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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    End of day 4 brief summary here, rest on my blog later

    1116 calories 83-6-11 proportions felt energetic all day. Slept poorly last night due to going ot be too late (reading 811 Ha!) and my son woke up in the middle of the night, so today was a bit harder to get through, but I did fine.

  • MOTH

    i’d say ‘don’t sweat it’...it’s not like it’s a steakhouse…...

    you have the opportunity to share something new with someone…you may scare them off if you get all 811 on them

    i’ve never had the opportunity to go to a raw restaurant, but if i did, then that day wouldn’t be an 811 day…..remember if you’ve been eating lower fat each day, you’ll be able to tolerate a higher day every now and then….it’s not as if you’re gonna do it everyday, nor be tempted to spent precious hours of your life learning how to recreate the dishes

    if, on the other hand, you don’t wanna eat it don’t…you’re at least likely to get the best reastaurant salad that you can

    don’t let the thought of failing the challenge stop you….in fact it may be a real learning experience…it may show just how much cleaner you are…..either way, you won’t hav failed the challenge…a cooked meal is different

    if you chose to eat gourmet, here’s a little advice….keep very hydrated through the day (just juicy fruit and a lot of water) this will help you digest heavier, drier stuff….and have a big salad with whatever you chose…and lastly, try to avoid anything with fruit for dessert…...

    but just enjoy it….


    welcome…..my best tip for getting calories , aside from bananas, is orange juice…..

    i use a little , cheap electric citrus juicer….keeps loads of fibre with the juice (very important)...i s’pose you could use a normal juicer and add back some fibre, but the traditional juicer is so much easier to clean….and you just slice the orange in half

    blah blah blah…you know what i mean

    anyways….8 large naval oranges gets me 1.5 litres (50 fl. oz) of juice…this adds up to 700 calories….lovely

    i can get through that in no time, but you can just drink it over the course of a few hours…just keep in mind it may not combine well with other meals if you drink it over the whole day…also drink as soon as possible to retain as many nutrients as you can

  • regarding dates—i know mine are fresh because I bought them from the farmer who grows them, they were right off the tree! (or bush, whatever :) I can see why they are a transition food-they are so sweet and concentrated, but very yummy! I would be very sad if I had to go without them!

    So today was all about nectarines—then some romaine wrapped bananas and a big salad. I will probably have apples for dinner then more banans and dates to end at about 1500 calories. That seems a good number for me.

    Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. I know my co-workers will be presenting lots of SAD food in my honor and I will likely succomb. In fact I am pretty much planning on it, sad to say. But I will do so consciously, be aware of my choices and not blame myself after. On friday, it is back on track. We will see how I will be feeling!

    I put on my ‘skinny’ jeans today and I have plenty of room to breathe! That is a great feeling!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    moth—in “raw life” by paul nison (ok, now i’m really embarrassed about how many raw books i’ve read) doug graham is asked if ever eats gourmet. he answered that he would if he were meeting friends, or if it was a special event, but otherwise he keeps in simple. so even he isn’t 80/10/10 to the point of “perfection”.

    don’t be afraid to share your experience with your friend though. if it comes up, i’d share how your body is changing and how your attachment to food is changing along with it.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    question: what do we think of dark greens like kale, collards, etc? i actually do like the taste of them…

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Glad To see everyone is doing so well. I’ve been very close to 811 everyday and usually a bit below 10% on the fat. I’m still flabbergasted that there are no cravings. I had another stressful day at work but I am much less worn out both mentally and physically than I normally would be after getting hammered for 3 days. I still feel happy and this is miraculous for me. I did not feel hungry today but did end up eating about 1500 calories. I felt tired and mildly headachy today and I’m not sure if it’s detox or menstrual. Hopefully I’ll perk up tomorrow. I will get in as much exercise early as I can since I won’t be home from my class until 8:30 or 9. I was wanting bananas again today so I indulged. I did better drinking water today, too. Does anyone know if buckwheat sprouts are OK? I really love them in the form of buckwheaties. They are a food that really seems to hold me well. I soak 2 tbsp goji, 1 tbsp raisins in a bit of water for awhile. Then I douse this in about 4 tbsp carob, heaping 1/2 cup buckies and 1 tbsp pine nuts. It is wonderful and it did fit nicely into an 811 day. I don’t intend to eat this everyday anymore but I thought that buckwheat was technically a fruit;I’ve also seen it referred to as a seed. Any opinions about this?

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    not sure about buckwheat, deborahann—you could post at the vegsource forum.

    pianissima—i LOVE kale and eat it most mornings in my smoothie :) don’t know what dr. graham thinks, but I ain’t giving em up!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey Moth- Don’t freak about a meal out. I’ll echo the others. If some raw gourmet thing sounds delicious and like a treat. Have it. The worlds not going to end and you won’t have ‘failed’ or become a less valuable human. The next day 811 will be there and my guess is it will feel simple and rewarding and your body/mind will smile. Breathe. Do some more sun salutations before you go out!!! ;0)

    Piannisima-I love the dark leafys too and don’t have trouble digesting them. There is hardly a fat issue there right?

  • Hey all!! Everyone seems to be doing great so far.

    Me too! Another day down for me. Today was much easier than yesterday – I think I was just too busy today to dwell on thoughts of food I can’t eat. :) I’m also getting a bit more used to eating the amount of food I need to each time too.

    2095 calories for me today – 6/86/8

    Is anyone starting to get a bit tired of sweet, “mushy” food? I find myself looking forward more and more towards my salads – especially when I put crunchy cucumber in them – just for a different taste and texture.

    Jackiev – I only had 4 bananas today. A lot of my calories came from oranges (4), watermelon (quarter melon), dates(4) and pineapple (half).

    Moth – Just have a salad and explain to your friend what you’re doing and why. I think after the 30 day trial, if I decide this way of eating is for me, I think I’d let myself have gourmet raw once in a while – maybe once a week. But for these 30 days – I’m being strict.

    Pia and Mar – I believe Dr. G. says those dark greens are okay, but not ideal – since they are harder to digest and they taste a bit bitter compared to romaine for example. I use chard, spinach and sometimes kale in my green smoothies, but I don’t really like them otherwise.

  • Hello everyone!! Day 4 I finally got to exercise a little, it is so important to move at least a little bit. On the days i dont do anything i get all snappy hahaha I posted my day 4 on my blog and so far i had no overt fats..I wasn’t really planning on not eating any fats but it kinda happened..Im too stuffed with bananas all the time ;) And I know for sure eating nuts will make me overeat and therefore go wayyy beyond those 10%..maybe i’ll have some overts AFTER those 30 days are up. We’ll see. Alright hope everyone is doing fantastic (looks like it)


  • Thanks for the advice el-bo and Greg. I do love my orange juice but for now I’m squeezing them by hand so I get pretty sick of it after 3. I prolly should go buy an electric citrus juicer and make my life a little bit easier. Bananas are just so cheap…2 organic mangoes and a pineapple come out to 10 bucks at my whole foods! Oh well, you can’t put a price on health right! haha

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    yep, el-bo, i just joined that group a few days ago. it would be great if others would join too!

    I am having alot of trouble falling asleep at night, which is very, very weird for me, so i posted about it over on veg source. I hope someone answers, as I am on my 2nd day of insufficient sleep and while I DO have energy throughout the day, this lack of sleep is taking it’s toll, and the morning is rough. And I can’t nap either—feel “wired”. Other than that, I am doing well, but that one thing is really affecting my day. As it says in the book “you are only as strong as your weakest link” and right now, this is hurting me!

  • El-bo, Thanks again for all the great links. It’s really helping me stay on track.

    I think the hardest thing for me about eating this way is the social aspect (lunch at work) and preparing alternative food for DH and kids.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    nycgrrl—are you getting enough calories? you said you were below the fat mark. you might want to get to it or a little above to even things out. fat makes me tired. i think that’s why we are meant to be having fat at night anyway, as the last part of the meal.

    mari-no, i was asking about dark greens because of the “would i be drawn to it” in the wild question, which seems to be graham’s main point. greg—thanks for clarifying that. i’m chopping up modest amounts of them for my salad.

    greg—watermelons! i have been eating one a day for two days. they have a lovely crunch, so i haven’t gotten tried of mush. =) plus, one watermelon is about 1,300+ calories.

    anyone else had a runny rose or started sneezing from the sugar? i did a little yesterday. i think it was because i didn’t exercise enough. thoughts?

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    pianissima-no, I am not getting enough calorie, but I am about 12% fat.Calorie-wise, about 1100 a day, but I AM trying to get it up! I can’t stomach more than 4 bananas a day yet so I am going to get some juiceing organges today, and I have a big watermelon being delivered too :)

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    fascinating article about athletes and carbohydrates in the New York Times this morning. Not directly related to raw, but there are some very interesting things about fruit and athletic performance. In addition, the article states that most adults need NO MORE than 10-15 g of protein a day. This is FASCINATING, because on this diet (811) I’ve been getting about 20 g a day, which is considered quite low. But clearly, it isn’t :)


  • thanks for the article, nnycgrrl

    here’s another blog…a guy who’s offered (very generously) to work with me daily to achieve optimum results from this….he has had a many days consulting doug and has attended many of the events that doug has held


    he picked up on me, joining ‘giveittomeraw’...great

    i’ll post the link to the blog, along with the others on the first thread

    have a good day

  • wow I did not realize 1 watermelon is 1300 calories! I could easily devour one myself…

    so today is my last day of work and the day I will mostly likely have SAD cakes and food etc around with the expectation I will eat it. My co-workers know I ‘eat like a rabbit’ in their words, but I know it will be pretty hard to weasle out tonight. But this was the day I had planned on so tomorrow is a new day. As far as today goes, I have a big green juice from whole foods, fresh pressed so at least I get lots of fruit and veggies in early. then a banana for a snack later and on into tonight.

    I will be back tomorrow though heading strong to july 1, and hopefully beyond!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback about my little situation on Saturday. I had an epiphany last night, because after exercising, my energy was still buzzing! The music was pumping, and before I knew it, my body was responding, and I couldn’t say no! It NEEDED to dance, it felt so light and expressive and needed to convey the drama of being through dance! It was sooo wonderful, and I’ve never felt “compelled by forces greater then myself” to dance before, and I believe it’s because of 811, all the clean, extra energy I’ve been having!

    So it was then and there I decided I will stick to 811 probably through the weekend, in honor of my vital energy. My main meal will be a salad and probably a raw juice. I feel like that’ll be yummy.

    Thanks again…if I do feel like something fatty or “treatlike” I’ll eat it, but right now I feel too awesome to consider weighing myself down, hehe.

    Pianissima: You’re evoking watermelon cravings in me again, ha. :-) Good to know how many cals are inside of one…Mmmm… Oh, and do you think your runny nose/sneezing might be detox from all the fresh fruit? That’s what happens to me I’ve noticed.

    NYCgrrl: good to know about the protein. Thanks for the info!

    el-bo: Thanks for that blog link! The more inspiration, the better.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    chicagomamma- yeah, weird huh?

    i used to think the same way about denying SAD food, but it’s really HOW you do it (it takes practice!). food for thought (haha): it inspires other people when you normalize your own diet, not when you make it out to be the twilight zone… cuz who wants to go there? =)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    oh, and COOL article. i sent it to my brother. (well-meaning carnivore, ugh!)

  • been slowly working my way through the archives of this blog


    really eye-opening stuff regarding type – 1 diabetes

    even more eye-opening is the amount this guy consumes…the above really is food for thought (pun intended)

    check his picture…now imagine him eating more than 2000 calories per meal…i’ve read some of his posts that he logs eating 23 bananas in one sitting

    you either believe he’s a freak of nature, or you believe that like many other 811rv folk, he has re-gained the elasticity of his stomach…this is about practice and burning fuel…not gluttony

    i look forward to the insights he shares with me in our ongoing communication


  • thanks….

    i signed up for that group after you posted last time (i’m sure it was you)

    i have to say, i don’t really understand how it works….there seems to be no central forum/hub…i just keep getting hit by tons of emails daily, most of which seem a little unconnected…i’m not able to follow the threads of conversations

    i am also in no position to contribute financially at the moment…this seems to be a pre-requisite…..this means i have to keep taking advantage of the free support from vegsource, other’s blogs and folk over at the give it to me raw 811 group (oh and not forgetting our new, special support group here :o) )...please don’t be offended….i’m sure there is a lot of worthwhile info available from the group…i recognise quite a few names (from the emails) of regular ‘vegsource’ posters

    i probably have completely mis-understood the workings of the group and how to tap into the info, or maybe it is just through email….i am a little curious about what is so special that it shouldn’t be made freely available…please don’t take offence, i’m just curious…

  • i should add that i’m not against making donations towards something like this that is helping others, with this important info, it’s just the monthly ‘subscription’ aspect that turned me off

    maybe if i wasn’t unemployed, i would have just done it without thinking….i’m too careless with money :o(



  • ran out of ‘ripe’ bananas…the ones i have just aren’t quite there yet

    so i ate dates….a lot of dates….not a binge…just one at a time…till satisfied….that took 50 dates :o)

    i suffered no bad effects from it, just good energy…..strange


    today was 2693 calories 88/4/8

    here’s a link to my daily chart



  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    well, i am going out to dinner with non-raw hub tonight to an organic but non-raw place downtown, so I don’t know how I will do, but I just made myself a huge banana peach strawberry smoothie so i don’t go crazy :)

    Oh, and I posted my pics over at give it to me raw if anyone wants to see the effects of raw for me: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/forum/topic/show?i…

  • I decided to start 811 today instead of putting it off. I am also on chapter four of the book and I’m really into it. Today I ate a quarter of a watermelon so far, probably ten cherries, and 1 pear. I am not hungry nor am I languid. It is SO humid here in Chicago I figured I would be wiped out just walking the 7 blocks to the lake shore but I was not. I came home a half hour ago and cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen and now I am paying bills and doing online stuff. It’s so hot out that I don’t have an appetite but I’ll probably have a kiwi and an apple at some points. I had made the ruby red burger and the pecan sundried tomato burgers with onion bread but I did not like it at all. I felt really terrible after I ate it and while my bf and I were on our nightly bike ride I was like, I don’t like dehydrated foods, they don’t DO anything for me and they hardly ever mock the taste of SAD food. That is truly the opinion of my taste buds and my stomach doesn’t like dehydrated food either. So, alas, I am going to do what feels best and that is fruit and tender greens. I love spring mix…Whole Foods has organic spring mix in a bin and it is so silky and tender, yeeeeah! Anyway—I hope everyone is having lots of success and energy!! Peace!!

  • Oh and I have a question: I am not that far into the book (80/10/10) yet but what is the situation on sprouts? I eat a lot of sprouts like broccoli, alfalfa, radish, spring mix sprouts, stuff like that. I usually eat like a cup a day…is it cool?

  • okapilookame…sorry for being so dumb…i’ve worked out how to get to the forum (doh !!) apologies again….i’ll have a look through and see if i can ‘commit’ to being a proper group member

    nycgrrl….great pics….but, no face….oh well…usually it’s the other way round :o)

  • nycgrrl OMG! I want your body!! :) :) do you know your body fat %?? I’m hoping for my body to look like that (I’m not overweight but really flabby and now because of the fruit really bloated). wow that just encourages me to workout more haha


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