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Polyphasic Sleeep!!!!

hey all…i was just wondering whether any of you have tried or heard about polyphasic sleep. There is stuff online about it and supposedly it is supposed to be easier for people who are very healthy to adapt to it. Basically it is spreading sleep out throughout the day instead of all at once. The schedule im adapting tot is 30 minute naps every 6 hours. But another which is pretty popular is 20-30 min naps every 4 hours. i’ll supply some helpful links if anyone is interested and wants to join me on a fun adventure. haha. i have looked up tons online so if anyone wants more information i can point them in the right direction. -zack

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyphasic_sleep http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/10/polyph…


  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    30 minute naps every 6 hours = 2 hours sleep.

    20-30 min naps every 4 hours = 2-3 hours sleep.

    No thanks.

    I’d be more interested in a biphasic sleep schedule (sleep at night with a nap during the day) while still allowing for a full 8 hours.

  • Im in ,,,, its funny you brought this up as for the last few days I did this intentionally. In case with today I woke at 330am.. once I arrived at work I went to the car to take a 30 minute nap around 10 am as soon as I hit the seat I was out,in some weird way I woke with out having to have the alarm clock go off approximately 29 minutes later. I will take my next nap at 5 if something doesn’t interrupt that maybe will have to postpone it and take a longer nap around 7 ..

    ZACK - I am at work post some links, my supervisor is rather nosey today so I have to switch back and forth from a spreadsheet .> TEE HEE

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    It usually takes me about 15 to 20 min. to actually FALL asleep. So I would be getting pretty much no sleep if I tried to do this. Certainly not for me, and only two hour to boot? No thanks. I like 8 to 10!!!!

  • I don’t know Luna I am reading a blog of a guy who tried this for over two months and from reading his experience not sure if more sleep = more energy, and sure this isn’t for everyone, but if you know babies you know they follow this pattern of sleeping and over time are made to adapt to monophasic sleeping.

    Just a thougnt.

  • Jerome Siegel of University of California, Los Angeles, in a paper in Nature today, describes how diet and lifestyle have a huge effect on how much sleep an animal gets. Carnivores spend most of the day dozing, omnivores sleep a moderate amount, and herbivores nap when they can.

  • Day 3 and I must say this is totally different from going raw. The benefits of this are totally different. I feel somewhat alert and okay at night time but in the day time I am like a machine. The mental clarity that I have while doing this is almost kind of scary, considering everyone thinks you should take 8 – 10 hours of sleep everyday. At this point I am doing 1AM nap 26 minutes 5AM nap 26 minutes 9AM nap 26 minutes 1PM nap 26 minutes 5PM nap 26 minutes 9PM nap 26 minutes…. Oh well my next nap is coming up in 30 minutes, and I like to read a book to make myself calm and ready for my nap. I also have this cool 33 minute soundtrack of white noise that calmly wakes you up gradually with a rooster, then a fire truck and finally with someone screaming get up .. it’s a trip…. One thing that motivated me to try this is that everyone that has tried it at best were cooked vegans, and I have to say you must have a one up being 100% raw and entering this because the adaptation period for me has been hard but not as other people have blogged about.



  • suryadayasuryadaya Raw Newbie

    I studied this a couple of years ago and tried to adapt to it but my job at the time wouldn’t allow for me taking a 20 minute break at a specific time every day so it didn’t quite work out. Perhaps I will try it again! I can take breaks at my leisure where I work now. Yee ha.

  • Okay this is like day six I think, I am losing track of the days. Besides the fact that I feel totally displaced from society I am doing rather well with this sleep pattern. Last night I had to go to bed for 3 hours because I really had no reason to stay up and it felt right. Looking into the future I could continue to sleep this way but I will have to find a reason to be up at night besides just to be up. I am looking into some new hobbies and studies.

  • yea i agree with you, one of the main reasons i quit (haha i quit after like 2 weeks) was because i didnt have much to do at night. i would defnitely be happy reading for like 5 hours a night, but i never fully kicked the early day drowsiness, and i couldnt read without falling asleep. it was an amazing experience, and i think i wana try it again. it was really fun. mabye when my friend will do it with me ill be more motivated. ive never slept through a double alarm before, and woken up 3 hours late, noticing that i turned both alarms off, and had no recollection of it whatsoever. hahahh. it was really fun though i promise. o yea, another reason i dont think i fully adapted is because i am a cross country runner, and i went fairly mellow with my mileage but didnt quit for the transition period. fairly mellow was 5 miles a day. so mabye i should quit for a couple weeks to transition? i dono.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Hey Zack,

    I can’t believe that you the only Rawker at HSU. WoW! I figured they be multiplying into the streets by now. I used to live around there. There is a great Raw Cafe in Blue Lake and several members here on GoneRaw from Humboldt. Keep coming back here and I am sure you will find each other. Is the coffee shop near Safeway still doing the worlds greatest open mic? I used to be a regular. Wow, it was great! Boy do I miss the Farmer’s Market at the Plaza on Saturdays, and the Peace Rally every Friday at 5. What an incredible town.

    RE: SLEEP - I’ve always heard that either Einstein or Eddison did this. I can’t remember which one. I didn’t know that there was a method to it. I have been drawn to sleeping twice a day for however long my body wants. When I nap, I usually sleep only about 2 hours so I imagine that I won’t be sleeping any more than I do now. I will be switching to this soon. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

    Lovebows, Chris

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    be careful, this can mess with your natural hormone cycle. your body needs deep sleep. a study i saw, scientist interrupted a patients sleep for an extended period of time, granted he was barely getting any deep sleep, but after only 5 days, he became pre-diabetic.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    this sounds like my cats sleep cycle!

  • Oh – I just couldn’t. Sleep is just way too important for me. Good luck though.

  • look into the need for sleep cycles Ie rem sleep (deep sleep)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Well, I haven’t read all the posts but I agree with sylistchick… especially your melatonin/seratonin.

    Plus, there are studies that prove that 2 hours before midnight are more beneficial than 4 hours after midnight.

    Also, it’s best to sleep by 9P every day, and if you sleep late one night a week, you reverse all the benefits (although, I don’t know why/how that is.)

  • please keep us all posted on how you guys are doing! this sounds fascinating to me but something i’d be nervous to try without hearing updates from someone else as they go along, haha. so you test the ice… then maybe i’ll skate on it, i guess is what i’m sayin. good luck!

    oh and i heard somewhere that nobokov did this or something like it. i wouldn’t mind having a life during the day and then plenty of time to write masterpiece novels at night ;)

  • ardesmond2 – what company makes that sleep tape and what is it called? it sounds perfect!!

  • emmie21~~ all you are getting from this kind of sleep Would be REM. and i believe you are mistaken, REM is not deep sleep. i dont know where everyone gets that from. it is the brain wave state when you have dreams and such and they are easily remembered. REM is the lightest sleep state you are in at night, aside from mabye the half in half out of alpha, which is what you do right before you drop into sleep(greatly relaxed). DELTA, on the other hand, is a brainwave state that is our deepest (most peoples, people can go deeper) brain wave state. it is an extremely peaceful state of the mind where the most restoration of the body takes place. and that is what you would not be getting on this schedule (supposedly).

    i know people can drop into delta within minutes with practice, and can sleep for this long and it would be as restorative as a whole nights sleep. but thats a whole different story, the background i found behind polyphasic sleep is your mind learns to bypass the sleep before REM, and you go into REM right away. that is why some people might find it no so easy to get into this schedule, because their mind is not adapted yet. but i dont know. REM sleep is the most restorative, for the time aspect of normal sleeping. it is the greatest burst of restoration, and delta is the most restorative but it takes much longer to get into, regularly. alright ive gotta go, but ill talk more later. haha

    by the way, i quit this a while ago, i didnt explain everyhting but there is a short answer above. good luck all

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