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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • naturallyfruity….nice blog….good, aun writing style…..maybe include the link at the end of each post to remind everyone to check it daily (if they wish)

    so, sunday is here…that’s it…...

    will post later tonight

  • nycgrrl…i’ve now added your blog to the 1st post…if you remember, then add the link to each of your posts, so we can run and check out what you don’t wanna say here hahaha…..

    have a good day


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I got the book Thurs and I don’t think Amazon had it much cheaper. I think it was 28.? I am in the fats section (around 120) and I have found it interesting. I am very willing to give it a try. What I have noticed is that my sugar and junk cravings are much more manageable now. I was at a Memorial Day party and for the first time in 2 yrs, I didn’t eat any of the cooked food. I knew the cakes and cookies would taste great,but I was able to actually stick to my choice to not eat them with very little effort. The other thing I notice is that when I get full, I’m done. On higher fat raw I could constantly nibble and I was always wanting something sweet. I actually feel, after meals, that I couldn’t eat another bite even if it was something I REALLY loved. This is a wonderful feeling for me because I find it hard to stop eating before I am full. I also have good sustained energy. I never did before with fruit, but I always ate it after a larger meal that was undoubtedly high fat so it is no wonder my blood sugar went wacko. I also used to combine my fruits with a “protein” (which was also high fat) so it would slow down the sugar entering the blood. If this book is correct, I was making it harder to easily utilize the sugar. It will be very interesting to see how our bodies respond I would suggest bringing lots of fruit to social gatherings. It is what saved me on Memorial Day. One of my new favorite treats is frozen banana. It feels like I am eating a banana flavored fudgesicle! BTW I have some relatives in Chicago. It is a really great place to see . If we go to visit, I’ll have to get some restaurant suggestions from ya’ll!

  • deborahann

    great that your own experience is clarifying what you are reading

    interestingly, as we mono-meal fruit, our body rediscovers it’s signal to know when to stop eating….it’s also the most dangerous aspect of the 811…dangerous for those who emotionally eat….like you said ..you are full, couldn’t eat another thing…but it’s a different type of full…not bloated, comfortable, light and energetic….it’s hard to fit enough in to really weigh you down, and really blunt your feelings (apres christmas dinner style)

    it also demonstrates how un-addictive fruit is (even with all that sugar)....enough is enough, when it’s enough…..wheras you can always have more chocolate, or nuts, no matter how full

    the most important thing, and the point i’m trying to make about this book ( for the doubters)is that even if you chose not to adopt it in life, it will still allow you to make better choices in HOW to include fruit in the day, so as to NOT run into problems with fat/fruit combinations…..much like marilyn and harvey diamonds ‘fit for life’ gives such great info on combining foods well…even if you are to continue a 100% SAD diet, this info will still allow you to continue, just with better insight and better digestion

    keep planting the seeds and NEVER stop learning

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    Woohoo! june 1 is here, and the beginning of the 30 day challenge has arrived. This morning I had a smoothie with: kale, parsley, one mango, 2 bananas..yum. Going to juice some oranges and then head to the store to get some more fruit. Using nutridiary and it really is eye-opening. Thank you to el-bo and others who suggested using it.

    Good Luck everyone!!


  • chicagomama…just read on pg 25 of the book that coconut meat is easily digested in the jelly-like state but almost impossible to digest when matured and hardened…there’s always the coconut milk, i s’pose

    and raw corn…as far as i’ve heard it’s o.k to eat…i’m gonna try this one…i’m sure i remember in the storm and jingee raw film that one of their kids was charged with the responsibility of stripping the corn from the cob with a large knife….careful !!!!...i’ve also read ‘harley’ (811 supremo athlete) eats it ….even saw a photo of him tucking into it…i love cooked coen…we’ll see how raw corn fares

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    So I am doing okay today, day 1. For an early snack after my smoothie and fruit bfast, I had a very very modified sundried tomato pate (on this site) which is my fave food….I reduced the walnuts drastically, and only a drop of olive oil….wrapped it in arugula leaves. Def not as “good” as the original, and I think I have to approach “raw meals” very differently.

    What an interesting experiment this is going to be! I am clearly going to have to buy ALOT more fruit than I have on hand…already have eaten 3 bananas, bunch of parsley, 1 grapefruit, bunch of kale, 1/2 melon, had a cup of grapes and juiced 5 oranges!


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I have just put the corn in the husk in the dehydrator for a few hours to warm it and it was delicious. You aren’t dehydrating the corn because of the husk. You could probably just leave it in the sun and get the same effect.

  • nycgrrl…haha…just saw you over at ‘give it to me raw’...quite an interesting discussion happening

  • ok


    day 1 has been a huge success, so far i have no detox issues at the mo. except for being a little tired…..it’s a nice type of tired anyways…i’m gonna finish watching ‘lord of the rings’, read a bit more of ‘the book’ then i’m gonna sleep i’ll catch up with you all tomorrow and we can share our experiences….i’ve even taken some food photos :o)

    hope everyone has had a good start….onwards and upwards

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    I am not doing great. Very tired, feeling greasy and foggy. I really, really want some olive oil on my salad. Going to keep at it, hopefully things will change. I will post on my blog tongiht.

  • el bo, I love that download you suggested—CRONometer, or whatever. It is really cool! It is 2pm in LA (im on the west coast right now, moving to chicago in about a week) and I can’t believe I have only eaten about 600 calories! I feel like I have been eating all day—I keep ‘waiting to feel hungry’ but not feeling it. Weird. So I have had a cantelope for breakfast, a mid morning smoothie of 2 bananas, a handful of spinich and strawberries, 2 dates and 1/2 a head of romaine. I went to a farmers market and loaded up on some more fruit and bought 3 packs of local dates for $5! Fresh right off the tree, that will be great when I need something with a higher density of calories. No cravings for fatty foods. A bit of a headache but that is because I gave up my morning tea today.

    Question about romaine, I read that it is recommended to have about 500 grams of lettuce a day. I wonder if the romaine hearts I buy (pack of 3 at trader joes) are not as big as the head of lettuce that 811 recommends. Any ideas about this?

    I think I am going to go try to eat some more, even though I am not that hungry.

  • well…this is what 500 grams of lettuce looks like


    i ate the whole lot , blended with 1.5 litres of orange juice

    here’s my day breakdown

    2198 calories at a ratio of 92/5/4 i’m aiming to keep overt fats out of the equation, or at least at a minimum….as an average ( over the course of a week), i may creep up…i’m sure to want an avocado at some point…..and of all things, i’m craving raw corn…maybe cos when i think of corn on the cob its dripping in butter…..mmmm :o)


    i think that it works better to try and eat ( with practice) larger, less frequent meals….then you wait till hungry before eating again

    i guess i’ve read about this so much, that i aimed for this right from the start


    meal 1 ….7 bananas blended with a good amount of water approx 700 calories

    meal 2 ….500 g of lettuce, blended with 1.5 litres of o.j approx 780 calories

    meal 3 ….20 dates, pitted and covered with 3 bananas (blended with water) approx 715 calories

    i’ve also consumed an additional litre of mineral water

    apart from a little lull a couple of hours ago, i feel great…really energized

    i think i will split the lettuce/orange drink between 2 meals as it was quite a lot to get through…so i may be introducing an extra meal

    also the date and banana pudding was far too sweet as a whole…the blended banana tasted great and the dates too…but together they were a bit overwhelming and i actually preferred the blended banana ( a good sign)

    nycgrrl…hope you get on top of the bad feeling…remember that the less you eat, the more opportunity is given to the body to detox…eating will halt the process….maybe for you, eating more frequently will help…..hope tomorrow works out better for you…and have the olive oil if you want…just don’t go TOO crazy

    now i’m definately going to bed

    peace y’all

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    ha! i had a big salad with lettuce and mushrooms and 1/2 tsp of olive oil and I feel much better! maybe i was just craving greens, i dunno. But i feel better. Oh, and I took a nap :) that helped too. I never nap! 

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    OK so I’m on board with this as my raw has evolved to sooo much fruit with summer approaching. I had a cooked popcorn attack last week that left me very swollen so yesterday I began. I don’t count anything. I just eat all fruit and run, yoga, spin, pilates (something) daily. This is a transition from all fruit until noon, which was followed by dehydrated crackers, burgers, avos, nuts and raw desssert! I must say after 2 days, I like this feeling. There is a lightness and such an ease of digestion, not to mention HAPPINESS. I’m with you on this for 14 days and maybe longer. I still have my big salad every night of greens, some veggies and dulse with a light dressing. I don’t want any nuts so I’m not having them. Avo is a fruit so I’m eating 1/day—that’s all I’m counting. I’ve read the book a couple of times over, but I was not able to do this in the winter months. Now there is so much variety! Now what to do with 7 cups of local blueberries!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hello everyone:

    Today I ate

    7 bananas 5 apples 1 bunch of celery 2 personal sized watermelons

    I will have to add up the calories later. I’m not sure if I hit my mark with the calories or not! But I’m doing my best. I DID feel a little off today; I’ve been doing no overt fats for about a week prior to this challenge. I felt weak in my limbs and had a headache at some point, which could be because I didn’t eat enough!

    I hope to get some dates soon.

    But I have a question! I want to get some greens in me besides celery, but I honestly don’t like the way they taste plain! It makes me not want to eat them at all, but if I could find a dressing that goes with 80-10-10, then I might be game. Are dressings mentioned in the 80-10-10 book, el-bo? I tried fresh orange juice, but it didn’t help my spinach much.

    Maybe I should just wrap fruit up in a romaine leaf and call it a day with greens.

  • Helllloo :) My first day went fantastic, maybe becuase I was out all day and didn’t really have time to think about food. I definitely did not eat enough calories..Had a medium sized honeydew melon for breakfast, 6 banana&spinach smoothie for lunch and for dinner I had an apple and about 15-20 large grape tomatoes. I walked in the park for about 2 1/2 hours..it was amazing! Tons of sunshine :) ohh and I did 40 lunges. Good job everyone! http://www.naturallyfruity.blogspot.com

  • MOTH—there are dressings in the book. Very simple but great. They inspire me to experiment. Tonight I made a dressing of a tomato, young coconut jelly, lemon and some left over watermelon puree. It was surprisingly tasty! Here are some dressings in the book from the ‘spring menu’

    4 oz pineapple 1 oz macadamia nuts

    blend and serve

    4 oz red bell peppers 8 oz strawberries

    blend and serve

    4 oz strawberries 1 oz almonds

    blend and serve (see a pattern here yet? :)

    4 oz oranges 2 oz bell peppers 1 oz brazil nuts

    blend (chunky) and serve

    there are many more, but you get the idea. You can be quite creative I imagine.

    As for getting your greens—do you like smoothies? that is how I am able to squeeze extra greens in myself…

    For my day, I felt like I ate a lot, but my end of day tally was about 1000 calories. I was not active today so I just ate 3 dates to get another 300 calories in and I figure I will call it a day. I have a hard time figuring out how I can eat the volume of fruits required, or recommended. Also, it is amazing how quickly the fat can shoot up when you add on fats. There seem to be plenty in the veggies and fruits that add up accordingly.

    I do have a headache all day, but I am sleep deprived and sans caffine, so not sure if it is an additional detox symptom or not. Will have to see.

  • hello gang

    3 of my best tips for calorie boost

    1) orange juice…this is great…goes down easy and is high in calories….8 large navel oranges gets me 1.5 litres of juice, which works out at 700 calories

    2) blended banana…just blend with water (add greens if you wish)...try for 5 bananas or more….blend with more water to make it go down better and aid digestion

    that’s 1200 calories already

    3) some kind of pudding….3 chopped bananas…cover with blended mango or papaya or blended dates…etc, etc

    bananas are your friend…cheap and heavy on the calories

    it is hard to get the greens in , MOTH…dressings are good….blending greens with bananas is good (or just wrap bananas in lettuce)....lettuce blended with o.j


    day 2..

    good luck everyone…now i’m gonna juice me some oranges

    p.s chicagomama…re. your dressing….if you start to experience digestion issues, then the first culprit could be the watermelon….melons are notoriously bad for combining with other foods, and it’s always recommended to eat them alone…just something to think about

    ciao….for now

  • and remember, you don’t have to eat everything , everyday….

    i am gonna have an all-fruit day today, unless i particularly crave some greens later

  • nycgrrl….just read your blog….nice one…just one thing…i think every nutrition program orders the 3 figures in the ratio differently….it might be helpful to follow the order in 80/10/10, so as to avoid confusion…..so maybe re-order as carbs/protein/fat….that way when we look at the ratio we are all reading it the right way

    see ya

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    Thanks El-bo-I will make that adjustment. Yea, nutridiary does it differently. So anyway, down 2 lbs this morning, from 119 to 117, but I suppose that I won’t know if it will “stick” til after this month.

    I am definitely going to keep with this, although if I want a teensy bit of olive oil on my salad in the beginning I won’t begrudge myself. Overall, feeling good this morning. A little hazy and foggy, but I will keep you all posted. Thanks for this thread; it’s a big help.

  • nycgrrl—down 2 lbs in 1 day? I know our weight fluctuates, but that is a bit exciting :) I am weighing myself later today. I weighed about 133 2 weeks ago, so I will see how I fair today and will consider todays weight as my start of 811rv.

    el-bo, thanks for the tip! I did not realize melon is recommended to be consumed separately. I think I am ok, b/c it was really only like a tbsp. Anyway, that brings to mind something else I have been wondering about… When combining, my understanding was to always eat fruit by itself. When I read Green For Life, the author states it is fine to have fruits with greens. I know that certainly is how I make my green smoothies. But what about commbining non-sweet fruit (say cucumbers) with sweet fruit? Would that lead to digestion issues? I should probably post this separate, but will leave it here for now.

    Today is my first day of 811rv at work. Hopefully I can get through the day without making my co-workers think I am anorexic—which seems to be the conclusion most make when one has a diet of fruit and vegetables—even 2000 calories worth!

  • chicagomama….as far as i know…sweet and non sweet combine well…..tender greens go well with most fruits i think….sweet fruit and acid fruit don’t mix (e.g orange and banana)

    i used to have a good combination chart that i downloaded from the web…i’ll see if i still have it to upload

    happy day 2

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Surprised to see those recipes from Doug’s book, all the nuts mentioned aren’t raw. They are all heated during their shelling/processing. Pine nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts and in shell nuts are raw, the rest aren’t. Apart from the expensive hand shelled cashews from places like Sunfood Nutrition. You feel alot better only using the raw nuts, I do.

    My research on what is and is not raw is here

  • here’s a link to a food combining article…it also has sub-links to 3 different combining charts

    hope this helps


    i’ll post it in the 1st post of the thread also

  • i’ve never really thought of that, zoe…he never really mentions whether he shells them or not….hmmm

    i’ve heard dr.d say that these recipes aren’t necessarily optimal, but a good start..but i’ll post over at the vegsource forum and see if i can get a clearer picture

    i don’t have to deal with this at the moment, as i can’t afford to buy good quality, raw nuts….

    it’s good to see that folks are interested to check in with us even though they aren’t participating…thanks

    i’ll let you know when i get an answer

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    Zoe-thanks for popping in—your insight is so appreciated. I have cut out all the non-raw nuts indicated on your dead food list, so thank you!

  • ok, zoe (and everone else)

    i just posted the question here

    http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/index.html (a question for dr.d about nuts used in dressings)

    the forum style isn’t as good as here in terms of layout, and it can get confusing…pressing ‘view todays posts’ usually helps cut through to what you might be looking for


  • Ok, well, my first day didn’t go off as planned. I think I forced myself to eat too much – or things I didn’t really want (an entire cantaloupe, lots of bananas) and by dinner I was hungry but so NOT wanting fruit. So I had a salad and some leftover brown rice and lentils. But then afterwards, some watermelon.

    But this morning I’m back again. So far 4 navel oranges and a quarter of a watermelon about 30 minutes later. And I feel fine this time.

    After about half the cantaloupe yesterday for breakfast I really didn’t want any more, but I forced myself to eat it since I “needed” the calories. Then later I was going to try to eat a whole pineapple, but only got halfway through before I just didn’t want any more. And I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I’m just not a huge fan of bananas. I blended up 3 bananas and 3 celery stalks for lunch and forced myself to finish it even though I didn’t really want to. Afterwards I felt like crap. I know it’s been said so many times before “listen to your body”.

    So today, I’m going to be sure not to force anything, even if I end up being a bit low on calories. I guess for my activity level I need to be getting around 2500-3000 per day (on active days anyway – 2000-2500 on less active days). Good luck to everyone on day 2 (or whatever day your on)!

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