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Possible Kidney Infection? Advice please!

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

On Friday night I started getting a UTI. I started my normal treatment (cranberry supplements, water). I had the pain when I peed and some abdominal pain.

Anyhow, for about an hour I felt very achey, had the chills, and had pain in my lower back on the sides. I went to throwup and immediately started feeling better.

I felt better throught the night (although didn’t sleep much because I had to keep getting up to pee). On Saturday, I had pure cranberry juice and still kept taking the supplements and rested alot. My fever, achey and pain were gone for the most part.

On Sunday, it did pretty much the same but I made the mistake of eating some cooked food and my stomach was crampy (I hadn’t eaten anything since Friday night) but a smoothie earlier).

Last night (sunday) my left side started to feel a bit achey again – no really serious pain just kinda of sore and tender and it felt a bit swollen (of course I got fat there so can’t really say for sure if it was really swollen). I was putting heating pad on it.

So, right now, my UTI symptoms are pretty much gone – no more peeing pain. All that is really left is a slight soreness on my left side. I guess I have a littel bit of a nausea but than again I have been drinking mostly water for the past few days and cranberry so I am sort of fasting so I don’t know if that is related to the other issues and maybe I am just hungry.

I guess I am wondering if I should worry that my left kidney is infected and whether or not I should go to the doctor? I would rather not because I have no insurance and would rather not waste the money if it is really going away and perhaps I my muscles are just sore on that side.

I had a kidney infection once before and I remember it feeling alot worse that this and it took a while for my side to return to normal even after going to the doctor.

How long should I wait for the soreness to go away until I make the decision to go to the doctor?

Are there any at home treatments for kidney infections? Certain juices?


  • I would imagine collodial silver would be helpful as it acts like a natural antibiotic. herbs like goldenseal, garlic & oregano all have strong antimicrobial factors to them but would definitely recommend doing a probiotic along with them.

    “The juice of the horsetail herb is a very efficient treatment option and can be drunk daily. To prepare this juice take 1 to 2 tbsp. of the herb or some of the herbal extract and dilute it in a glass of water, this can be drunk thrice a day before your meals, using boiling water; a herbal tea can also be brewed from the herb by simply adding a tsp. of herbs to a cup of the boiling water, dosage is as before with the juice. The probability of full and complete recovery form the disorder is increased if the treatment using the herb is begun at once and without delay.

    Kidney function can also be strengthened using the juice of the birch; the juice has many minerals essential to health besides other beneficial effects. This birch juice can be made into a tea and can be drunk throughout the course of a day, in small cups as a treatment method. The juice acts on the kidneys reducing the albumen content of the urine to an appreciable extent, increasing the volume and output of urine while gently soothing any existing inflammation that may have developed in them. The beneficial actions and properties of the juices of the horsetail and birch are supported in their effects by the tea made from the leaf of the bearberry, and this tea can be used to dilute those juices instead of water during treatment. The inflammation that may develop can also be minimized using herbs like the Echinacea family, the goldenrod herb, the roots of the ginger plant, the dandelion, the husks of beans and fennel, the catnip plant and alfalfa grass may also be used in this role. As an additional benefit these herbs also stimulate the kidneys, helping it carry its normal functions out. A combination of these herbs can be used to make an herbal tea by adding a tsp. of the herbs to a cup of boiling water, this tea may be drunk twice a day, for optimal and beneficial effects on the kidneys.”

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I don’t remember which ones (how helpful hmpf), but there are certain herbs which prevent the infection from spreading and breeding. One is supposed to coat the tissues and prevent it from clinging so it just ends up coming out in the urine. I feel bad that I cannot remember which herbs, but you could always take a load of time doing what I do in times like these that I cannot remember which herb for what, look on website link . when I lose my herb book around the house (I cannot find it right now :P) I usually just read the descriptions of herbs on there until I find what I was looking for. It does take time, but it is better than going to an ignorant doctor, and cheaper. Not to mention SAFER and healthier.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    thanks guys!

    hkitty – I haven’t tried colloldial silver before. I do drink horsetail tea though. Where is info from that you quoted in your post?

    I did find a tea online that has herbs for kidney infection. http://www.naturallydirect.net/kidney-problem.htm

    I want to see if I can find some of it at my health food store.

    have_mersey – Cats Claw is supposed to be good for infections I read. I am going to start drinking that.

    My kidney are does feel better today but it always seems to be better when I wake and then i worry more before I go to sleep because it seems more “poufy” after moving around during the day. I keep reading on all these medicial sites how you can’t get rid of a kidney infection with out antibiotics and you should have it checked out right away or risk damageing your kidneys. I am just worried that if i do have an infection and wait to go and get it checked out it will be damaging to my kidneys.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    There is one on the tip of my tongue, but I cannot remember the name for the life of me. And of course, I’m sure you know, drink LOADS of water. Cranberry does prevent the infection from spreading, which you said you take. And as far as that goes, if they are just going to give you antibiotics and not something to specifically treat your kidneys and whole urinary system, I definitely suggest eating loads of garlic, colloidal silver, and every other antibacterial/antibiotic. I’ve read many times over of women curing their uti’s and kidney infections from herbs. Oh, and eat your basil and oregano(both kill bad bacterias). :) and sorry if it seems weird to say this and you may already know, but you should always urinate after sex if you are prone to getting kidney, bladder, etc. infections because bacteria can get pushed in the urethra and make their way up. If you decide to go to someone about the issue, go to an herbalist or other natural healer instead. I think they are much more helpful, and don’t get money for prescribing yarrow or turmeric or whatever, so they are honestly trying to help. :)

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie


    There are a few others, but I just remembered there was one that started with U. and searched on mountain rose in between checking the prices on some spices.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Uva Ursi is one for kidney & bladder problems – I also use colloidal silver for anything that a doc would prescribe an antibiotic for, & then follow it up with probiotic supplements because it kills good AND bad bacteria.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    have_mercey – Yes, I was reading aboutthe uva ursi on another site. thanks for the link – I love Mountain Rose Herbs – I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them! :)

    Well, my infection is pretty much gone but I had some pain the other day on my right kidney and I was getting nervous that it wasn’t gone yet and I was worried about it “lingering” around and causing damage to my kidney (I had a really bad kidney infection once before) so I decided to go to the doctor and have it checked out. They did the urine test and I even though I feel pretty good now – there was still bacteria in there so they gave me an antibiotic. At least it was free since I went to Planned Parenthood. :)

    I plan to do probiotics AND I am also doing an Master Cleanse too right after i am done with the medicine.

    Am I supposed to be taking the probiotics while I am taking the antibiotics or after? My bf said after – is that right?

    angie – That is great! I am going to get some of the collodial silver to keep around in case I get in this situation again. I always keep Cranberry supplments around too. I plan to get some of the this “kidney” tea I saw online too.

    How can you tell if the collodial silver is working? maybe take one of those home UTI tests?

  • my Mom suffers from kidney infections fairly often and I think you would be in alot more pain (it can get pretty intense) I thought I had an infection once but was not sure and my Mom was like “oh believe me you would know”

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    emmie21- Yeah, I was famailiar with the feeling because my first kidney infection so I knew the UTI had traveled to my kidneys – it wasn’t as bad this time as the first time (the first time I felt like I had a big boulder on my right side – this time was more achey and swollen). But I was also reading that often you can have kidney infections and not really have any symptoms. I was worried this time because it didn’t seem to be getting any better -I figured better to be safe than sorry and I want all the bacteria and infection gone, gone, gone! Next though, I am going to try the collidial silver definately! :)

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie



    I still cannot remember the name of one in particular that I am thinking of, but again found these when looking up some herbs :). Anyway those are some things to think about since you are prone to getting UTIs.

  • i’ve had kidney stones/infections off and on for years, and only went to the doctor when the pain was unbearable. i would continue the cranberry juice, and just drink lots and lots of water. i also take Stone Free, a supplement by Planetary Herbals for kidneys, liver and gallbladder function. it contains Dandelion root and turmeric, bitter substances which support the body’s normal bile flow. it also contains Gravel root, parsley root and marshmallow root, which have been used historically for supporting normal fluid elimination. i’m sure you could also make a tea using some of the herbs, which might be more beneficial. hope this helps!

  • Ouch… I suggest the colloidal silver as well. I use it in place of antibiotics. I find it expensive to buy but if you are able to make it then its cheap.Before we use the CS we always try kefir first(if your not too sick)). I use to make kefir with raw milk but I have recently discovered that I can make water kefir. I actually like it over the milk kefir. We put it in our smoothies. Its very good. It will clear up a runny nose pretty quickly. I hope your better soon.

  • Try nettle tea.

  • hi! just today i had to look up uti remedies. earlier i drank an entire 32 ounce bottle of just cranberry juice, but it didn’t provide immediate relief for the painful urination, so i went online and found the vinegar bracer remedy. since around 2:00 pm this afternoon i have been drinking around 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar diluted with water (you could add some agave perhaps to make it less of a bite) every couple of hours. in the past two bracers i have also added a little baking soda – careful that it doesn’t volcano over the top of the cup – and i have been drinking plenty of water. the pain and urgency has gone away! many people mentioned to also make sure to have one before bedtime to avoid waking up to renewed symptoms. also, a couple drops of oil of oregano with the bracers seems to be a good thing, too! anyway, if there is a next time (hopefully not!) you should try acv and see if it helps!

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