hate being in the kitchen. I enjoyed it. Some days, I don’t want to be in the kitchen, so I will make “fast food” (processed, frozen food… but it is still wholesome food).

    I agree with sabriya and meganthevegan advice. And definitely agree with making less complicated meals. As much as I enjoy them and want to try all these new complicated recipes… sometimes, I just don’t have the energy and reach for dehydrated crackers and crumple them up in a bed of lettuce wrapped in a chile-wheat-cooked tortilla, delicious! And takes not time at all.

    Plus, I now buy more frozen fruits, and I don’t feel ‘guilty’ after I learned 5% of enzymes become denatured. Consider freezing some of your favorite gourmet recipes, and only have a little every now and then… it will last!

    And, it is so true… if you don’t feel good about what you eat… you won’t digest it well! It is more important to have good digestion than it is to eat good food!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I don’t think I could stand making complex raw recipes all the time. I think I’m in the kitchen enough making green smoothies!

    The Sunfood Diet Success System was really inspiring. David Wolfe hardly ever makes complex recipes. He shares his typical daily diet, and many of the recipes in the back of the book are simple, and take hardly any time at all. Highly recommended! LOL. :)

  • Tell it girl! Yes, guilt is going to be there as you transition. It’s what we women were taught to feel if we “break away” from the norm. You have cooked food cravings which look like guilty head trips that we all live through. Make a choice then to incorporate non-processed vegan cooked foods that will take care of that feeling. I made the choice too to choose some cooked foods when I felt all this but chose the easy-quick fix stuff and before I knew it, I said “what the hell” I can have this and that and those and these. Again, make a choice and when doing so go for non-processed vegan and only 15% of one meal per day. Breaking free in society is hard to do. Lot of baggage. You can do it. And, look into making those obsessive recipes! Do it and share it with us!

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    here is what i think about it…i love raw food, i love buying my kids all natural tooth paste because i know this is a small thing to take care of there health, i buckle them up, i wash them with stuff that has no chemicals, my wipes are scent free, my diapers 7th generation and i have my fridge always stuffed with fresh fruits and veggies, some clothes i have are organic cotton, i have a sigg bottle, i dont buy bottled water anymore, all natural face cleaner and lotion and i switched my son from milk to soymilk…i do it because i know its good for me an my family, i can afford it and it doesnt hurt me going the extra mile sometimes…BUT..KEEP READING!!!!...i LOVE a good steak, my son has fries at least once a week, i have next to my organic cotton, my designer t-shirts with who-knows-what kind of chemicals in them..lol, i love me a good ol hamburger..i adore jack in the box curly fries and i like to put up some make up that clocks up my pores once or twice a months..because I DONT MIND..thats the choice i make and i am happy with..Yes i know 100% raw would be the absolute “perfect” choice, but i dont want to be 100%..not that i cant..I DONT WANT TO BE…i love cooking and have foodnetwork on 24/7..the logo is burned in our flat screen TV and my husband could not belive his eyes when he noticed it….these are all my choices and what makes me happy and if i start thinking that i poison my son by giving him nasty mc donalds fries, i would go crazy and i think its all about how often you do these kind of things..i used to drink 3-4 cans diet coke a day and thanks to books and master cleanse and detox and this website this is one thing i decided i can live without..WITHOUT having to try really really hard..i just dont want to drink that nasty stuff anymore but i wont give up other things…I admire people who are 100% raw, i think its awesome..i could be 100 but i don want to..i am happy with 70 and sometimes 20 and some days 100…to me i love “cooking” raw because thats my hobby..the kitchen…i do as much good as i can and want for me and my family …..

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    Oh my God! Thank you all so much! You’ve really helped. I thought I was the only lunatic.

    So, this week I am much much better. I am now making simple meals that take less than 1/2 an hour of preparation, as opposed to my 1-2 hours. I usually stick to salads, smoothies, fresh fruits, leftovers, and 1 minute tofu slices with spices. It’s been pretty good. And I find that when I do occassionally make a big meal, I am getting better and better, as in faster and faster. My problem was that I was trying every recipe for the first time, so obviously it would take me a while. Now I am used to recipes and am able to make a chocolate green fruit smoothie in under 5 minutes…which is great! And I am still making breads and cheeses once in a while. I surprised myself by finishing both in less than 45 minutes!!!! That was great. So, I am finding that simple meals work for me and are just as exciting. And maybe every other day, I will make some complex recipe, or whenever I feel like it. I am now eating the foods I love…including cooked. I still eat raw, but I don’t nitpick over every little ingredient. If I eat a raw lasagna with dry roasted nut cheese, I don’t freak out…unless it tastes bad. And stir fry veggies occupy my tummy once in a while. I also have held back from taking pictures several times, and felt less stressed and very comfortable and satisfied. Thanks everyone! This is really an amazing journey!

  • I too had these same struggles in the beginning. This was hurting my wallet more than anything, I was always buying prepackaged RAW meals @ Whole Foods (ten bones for a sandwhich- yikes!) and going to RAW restaurants all the time.

    I was doing a lot of 100% RAW during the week, slipping up on the weekends. I started to get frustrated. I remember having a conversation with a friend and telling her “There’s nothing wrong with having cooked food every once in a while, I am over this- it’s driving me insane”. Ironically enough I hit a new plateau that weekend and ate all RAW without even trying. It was like my body knew what it wanted and once I succombed to all of the mental bullshit I was free to be RAW sans stress.

    I feel like over time my general tastes have become simplified and eating whole foods is definitely simple. It’s just like what David Wolfe talks about in Sunfood, a RAW diet is the catalyst for the energy to become so enthralled in living that your don’t even think about eating. Check it out if you haven’t Rawsiki and listen to your heart:)

  • I am going through a really similar experience! I was getting really fed up with all the recipes and time devoted to prep, and around this same time I decided to go 100% raw. Well after about 2 weeks I didn’t even want any of the complicated dishes anymore, I just wanted green smoothies, salads, simple veggie dishes, and lots and lots of fruit (and yes, a good dose of raw chocolate everyday). In fact, I made a raw bread recipe last week, and honestly I have only eaten one piece of the bread. When it comes time for a meal, I’d rather have a salad with a nice, simple homemade dressing, than a salad sandwich using my raw bread.

    So nice to read that others are going through similar frustrations/triumphs!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    No one diet is right for any one person all the time. Half of the recipes on this site I can’t eat because of my own unique blend of particular allergies. I have my own unique history of health, and therefore I have created my own unique diet which I have created from a variety of sources… raw, macrobiotic, etc.

    Do what works for YOU. Let yourself off the hook. Let go of the pressure. Eating is an act of loving ourselves, of nourishing ourselves. Reconnect to that feeling and eat what is good for YOU.

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