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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • sorry to see you go

    i’d say it’s just another round of detox

    the majority of your posts show such benefits that i don’t see what you will go back to that will improve on them….

    you already say that you don’t do the gourmet thing so you really will be adding more veggies….how is this contra to 811…also green juices…by all means include them….though not ‘optimal’ there is still room for them in what are these early stages of 811…you are still eating loads of good fibre in your day for this not to caiuse problems and the fact that it’s green juice will differ from the sugar spike problems associated with juicing fruit

    please understand that i say all of this with the greatest respect as i do your decision to stop for a while…as i do when quoting the next pragraph from your message (please don’t take offence :o) )

    “yesterday and the day before i felt like a huge ball of gas and my face is breaking out. this is not a good sign, from what i know about the colon. i am auto-intoxicating, releasing too much at a rate my colon cannot deal with and it

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m having pretty impressive breakouts myself during this experiment. I’m using tea-tree oil to help them go away faster. Also green juices seem like they would be highly complimentary to this way of eating. For me, I find that the most important thing is “no overt fat,” and then I have been allowing myself other stuff (like herbs and the occasional hot pepper) and still feel like I’m doing 811. I do occasionally crave some pumpkin seed or avocado, but I’ll see how I feel at the end of the month before I choose to eat any.

    Pianissima – you’re awesome; you are a lovely person and very supportive and informative for me throughout this challenge. Gotta go with what works! I hear you on that.

    Is there any food or special herb that can assist the colon? I don’t want to do a colonic but I’m enjoying the rapid rate of detox too.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    thank you moth. =)

  • :o)

  • Hey all0 just stopping by to say hi-i have been reading the thread with interest! I am right now eating low fat, around 15 percent or so, but I am incorporating a small amt of cooked food into my diet—some quinoa and legumes, just a small amount. I am not 100% sure how i feel about this. i do think i want to include a little, but i mean LITTLE, like 3-4 times a week a small serving. I feel light and happy on raw, but for me to make it work long term, i am gearing myself towards 80% raw.

    anyway, that’s not on topic at all, i just wanted to share what I am going through.

  • day 15…half-way mark…ooooh, exciting

    hope everyones doin’ good….i’m back after my little water fasting adventure

    have stirred a little excitement over at giveittomeraw for next months july 31-day challenge (a bonus day…at no extra cost)...i’m pretty sure i’m gonna keep it here at goneraw, but we’ll see….15 days is a long time

    have a good day, everybody

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I really appreciate all of these posts. I’ve been breaking out all over the place too and that is highly unusual for me. I’ve also developed a nasty case of strep throat which I have not had for about three years. My weight has not dropped at all either ( 1 lb only altho’ I don’t have much to lose to start with…) Despite these negatives my elimination has been the best ever in my life and on the whole I’ve felt pretty good. So as an experiment this is very intriguing to say the least. I’m going to stick with it for the time being. Maybe once the strep is gone I’ll feel more optimistic. Strep is my mortal enemy. ;0(

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! Well, I survived the visit with my parents completely 811 rv. They harped on me constantly, asked me the protein question a thousand times, kept trying to get me to eat yogurt and pizza and cheesecake and argued with me nonstop that I could live on fruit despite the fact that I ate salad around them all the time. At the restaurant they kept trying to order food for me and just being generally disrespectful. It was difficult to bear. I really had to stick with my guns. Luckily I brought a ton of apples with me when we roamed around Boston so I was never hungry. Then the next day my dad informed me that he spent the entire night researching raw veganism on the internet and gave me a list of everything I was doing wrong.

    I was like, “uhh hello?! I’ve been doing this for six months now! I think I’m getting the hang of it without your help.”

    I really can’t believe I was ejected from their loins.

    Anyway, they’re gone now. They did do something really nice for me: They took me to the Whole Foods where I work and paid for about $200 of fresh fruit and veg on my behalf. Yay! That made me super-happy. It proves to me that they mean well. I’m eating a bunch of raspberries right now.

    I’m feeling pretty tired today, probably from all the parental drama. Breakouts seem to be easing up, but I feel bloated, which I think is from eating raw broccoli last night. (at my mom’s insistence) I do feel like I wanna just curl up in bed all day reading a book, but I gotta work in a few hours.

    It’ll be great to get back to “regular life,” without my parents around, heh. I am sooo into fruit right now after eating all those undressed salads this weekend.

  • what a trial, MOTH…good that you are done with that…you’re definately an inspiration

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    Hello all. :) In agreement with el-bo, the body will never do anything to intentionally harm or destroy itself. It is most complex and highly intelligent. I encourage anyone who is concerned about breakouts or how they are generally feeling on 811rv to check out the following website. Read it in its entirety if you have not already. It will bring you comfort and explain what is happening inside and outside of you.


    Peace, Love and Harmony,


  • nycgrrl…you know i don’t really understand why you left us in the first place….15% fat isn’t CRAZY high, especially if you have in mind to eventually reduce it…

    also, you’ve read the book…you seem to agree with the idea (as do i) that a little whole, vegan cooked food (pref. not grains) will serve you better than eating high fat raw….i always find it strange that some folk are willing to accept nutritional science when it explains to us about digestive leucosytosis, but the same raw folk are happy to inhale avocados all day long because they refuse to accept the same nutritional scientists explaining the detrimental effects of too much fat in the diet (yes even the , so-called ‘good’ fats)...the arguments against both are just as compelling, and the effects may be just as destructive

    ....i’m pretty sure you agree with the concept of 811rv otherwise you wouldn’t have attempted it in the first place…that you are having trouble going straight into it 100% to the letter is also understandable…rome wasn’t built in a day etc, etc….the adjustments you have made to the diet are with a long term view in mind…..

    i’m also having trouble going from SAD (really SAD) to 100% (to the letter) 811rv..if this were the kind of thing that came easy to me, i never would have found myself to be 130 pounds overweight…it’s hard, but i’m getting there…i have also given myself permission to eat a little cooked food if i feel i need to (for whatever reason)...high fat isn’t even in my vocabulary anymore….i just have to be careful to try to keep it vegan, gluten-free and well combined….the odd cooked veg accompaniment to salad or plain baked potato may be all it takes to keep me on the path….unlike you, i don’t want to equate it into my week (x amount of times etc), just for the fact that it will then become too easy for it to dominate and lose all focus…but i would be happy to lose 1 meal a week to cooked vegan

    if you keep this going and still eat high fruit for calories i’d be willing to bet that in time you just wouldn’t enjoy eating the cooked anymore…just like MOTH with her spices being a little harder to enjoy and tolerate…if she were having trouble ditching the spices, then it would be perfectly acceptable for her to include them if it kept her on the low-fat, high-fruit path

    what graham sets out in his book is his interpretation of a lot of nutritional science combined with the principals of natural hygiene….he presents the ideas of what is optimum on this diet….optimum is a while off…there are many stages of good, better, even better, pretty damned excellent etc. before we reach optimum…

    let’s just keep walking, occasionally stopping to admire the view while we wait for people who have fallen on the way, to catch up

    onwards….to mordor



  • MOTH….couldn’t let this one slip by….it really made me laugh out loud…sorry if that was not your intention…


    “I really can

  • dave…..thanks, man…really appreciate you poppin’ by….

    okapilookame….thanks again

    you are both welcome any time…any tips/advice, just shoot it all our way…no pressure

    thanks again

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Okapilookame – I practically live in Boston – only about 10 minutes away. Recently I have realized that it is time I get some in-life support from other raw vegans. My friends support me being raw, and they eat lots of raw food, but they don’t commit to it like I do and sometimes I need someone who “understands.” I know there are meets and whatnot in the Boston area and I am going to start going to those. If there is anyway you could link me with that person you speak of, please let me know; I would love to connect with other raw vegans (and particularly 811 rv) in the area.

    Seize – thanks for that link…it is much appreciated.

    el-bo – Thanks. It was really a difficult time. Now that my parents are gone I find I am craving some of the stuff they were eating, weirdly enough. I guess because I am still “detoxing” from their visit and releasing psychic pressure. I’m just trying to eat as many calories as possible so that I don’t end up thinking I can eat pizza w/goat cheese, which is what I am craving. I haven’t had it in over a year. And my body is telling me, “you KNOW that I will not be happy if you put that into me,” and it is right. So I’m filling up on watermelon now, reading some literature, just trying to relax. Today I don’t feel as strong as I have been; I feel pretty kinda…blah. But I have my head up and I’m gonna keep going. If worse comes to worse, I will eat a raw vegan pizza, but I’d rather not. :-) I will focus on my fruit and trust in my body…

    I’ve pretty much abstained from all spice for these fifteen days. Only twice have I sampled spice, and each time I was left with literally a ‘bad taste in my mouth.’

    What a journey, eh?

  • day 16…..have a good one

    smoothie time :o)

    it doesn’t seem like many folk are with us now…..oh well…there seems to be some interest in the july challenge

    have a good day

  • who’s still here ??

    day 16….is everybody beat????

    moth’s fasting…deborahann tends to pop in every few days…marichiesa seems to be here….pianissima’s gone…so, it seems, has rawK…even naturally fruity missed her blog yesterday (who knows)

    so…roll call….who’s still in ????

    there has been some interest in july’s challenge, and we seem to be getting a lot of hit’s from silent lurkers on a daily basis…maybe these lurkers wanna ‘put up’ for next month

    spending the day arguing on another raw forum about the merits of being 100% raw (how bizarre) has re-affirmed my commitment to that goal….i have let it slip recently, due to undereating….

    i got too attatched to my rapid weightloss and tried to maintain a larger calorie defecit than i should have done…..at the same time i stopped posting my daily nutrition charts…i have also been pretty much living on bananas…..the combination of these 3 things left me flirting with cooked food again (as reported).....

    i will start tomorrow with the same force as i did for the first 10 days, and keep a close daily record to make myself more accountable…...

    this is definately a difficult thing to do…..but it will get easier….by septembers 30 day challenge it will come naturally :o)

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    I’m still in! ;)

  • i’m still here… although i was a late starter. definitely had a higher than normal fat count yesterday with father’s day… whew. but i’m trying to make up for that today. have a big fresh salad for lunch, a few oranges, and will be whipping up some cabbage and green/red pepper salad for dinner tonight. not sure what sort of fat i’ll throw in there, but i’ll keep it light. hope to stick with this until the end of the month.

  • good man…sorry i didn’t namecheck ya…didn’t think you were joining us in that sense

    peace, my good man

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey el-bo – my fast didn’t last. I made it to 12 hours, saw that my bananas were getting to be that perfect brown speckled ripeness, and I promptly ate three of them.

    Now throughout the day, (at work right now) I am eating apples. I will need to eat some greens when I get home, as I am having some moodiness, disorientation and a headache. My cravings for cooked food have been more intense then ever the past 24 hours or so, and that’s crazy because in all my time of being raw, I hardly craved anything except raw. I figure I am going through more detox, mentally and physically. Being 100% raw is a priority for me, so I will eat an overt fat like an avocado rather then obeying cravings that do not have the best interest of health in mind. However, I think I have not had enough calories yet today, so when I get home I am going to eat a huge salad and then feast on watermelon the rest of the night.

    I don’t have any cravings if I keep those calories up, that’s for sure.

    I wanted to work on not eating later then 8pm (I go to bed late) but I’m not sure that’ll happen today. :-) I’m a grazer. I usually try to cut myself off at 12am. Right now, just sticking to 811 rv, no matter what, is important to me because I want to see the benefits of this. I want this to be a real experiment and I will soldier through all these…unsettling stages I seem to be going through. Despite my headache and moodiness, I practically leapt out of bed this morning, energy zinging, and couldn’t help but start to dance around.

    I know I’m “in the thick of it” right now and that major changes are going for my body. I can respect that.

  • hey elbo – i’m still in. i’ve been sticking to 811, but it’s getting a little harder. i feel pretty good, but sometimes i have moments of spaciness and low energy. I haven’t been able to exercise that much, but i’m sure that would help. i find that reading (books, blogs, etc) is really supportive – no one around me is eating raw. at the moment i’m reading ‘The Myth of Medicine’ by Herbert Shelton – i definitely recommend it.

  • you are truly the shining light of this challenge….i really hope you’re here in july also


  • maihio and mimo 22 …..sorry to have missed you both, and i’m really glad you’re both here

    i’m gonna try and read more about natural hygiene at some point in the future, when i can afford to

    the rawfood explained link from dave is a great free resource


    see you later

  • thanks elbo. I live across the street from a library and have been reserving every raw food book they have in nyc. :o)

  • hey el-bo you know, it’s funny. I basically agree with the principles of 811. what i don’t agree with, if I am being honest, is eating that much fruit. For ME, I mean. I want to try and achieve those proportions, or something close to it, by eating more greens, and maybe maybe maybe some cooked grains (I am still unsure about this).

    I think i would be more likely to do 70-10-20 long term. That’s where I am at now. I am eating more greens, which I crave, and less fruit than i was at the beginning of the challenge. But as for eating 20 bananas a day, mono mealing for days on end? it’s just not where i’m at.

    thank you for being ‘on’ me, thinking of me, and your insightful posts.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I’m still in. But I ate rather a lot of pineapple and it wasn’t ripe enough so my mouth/tongue is crazy sore. I feel like a spaz.

  • you don’t need to eat 20 bananas a day or mono meal all the time..i’ve just been doing that to try and aid digestion…but believe me, i’ve discovered i want variety…i want watermelon, kiwi,strawberry, apples, persimmom, papaya, mango, oranges, figs…man i’m getting excited

    as far as cooked….grains is not great, but if you really wanna

    here’s a list of cooked foods that you might include, from worst to best

    meat > fish > dairy > wheat products > grains > legumes (beans, lentils etc) > quinoa > potatoes > cooked veg > steamed veg

    take from this what you will…some people may swap around a couple of items, but it’s just a rough guide based on all of the info i’ve distilled over the years…

    if i now eat any cooked food, it will be from no lower on this list than potatoes, but you may feel different

    remember try it and see what works best for you

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys,

    When I went home I was feeling so low I made a gignormous salad with baby greens. A huge salad. I put a bunch of stuff on it, like soaked sundried tomatoes, cucumber, chopped dates and parsley. I added some spring onion, too…it’s kinda a “comfort food” for me and I love the taste of them. They taste even stronger since I’ve been 811 and haven’t had them in weeks. Then I drizzled fresh tangelo juice and lemon over it, mixed it up and DEVOURED like a starving person. It was SOOO GOOD. Then after I finished that gigantic salad, I realized I was still hungry, so I made another one, just as big.

    At the end of that salad feast, I felt soo much better and so satisfied. I feel more stabilized. I love fruit to the max, but looks like you really do need your greens with this diet.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    im still here reading once in awhile and keeping logs on my daily consumption about every third day just to check. glad you have stuck with it, el-bo.

    moth—i hear you. i am currently enjoying a 2 gallon sized metal bowl of baby spinach, celery, grape tomatoes and fresh squeezed OJ as dressing—totally hit the spot. about watermelon (or any fruit), how long do you wait (or at all) after eating your greens before you consume the melon? wondering, anyone else can answer this also.

    i have 70 pounds of cantaloupe in my fridge….its totally helping me with fresh melon every morning. fills me up with good organic water and calories for my runs & bikes. i have noticed a little better than average recovery after my runs. i just have to make sure to get sufficient sleep.

    again with Moth—are you getting 8 hours of sleep?

    anyway, good to hear from all that are still in. anyone been exercising or lifing weights to see if their output has increased?

  • Hey all. I have been following along with all of you every day—such inspiration!! I am still brand-spanking new to raw (within the month).. I tried out 811 in the beginning of this month, but I couldn’t follow it to a T. I think switching from cooked food ovo-lacto to 811rv was a lot for me to handle. But I am eating a LOT more fruit than I used to, and keeping an eye on my fat intake (I do about 1/4 avocado, 2-4 Tbs. hemp seeds/powder per day, OCCASIONAL nuts/other seeds with a salad). I found it too hard to replace my large salads with bowlfuls of fruit… it just doesn’t satisfy me. Maybe I’ll be more ready, willing and able come July…..

    RawK—I have noticed a change in my workouts. I herniated a disk in my back back in February and had to quit running cold turkey. SO SAD!! But anytime I tried to run (against my doctor and PT’s orders), it would send me RIGHT back into horrible, debilitating pain. Well guess what? I was able to run for the first time WITHOUT PAIN last week!!! Coincidence? I think not… Okay, so I have only been out for 2 – 3 miles at a clip (cushioned by 1 mile walks as warm up/cool down), but this is a far cry from being bed-ridden!! And I feel confidence that I will be able to build up my mileage quickly. My body is ready, and I totally think leaning towards 811rv has to do with it.

    MOTH — I, too, live in the Boston area (Brighton). Which Whole Foods do you work at?? I frequent the West Newton, Framingham and Wayland locations, depending on where I am for work and school. Anyway, it would be SO AWESOME to connect with you about all this. I have NO ONE to speak with in person about eating raw, especially 811. I have even been hesitant to tell friends and family, for fear that they may ask questions I am unprepared to answer. This is my own journey, and I know others will be quick to judge. You spoke of meets in the Boston area—do you have more info. on this? I would love, love, love to speak with others in the area that live the raw lifestyle!!!

    Thanks, and everyone keep up the good work! You are all so helpful and such an inspiration!!!

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