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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Robby Barbaro, I have been following the 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle for over 16 months. I have consulted with Dr. Graham via email for over 90 days and spent over two months with him in person at three of his events. Health & Fitness Week 2007, his Fasting Internship in Costa Rica and his Walking Tour of Costa Rica this year.

    My blog is here: http://robertbarbaro.gaia.com/blog

    As much as I would love to answer everybody

  • Also, you can find my nutridiary.com screen shots here:


    All my best,


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Robby: thanks for dropping in! I would like to join that board, but I am eating my money as soon as it’s coming in, plus I am scheduled to go on vacation pretty soon and need every penny (and don’t own credit cards).

    Can anyone clarify something for me?

    You know when people say: “If you’re not getting enough fat in your diet, your body will cling to every bit of fat it already has and you won’t lose weight?”

    is there any truth to this statement?

    Is anyone experiencing weight loss with 811?

  • thanks robby….will definately consider my options with path of health

    day 6, everyone…...that’s all, for now…...


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Thanks Robby for all the great info. I will definitely check out the path of health!

    Moth, I don’t think that statement is truly correct. I do know fasting will change the metabolic rate and make the body store fat more easily, but I think steady food intake and vigorous exercise will reverse that over a little time. I retain a lot of fluid and I have dropped from somewhere between 128 and 130 to 124.5 this am. I am aiming for %BF between 13 and 15 and I will probably measure up this weekend to see where I am at. I have been eating this way since the week before Memorial Day but I just really started tracking on Nutridiary with this challenge. I can’t remember how much (if any) overt fat I was eating before the challenge started.

    I think I ate too much watermelon at lunch yeaterday but I ate it with buttercrunch lettuce and then nibbled carob and some almonds so it may have been food combining issues. It usually doesn’t bother me. The almonds sent me up to 18% fat for yesterday but I REALLY wanted them and all other days were well below 10% fat. So in ave I’m still good. I feel much better this am .I didn’t really eat dinner, just let that digest well and back to regular meals today. I noticed my weight lifting was much easier yesterday as was my stint on the elliptical. I stayed at 83-85 rpm and I usually struggle to stay 80. Good Day to all

  • Thanks Robby! I am waiting to be accepted. After my mess up with avocados three days ago, I have stuck to the 811 proportions perfectly since. I felt absolutely sick to my stomach the whole day after the avocados. I couldn’t even get out of bed I was so sick, so that taught me a lesson about that! Since then, I have eaten lightly, munching blueberries and a little watermelon and some peaches. I feel a lot better now. Glad to see everyone is doing well. Great pictures rawnyc!

    cheers, fruit child

  • how much does robbie’s thing cost? I will post more later, and also update my blog for the last 2 days, but wanted to share: I am down to 114.5 pounds from 119 at the start of this challenge!!! yay!!! my energy is amazing!

  • nycgrrl

    from what i can gather, the ‘path of health’ fee is a monthly $25, though i have to confirm this…i think for this you get access to a lot of info from long term 811’ers and day-by-day mentorship…..again, i could be wrong

    it’s really not much if that’s the case….i’m jobless at the moment, so it’s an issue, though he does say those who cannot afford it at this time, may still be accepted

    in his words :

    “the pathofhealth community does not exclude anyone”


  • thanks el-bo! gonna check it out.

  • yeah..i’ve been a member of the forum for a week or so…only just worked out how to access it properley

    i’ll look into it this weekend a little further, and if you discover any info, let us know


  • okay guys—posted about my last 2 days…onto day 6 WOOHOOO!!!!


    How’s everybody feeling??

  • nycgrrl checked out your pics and blogs. You look fantastic! (i live in nyc too with 2 kids (6 and 3) just wondering, are your kids eating raw?)

    I’ve been following 811 closely since sunday and I feel really good, but am also not sleeping well. I think it could be that I’ve been so busy and not able to exercise. I’m most surprised that I am not hungry all the time. I remember in the past when i did juice fasts I would be really spacy and light headed.

  • wow—our kids are just about the same age!! my kids turn 3 and 6 in a month (one bday in june, one in july)

    How cool that we have a lot in common—my kids are not raw, but they’ve been eating ALOT more fruit since I started this journey, and like my smoothies usually. They don’t like vegetables, but i sneak spinach in their smoothie and they’ll tolerate raw carrots. They both LOVE fruit, so that’s good. And they’re transitioning to a vegetarian diet, mostly (like 80%). The more they see me eat healthy, the more curious they seem to get!

    What about yours?

  • oh, and re not sleeping well—i wasn’t either! SO i posted about it on vegsource and was told two things: 1) eat more calories!! (i wasn’t eating enough) and 2) exercise more.

    I am eating more each day, up to about 1300-1500 so that’s good. And exercising in the late afternoon really helps.

  • re: not sleeping yeh, i’m averaging 1100 -1200 calories / day – probably not enough.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    definitely not enough. at the beginning of this thread el-bo posted a source for figuring out how many calories you need and how to track what you are eating. it was quite illuminating for me, because i thought i was going to have to eat a lot more than i have been. like, one watermelon is about half my days worth of calories. and even if i am not eating ANY fat i still get about 8% fat… there is a little bit of fat in everything i guess (or a lot of things any).

  • i just find i can’t eat more than 4-6 bananas a day (so far) and I am always running around with the kids, so I have to really plan my day.

  • actually i am using the cronometer which is great. In fact, i’m eating a lot in volume, but without the nuts and avocado, it doesn’t add up to enough.

  • just now i made a HUGE salad (romaine, tomatoes, zucchini, corn and tiny slice of avocado) – but it’s only 210 calories – so little!

  • mimo22…that’s why 811 get’s the reputation for being a fruit diet…..you do need to eat a lot of greens, but as you can see, they don’t give many calories for all their bulk

    you really need to look to fruit for all your main calories….the salad comes at the end, when you have reached your calorie quota…the greens are there really for what they give nutritionally and , though vital, they are not really eaten for fuel

    try fresh squeezed orange juice (make sure you add back fibre unless using a citrus juicer)...good calorie boost…....

    or bananas blended with water…i just had 5 bananas in mine, without any trouble

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    you aren’t eating salad for calories though. you are eating it because greens are the MOST important component of a raw diet. you could eat all your daily calories and still eat 3 bunches of romaine, a head of celery, and a lb of spinach! =) there are some that say you expend more calories eating these than you get from them. but that’s missing the point. if we were eating for calories alone we’d be better off eating some french fries.

    fruit is better for calories.

    i’m not a huge banana fan, so here are some other options: watermelon (12’’ X 7 1/2’‘): 1355.4 mango: 135 each pineapple: 425 each orange juice from 5 oranges (not very much juice!): 193.5

    bananas are only 105 each, so i’d personally rather indulge in mangoes.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i guess we posted simultaneously there. =)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    okapiloo—cool. if you have a space, feel free to add me. =)

  • hey everyone!

    So I survived my SAD day alright. Made choices as I could, often going for the “lesser of many evils.” But now it is back on track. I had a big melon today that I can’t figure out what it was. I bought it at a farmers market. It tasted like cantelope and was the same color inside, but green and striped on the outside—anyone know?

    I am in the process of moving and DH wants to “eat up” all the stuff we don’t want to bring. It is tough in that respect, I hate throwing food out. But I have much SAD food to dispose of. I am hoping to give some to friends who can use it.

    As far as fruit goes, I had the best salad the other day. A big bunch of romaine and spinich and cucumber with about 2 cups of fresh pineapple as the center. It went so well together that I think fruit salads in that respect will be a staple for me. Just wanted to share that, as I know it helped to give more calories to my day.

  • pianissima

    yes….mere nanoseconds :o)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i just wanted to add that i think it’s funny that we are all here trying to figure out how to get MORE calories. not a typical concern in our society!

  • I love the idea of pineapple with salad.

    re: calories from fruit thanks for suggestions – i don’t love bananas, but i’ll try them in smoothie.

    Over the years I have struggled to lose weight so it is strange now to try to increase my calories. i’m trying to just eat when i’m hungry and not force it.

  • hey guys…just wanted to thank you all for the never ending advice! It’s weird to me that not eating enough is leading to less sleep. I’ve been pretty tired and thought it was because of that…

    I love fruit with salad! I’ve been putting ripe mango on mine and it makes this yummy creamy dressing when you mix it all up…definitely helps with the cals too even though I’m still averaging below what I need – never had that problem before! I’ll be on the road for most of the weekend…I packed a bunch fruit and can always go to the store wherever I may be. Wish me luck!!

  • hey everybody.. this is my first post. i’ve been reading this very interesting thread and learning so much from it until i get my 811 book (in a few days , i hope..)

    i just have one question, please. how do you know how many calories you should be eating everyday? according to the result of your BMR? the number that came out is how many calories?

    thanks and good luck to all of you..

  • hey everybody.. this is my first post. i’ve been reading this very interesting thread and learning so much from it until i get my 811 book (in a few days , i hope..)

    i just have one question, please. how do you know how many calories you should be eating everyday? according to the result of your BMR? the number that came out is how many calories?

    thanks and good luck to all of you..

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