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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • your bmr will give you the rough amount of calories per day AT REST i.e even if you stayed in bed all day, your body would need X amount of calories….

    you then need to factor in extra calories for daily activity….

    it involves eating a lot of fruit, such that you need to practice consuming more….

  • end of day 6 everyone! how’s everyone doing? Today I had a good workout—actually did 20 pushups, which I haven’t been able to do in forever.

    I also ate a bit more fat—a celery soup with some olive oil and avocado—so my stats ended at 74-7-19. However, I DID manage to get 1500 calories in me today, more than any other day. What I am learning during this challenge is wonderful—it’s really making me pay closer attention to what I eat, rather than a “if it’s raw it’s good—eat it!” attitude. I do think following this challenge that my proportions will tend more towards 70-10-20, but it’s all good. I never would have even paid attention to the numbers if I hadn’t been doing this challenge :)

    And as I mentioned, I dropped to 114.5 lbs from 119 at the start of the challenge. Will blog tonight or tomorrow morning about it :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey! I’m doing very well. It’s interesting the “lack of sleep” thing came up, because I actually have not been getting more then 4 hours sleep every night since the challenge began and even before; sometimes as little as 2 hours. The thing is: I have LOADS of energy! It seems I cannot stop moving, even for a second. I’m hyper and spastic and feel perfectly fine most of the time. The energy I’m experiencing is just unreal. Of course if I can sleep in late, I will; but I have such a hard time settling myself down for the night that I just stay up and keep going and going…

    One thing I think might help: I wonder if I’m eating too late in the night. I eat pretty late and I’ve been reading it’s healthier for the body to stop eating at around 6pm, or something? Maybe that’ll help my energy relax enough for me to get more then 4 hours a night, ha.

    So I haven’t been measuring my calories today. I just eat whenever I’m hungry. I HAVE been getting the “bottomless pit” syndrome, where I feel I cannot quite be satisfied; after I eat something I want to eat again in 30 minutes or so, etc., but it might be that I’m not eating enough. I’ve just been kinda winging it today. I DID eat a whole head of romaine, just plain! The leaves taste great on their own. Plus I’ve been eating a ton of bananas, cherry tomatoes, and dates. Been craving those things lately.

    I’ve been noticing that I chew my food so much more then I used to, keeping in accordance with “digestion starts in the mouth.”

    hope everyone is doing well!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Doing great so far. I definitely feel better eating a lot of greens. I had a salad and used a bit of olive oil (95 cal worth) and ended up at 15 fat because of the greens being higher fat. Greens were 7 of my calories. Nutridiry is great and I’ve weighed most everything so I should be very close on intake. Karninale, if you go to nutridiary .com and enter some stats, it will give you a rough estimate of your BMR. It is really weird making sure I’m eating enough when for years I have ruthlessly restricted myself! I definitely don’t have any problem with stuffing myself!LOL. I got a good walk in and felt really good. Muscle pain that is just always there and sometimes intense enough to bother me (high hamstring area, spinal muscles) is noticeably better today. Hopefully I will be able to start some real progress on my flexibility. I am trying to join the path of health site but I am not very internet savvy so hopefully this works!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    It didn’t print the percents, so that’s 15 percent fat and 7 percent calories from greens

  • Hey everyone! yay, we made it to day 6 :) The only concern for me is not not getting enough calories anymore, but getting enough greens. I didn’t have any today nor did I have them couple days ago. I gotta focus on that now. Good luck everyone! http://www.naturallyfruity.blogspot.com

  • Hi I am using this 30 day challenge to wean off of anti-depressants which I have been taking for almost 20 years, on and off. I was concerned about the low fat of this diet, as my dh reminded me “low fat can contribute to depression.” SO i did a little research on this to refresh myself on the nutrition courses I took long ago.

    It is not fat persay that helps depression, but rather Omega 3 fatty acids.As you probably know, most americans eat tons of omega 6 but not omega 3 (the book talks about this). I am thinking this diet is helping with that ratio, but unfortunately nutridiary does not calculate omega 3 intake. Does cronometer? If so, can someone who is using that tell me what their omega 3 looks like on this diet?

    In any case, I am adding a tablespoon of ground flax seed to my morning smoothie to help with my detox off of meds.

    What’s interesting is that walnuts are the second highest source of Omega 3’s and when I went raw, i was cravingi LOTS of walnuts—and I had never given them a second thought.

    Anyway, for those of you who might have depression issues, please research this issue too—it’s really interesting, and I will let you all know how it goes. 20 years of meds are hard to detox from! I have had a few moments of anger (that’s how my depression manifests) which is why I did all this research this morning—I hope it helps someone out there who might also have experienced symptoms of depression.


    eta: just downloaded cronometer, and it does calculate omega 3, so I am going to use both nutridiary and cronometer together for a while ( i like nutridiary as i am going to be travelling a bit, and I can use any computer for it)

    In my research about flax seed vs fish oil, I found this article on a website called supplementquality.com Seems to be a consumer-oriented, non profit organization (so unbiased) Keep in mind, however, that this site seems geared towards SUPPLEMENTS which obviously we don’t take. But of course, whole flax seed or ground flax seed is a great alternative.

    Flax seed oil contains an omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is one of two fatty acids that the body needs and cannot make for itself. Several other sources of ALA do exist, most notably walnuts and hemp seed. Omega-3s are needed by every cell in the body. Among other things, an ample supply helps ensure that cell membranes stay flexible so that cells can get nutrients easily.

    The body can use ALA to make all the other omega-3 fatty acids that it needs, including both EPA and DHA. Thus, if you get enough ALA, you don

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I love this eating plan! It makes perfect sense! I received the 811 book yesterday. The menu of the retreat I’ve organized, “Women and Emotional Eating” will be based on 811. I’ve posted details of the retreat on this site!

  • thanks for the article

    depression is a complex issue….i’ve had my share…have used meds a couple of periods in my life and i NEVER would again….

    i think cronometer is cool…remember when using this not to get obsessed with everything having to be 100% all the time

    i think the raw diet will help…i think the 811 may help further…flax seeds is cool, just don’t o.d them…

    i hope all works out well for ya


    day 7

    forgot to post yesterdays stats

    1970 cals 93/4/3

    bought me a blender today…i’ve been having real problems with greens for a few days now…...the last time i managed to get my daily quota (500g) i blended with orange juice…it was a horrible sludge consistencey because i made it with a hand/stick blender…i had to force it down….and i’ve been having trouble going there again ….

    i don’t want to start getting into the mentality of forcing myself to eat something for health benefits if i hate it…destined to stumble and fall

    i’m in no position to buy a vitamix, so i bought a cool philips blender….1.5 litre glass jug….650 watts….i know it’s not got ‘horsepower’ but i just had 1.5 litres of the creamiest smoothie (perfectly blended)...just chopped the lettuce coarsely first, added water (way too much) and 5 bananas…...i’m stuffed :o) perfect

    today has been a happy day…as of this morning i’m down 15 pounds (woot) and my skin feels incredible (creamy smooth)

    had a nice walk and plan to do some yoga and meditste this evening…

    have a good day everyone

  • Wow! you’re doing great elbo :)

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    indeed, props to el-bo. solid work.

    ok, so i am back. i finished reading graham’s book and can say its very well put together and i agreed with much of it. my girlfriend makes fun of me for starting or ending many of my sentences with “when we were monkeys,” so i liked that he is just kicking back the human diet about a million years or so.

    anyway, we finished up most of the avos, so i am now on board. from 30 days here on out and then we’ll see where that takes us.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    when we were monkeys. haha. =)

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i stopped losing weight so i am on board. i have an account on fitday.com to see how much fat is in my meals. wow! i was shocked! otherwise, i am ok on the protein/carbs ratio. i suppose if i don’t have much more fat for the rest of the day i will be fine.

    ideas for salad dressing that is fat-free? i will look in the recipes too.

  • bitt…it would be helpful to you to get hold of the book as soon as possible, just to give you the theory behind what you’re trying to do

    there are some good links in the first post of this thread, if you haven’t already checked them out


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys, just got back from the raw restaurant and need some…I don’t know. Something!

    Basically, I enjoyed myself. What a novel experience. All the waitresses were glowing and looked very healthy. I felt like I was “in my own crowd,” if that makes any sense, like people understood me. I had a green juice with apple, celery, parsley, and lime, and a wheatgrass shot. Then I ordered a salad, but my friend urged me to get something else, and I caved and got both the salad and some raw spring rolls made with a coconut-flax tortilla. I dipped it in some sort of sweet dark sauce. It was good going down.

    But here’s the thing: I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE I WAS EATING RAW FOOD.

    I am NOT USED to having raw food prepared like that. After we left, I started to get stomach cramps, and felt all…FUNNY. I didn’t feel like myself. My throat started to feel phlemmy and swollen and sore. And of course, these physical symptoms regarding what I ate triggered the emotional side. Basically; ugh. I don’t feel too great. I feel icky. :-(

    I’ve NEVER BEEN soooo happy to return to my luscious fruits, already prepared for me by nature.

    What a learning experience. But is there anything I can do to make myself feel better? I feel not so good. Should I begin a fast?

  • MOTH…...

    that’s quite a reaction….do you have any idea what ingredients caused it, or do you think it was just all of the things combined giving you digestive stress ? sweet dark sauce brings to mind – plum sauce that you get served in chinese restaurants, full of msg and guaranteed to give your body problems…but a raw restaurant surely wouldn’t use something so unhealthy….or would they??

    anyways, i would steer clear of eating for a few hours at least…especially fruit…fasting might be a bit extreme, but it depends how you feel..

    i think the rest you’ve given your digestive system and with all the good you’ve been doing, that your body will be well fortified to deal with this


    grab a couple of dvd’s and relax…..


    drink a LOT of water

    hope you recover soon

    i guess you can just put it down to experience

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    el-bo – I think there was agave in the sauce…not technically raw. The dehydrated food just didn’t sit right with me AT ALL.

    Lesson learned…thanks for the sympathetic ear!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    elbo- that danger (if you can call it that) or being raw is that you become SO SO clean that little things that would not normally make other people sick (like a little soy sauce) are going to affect you like never before. eliminating fat from our diet makes that sensitivity even more acute.

    the good news is that we also heal faster (as long as the “poison” wasn’t like arsenic).

    i’d eat LOTS and LOTs of greens, or give your body and break and don’t eat anything.

    bitt—salad dressing ideas: - squeeze of orange and squeeze of lemon - blended tomato and celery with a little water - if you add zucchini to any sauce it should make it super creamy

  • found 3 more high-fruit, low-fat blogs




    i’ll add them to the first post


  • so I’ve definitely still got some resistance to this diet. I am staying pretty close, but still having a bit of olive oil and balsamic. Just can’t not have it right now. I did buy a case of bananas but looking at all of them kind of freaks me out—I mean, that’s ALOT of bananas to eat—and quickly, before they go bad. I already put some in the freezer. I sometimes catch myself thinking about some other, still-raw-but-not-811 foods that I want to eat.

    What would you do?

  • well….

    if it’s still raw, and you only have them occasionally, there should not be much problem

    you want your fat to average out over a period (e.g 1 week)///if you can eat these things and avoid overeating fats, then it is your choice

    i would say that you’ve kicked it up a little in terms of cleanliness and simplicity of diet and, just like MOTH’s experience above, these things may not ‘sit’ very well with you after eating

    you have already noticed great benefits but i feel you are still undereating calories….i could get through that case of bananas in 5 days, quite easily….you may need to practice eating more…..this is the biggest reason anyone fails on a diet, raw or otherwise…...

    i’m having cravings for cooked food, but i’m aware that this is psychological…..something in me doesn’t want to let me continue feeling this good…..days are much longer when you become more aware and can’t use food to blunt the awareness…..i realise how much is involved in the thinking of, and the buying of, and the cooking of food that equates with entertainment, enjoyment etc

    one of my flatmates had a barbecue today….afterwards he offered me a sausage….he has no idea what i’ve been doing for the last week cos he’s not around much and i don’t wanna make a big deal about it….anyway…this sausage has been sitting on a plate in the kitchen for hours now….i’ve actually spent a lot of time looking at it…..it doesn’t disgust me like i would hope…..i have pictured myself many times in the last few hours , devouring it….the image is not of calmly eating but just really devouring it….i know it would burst with crazy flavour and i’d enjoy it probably more than anything i’ve eaten this past 7 days….i also know how it would feel less than a minute later, the rest of the night and into tomorrow also….

    eating the sausage would be for many reasons, NONE of them would be for hunger…if i did eat it and there were 10 sausages on the plate, i know i’d eat all of them…this indicates to me what this food represents….what i might USE it for

    such a penalty for one minute of pleasure…..if i even get that….the smell of it and the look of it bring back memories of texture and taste, but now with cleaner body, senses and taste buds, this THING would be just horrible…over greasy, over salty….and just too much like dead animal :o(

    i wish it disgusted me….everything it represents disgusts me but food like this is designed to make you want it, regardless of morals and conscience….over salted/spiced ‘food’ stirring false appetites/cravings….drug foods, don’t you just love ‘em


    a bit of a diversion there, but just wanted to let you know what i’ve been fighting with for the last few hours

    to get back to your question….it’s your decision….examine your motives, then eat whatever you want…none of it is gonna be as bad as what i THINK i want

    remember…it’s your challenge….30 days….

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    this may seem like blasphemy, but i have to say: i really don’t think this is the right transition diet. i just don’t. until you can give up emotional attachment to food (even raw), then you should be kind to yourself and indulge certain cravings (within reason) if they get out of control.

    the reason i would shirk away from 8/1/1 in transition is that if you do revert back to even a standard raw meal (like moth exemplified for us) without gradually easing yourself back into, you will have a body that is simply too clean to go back.

    don’t spend time giving everything away at your house if you are going to be repurchasing certain items. better to gradually let go, and be comfortable with the minimalism when you get there.

  • well, el-bo—today i ate 10 bananas and I am constipated :( This stinks. I am otherwise doing well, my energy is good, I haven’t taken anti-depressants in 8 days (wow) and I am exercising 4x a week or so.

    I don’t think I have an emotional attachment to food, particularly. Ok, just writing that sounds ridiculous. Of course, I do. Everyone does. And you know what, I don’t think ‘attachments” are that bad. Addictions are bad. But just because the thought of the apple crumb pie my mom used to make for Thanksgiving makes my mouth water doesn’t mean I am “addicted” to it. It means I am human, and there are emotional connections to food, and to all sorts of things—smells, places, books, clothes…and I think it’s all good. That’s what makes us human. The problem comes when this attachment becomes addiction: it flips from a pleasure thing into a “I gotta have and have it now” sort of mentality. Like for me, pizza is easy to not want—I have no particular associations with it—it just is like a big bomb of cheese and grease. But olives and cheese and a nice glass of wine? Oh, it brings back fond memories of my honeymoon in Italy, sitting with my DH for hours in a enoteca, doing crosswords…and that’s a good thing. I would be horrified if I thought I would never eat those foods again EVER. Do I want them right now? Nope. Will I want them when we go to Italy next year for a vacation with my kids? Probably. And I will indulge—modestly. And then, when I get back home I will resume my raw diet with pleasure and joy.

  • pianissima

    i wouldn’t worry for my sake ( i’m not sure who you’re addressing)

    i’ve just been testing myself….i’m fine….just becoming very aware of what food has always represented to me…it’s enlightening….i don’t have an emotional attatchment to food…i have an emotioanal attatchment to not feeling emotions…food is being cooked in my flat, day in, day out and this is the first time in the last week that i’ve given it more than a second thought…

    i have developed much awareness of myself , over the past few years, through vipassana meditaion…this diet is the best thing i could do to actually break any physical attatchment i may have

    all’s well

    i know from bad experience what happens when re-toxing too fast….i aint going out like that…

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i don’t think i am ready yet. i caved and ate a raw revolution bar. i was pretty lightheaded and dizzy. i just can’t figure out how to get enough calories without eating nuts. i’m also going to the raw restuarant tonight and i wanna eat yummy stuff!

  • LOL Bitt. I caved a little too and had a piece of manna bread with a bit of avo. It’s all good :) I am still transitioning and probably always will be! Don’t think of it as “caved”. Think of it as “doing something different” for a little while!

    My stats for the week thus far are: 75-7-16

    So not 80-10-10 at all. But I am trying, and learning, and enjoying myself!

  • Day 7 everyone :) el-bo I know exactly how you felt looking at that sausage hahha that’s how I feel when I look at nuts. I know it’s ok to eat a few nuts on 811 but.. it wouldn’t be few for me so I need to wait it out until I know for sure I won’t devour it like a monster the moment I do get to indulge a little. I’m hoping to do 30 days of no overt and see how I react to it after 30 days. So far so good :) The key thing for me for success if to detach myself from thinking about food. Don’t make a huge deal out of it. Eat a lot of one fruit until you’re sick of it and wait till you’re ready for another round :)

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    how do you guys shop? i usually shop for the cheapest stuff but then if i don’t buy what i am craving i go back later and get it. how often are you at the store?

  • It is really eye-opening for me to see how much fat and protein accumulates with just fruit and vegetables—excluding avocados of course! I don’t find it hard to keep my calories up at all though, as I love big quantities of bananas, dates and oranges.

    as far as shopping goes, I am trying to be more on a budget to, so for now that means big bags of citrus and plenty of bananas. I keep wanting young coconuts, but am trying to keep them at bay.

  • bitt…. i doubt that the raw revolution bar put your fat hugely over (for the week)...it’s not optimum, but if it fits within the ratios then there’s no real problem…you really need to get the book…you will see that fat is the enemy here….

    you also cited weight loss as the reason for starting this….it’s is very easy to get your calories without nuts, but it takes a change in thinking and a little practice…eating too little will create all sorts of problems and imabalance as your body recieves differing messages about food quantitiy…we are looking to eat high and burn high….

    dr.d talks about ‘earning’ your calories through exercise…increasing your activity will increase your hunger and ability to eat larger quantities of fruit will increase….the eating and burning process will also become more efficient

    like chicagomama, my main calorie ‘big hitters’ are bananas, oranges and dates

    we want higher calories, but getting them from fat is less efficient…you need to get most of your calories from sweet fruit, then add a good quantity of greens (see the book) and then add a LITTLE overt fat (if you feel the need)

    as far as shopping…as and when i need…bananas are the only thing that require a little planning…they are my staple and i have to keep a good rotation of them at varying stages of ripeness to make sure that as and when i need them they are perfectly ripe…for example i may buy enough bananas to last a week, then 3 days later i’ll buy more just to keep it rolling…if i finish the 1st batch and then buy more i could be without bananas for days (the horror)


    day 8….this challenge has just started to hit a groove for me…starting to feel like i never did anything else, though it only takes a brief glance in the mirror to remember just how long i’ve been doing EVERYTHING else

    my stats for yesterday

    1920 calories 85/5/10

    have a good day

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