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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • I weight train regularly but also thoroughly workout in nature. My performance since starting 811rv has absolutely surpassed anything I ever did on cooked or high-fat raw. People stare at me at the gym partly I’m sure at my performance and partly because of how small I am… but I challenge anyone of them to try to keep up with my endurance… it just isn’t going to happen. Tonight I hit the treadmill with a couple of friends and noticed something amazing. I was fast-walking at a 4.0 speed at a 10.0 incline with a heart rate of 138 and my friend was walking flat at a 3.0 with a heart rate of 158. Pretty darn amazing. Someone up above said they have been too weak to workout… I can totally relate; however, if you get out into the sunlight and start walking something magical will usually happen. The fatigued feeling will start to subside and you’ll feel energized as your muscles crave the exertion. If you don’t use the energy it will turn against you. So when you feel weak I suggest taking a quick 30 minute nap, getting up and going to town with the exercise even if it is JUST walking. You’ll feel so much better if you do this while practicing the diet – can’t stress it enough.

    I’d also like to point out that to those that haven’t read the book please do yourself justice and order it or request your local library to get it on hand. I read a lot of posts about eating fruit after the nightly salad which is going to do more harm than good. Putrefied fruit in your system is not something you want. In fact, if after eating your salad you crave sweets as Dr. Graham says, you did not eat enough fruit during the day. Remember, even if your BMR is around 1800 calories and you are sedentary you should still be consuming anywhere from 2000-2100 just by your own natural movements during the day. Factor in exercise and that number can get pretty high depending on physical demands. I weigh 125 lbs. and consume @ times upwards to 2800-3000 calories daily.

    I commend everyone for their commitment to 811rv and I am here for anyone that needs to vent, cry, ask questions, complain, release tension… whatever! We all deserve to be healthy – it’s our given right! Bravo and push on!

    Wishing the best of success,


  • great goin’, guys

    and thanks, dave…..your help is ,and will continue to be, invaluable

    have been drumming up quite a lot of interest for next months july 31-day challenge over on another forum…so we could have quite a group next time…hope you’re all still ‘up for it’

    i think i’m gonna fast for a couple of days…ever since i completed 40 hours last weekend, i have been waking daily with the urge to fast for longer….i feel very calm, balanced and not at all hungry…what usually happens is i eat in the evening and then don’t eat till around 2 pm (just because it’s ‘time’ to)...i’m not really desperate to eat…this is happening daily and is about 17 hours without eating daily….

    so tomorrow, i’m just gonna go with it….see what happens…..


  • i agree with a lot of the posters on here – greens are what have been allowing me to stick to this diet. i do love fruit, but i’m finding that a good balance of veggies is what helps me stick to 811 throughout the day. not to say that i haven’t slipped up here and there :)... but every day is fresh start.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Still doing well…I’ve felt much better the past few days. I’m excited because tomorrow I leave for a 5 day camping trip! I’m so pumped…bringing my usual fare: apples/bananas/mango and some salad. So if you don’t hear from me for awhile, that’s why. :-)

    Rawk – I don’t always get a full 8 hours of sleep, no. Even if my energy is dragging, it’s hard for me to lay myself down and drift away. I just like to keep staying up sometimes! When I work during the week, it’s more like 4-5 hours a night. Usually I can function pretty well on that amount. But obviously when I am detoxing I need more.

    ejowett – I work at the Woburn store. Feel free to email me at unfettered_moth@hotmail.com if you’d like to talk further. That goes for anyone! :-)

    Hope everyone is doing well and much love over the next few days. I ate a big salad a few moments ago and I did something silly…I minced a bit of jalape

  • fell off the wagon last night – ok, several wagons. my inlaws threw a birthday party for me and went completely out of their way to make an entirely vegan meal (they are not). they even made homemade soy ice cream for me, as i was a huge ice cream lover when i was ovo-lacto vegetarian. what do you do? i don’t exactly have the best relationship with them to begin with, and here they are making homemade beans, soy meats and all sorts of stuff. they even bought a big jar of jalepenos, because i love those things. granted, i’m normally only high raw, so i would consider eating some of these things anyways… but right in the middle of my 3 week 811 trial?

    i usually just try to wake up looking at each day as a new challenge to do the best i can, but i’m feeling pretty shitty today.

  • maihio…happy birthday…...

    don’t sweat it….sounds like they went to a lot of effort…..goos that you just went with the flow….i hope your feeling shitty today is only a food hangover not failure guilt

    anyways folks…i thought i’d share a before and after shot of a guy called harley….he’s pretty well known in certain raw circles for being a no-holds barred raw vegan and ultra-endurance athlete….he is also now a year long 811’er who follows it to the letter…he is actually more like 90/5/5 because he rarely eats overt fats….since becoming 811 he has almost quadrupled his b12 levels (interesting, huh) and is one big insoiration for a lot of 811 raw vegan folk

    the picture on the left was taken this time, last year and is how he looked on 2 years gourmet (or ‘eat anything as ong as it’s raw) raw…the picture on the right was taken this week…exactly a year later, after spending a year eating only fruits, greens and minimal fats

    i’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions


    have a nice day

  • i think he’s 30 years old, by the way

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie


  • bananna…where’d you go…i’m more familiar with you from your antipodean secret life :o)...harleys thread’s a riot isn’t it ??? i love how he gets everyone all riled up…pure genius…no-one who stands for so much good could ever offend me but then i understand it’s a personal choice whether to ‘take’ offence

    anyways…just to clear up the confusion…on the post at raw-pleasure that included the pics, he said the older one was 29 years old and this years was him at 30 years old…maybe all that durian has gone to his head and he’s forgetting his age….hmmm :o)

    peace, chica…..

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    oh he’s rounding down then, he’s 32 according to his myspace page, which he includes a link to on the posts over there….and yes I love the action over there. where’d I go…? I’m right here!! I’m just not quite participating in the challenge so I am a viewer over here anxiously waiting to see results for motivation…....

    (hint hint)


  • bananna…don’t wait for our results….they will give you no clue as to what YOUR experience will be

    i’ve been struggling ever since i allowed myself the odd cooked meal….i am finding it very difficult to keep on an even keel like this….for me even the tiniest amount of cooked food leads to the most insane cravings for more…i have to treat it like an alcoholic needs to treat alcohol…as in never to touch another drop….maybe that will change…because of my absolute firm conviction that nothing can be gained from cooked food that can’t be found in un-altered food, i can’t use that excuse to keep eating it…

    my use of cooked food was to be a transition food….going 100% SAD to 100% 811 was absolutely no problem physically…in fact i gained menay benefits instantly….i got a bit too into my rapid weight-loss and then started to eat too little, got the cravings and then started flirting with cooked…..but it’s a slippery slope to a place i don’t wish to return to

    this month has been very difficult for me…that i can keep at it is due to the good 811 days fortifying the ‘not-so-good’ days and the strong belief that at this point it is me failing the diet, not the other way around…..

    there is a lot of interest in the upcoming july challenge….my main fear is that people will jump in without having read the book and without a clear belief that it makes sense….you will need this when times get hard…the result is that people will drop out and feel that the diet is at fault….maybe it is, but there are only a couple of people this month who have managed to keep it going to the letter, and they seem to be getting consistently good results

    i know you believe in the ideas presented in the book and have confidence in it….maybe join us next month…..you may fall every other day, but you just get up and get back on…i’m sure it eventually gets easier….

    i’m looking for another way to word it…’challenge’ really sets it up for a 100% or fail type exercise….

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Yes I do fully believe in it…with the same exception as Harley with the water drinking…I believe in lots of water. Also I am still into spices a bit but I recognize that’s just me wanting them.

    Yes I would be open to trying it in July, but I do get anxiety over the challenge part and going 100%, I’m not even all raw yet.

    I do know though that people see vast benefits just getting their fat down to 20%, I also know of people who eat largely raw and very low fat but still eat some cooked and also experience vast benefits…Ruth Heidrich is one that comes to mind.

    How about the ‘Undogmatic 811 July Movement’ ...lol, I don’t know…jus playin around ;)

  • :o)

    you can have your spices if you want them…that will be something you have to reason out….there is a lot of info out there why they’re not optimal, but that doesn’t matter at the moment….if they keep you tryin’ then use ‘em

    see ya in july

  • i’m still in – day 23! a quick update – i’ve been 100% raw and kept the fat under 10%. for me the challenge is the salads – i love them, but i did have a tiny bit of vinegar and olive oil sometimes. i also used some herbs – i think they’re not 811. I have rarely eaten bananas this month – my staple is watermelon. It’s getting easier, but it isn’t intuitive for me yet – got to keep reminding myself why I want to do this. I have lost 5 or 6 lbs so far (but already had lost 15 the previous 6 weeks when i started on raw) so i am back to my weight before having kids. although i haven’t been working out too much i seem to have more muscle tone and way less fat around my stomach / hips. also my workouts have been easier – no muscle soreness after doing weights (could be i’m not pushing myself enough!)

    so, how are all of you doing? noticed any changes?

  • Bananna: I’m SO with you in July, girl! Right now, I’m facing the Master Cleanse, but will be done with it and reintroducing myself to a high fruit 811 diet early on in the new month.

  • Hi All, This is my first time posting on this site (after reading posts for some time now). I’ve been interested in and have been playing around with 8/1/1 for over a year now, have read the book and am always referring back to it. Dr D definitely makes the most sense to me. I LOVE fruit and greens throughout the day, but on certain days I find that at dinner time, I really don’t feel like more fruit and veges. This is when I’ll have a small portion of cooked food (usually millet or polenta). I’ve recently (a week ago) completely cut out all overt fats and cannot believe the many amazing results I’ve been experiencing. I’m still on my quest to attaining optimum health, but believe that 8/1/1 is the way to go! Even with the occasional cooked meal (which also helps me avoid overts), I’m still experiencing some great stuff and this is only the beginning. Looking forward to continuing on this path and what it has install. Keep going strong! Love, Nicky

  • Nicky: Welcome! I’m pleased to hear your experiences with 8/1/1 and it seems like you are feeling great. I am curious as to what you eat on a daily basis. I know you mentioned that you occasionally eat cooked foods, but otherwise does your diet consist of primarily fruit?

  • mimo22…..way to go…just to clarify…all 811 refers to is the ratio….do you have the book yet….dr.d really places the emphasis on keeping the fat low…much of his work is based on the principles of natural hygiene….learning about what natural hygiene says about herbs, salt , vinegar, oil etc…then forget about it….keep eating these things till they decide to quit you…

    many people who have successfully incorperated 811 into their lives have found this…that eventually the things that they used at the beginning to enhance the tastes became harder to tolerate or enjoy…..read back over MOTH’s posts…at the beginning of the month she was a confirmed chilli addict…after following 811 strictly she tried them again and really didn’t enjoy anything about them…..

    let it happen in it’s own time

    and have a look here for some good, free natural hygiene stuff


    nicky….. 100% raw is optimal but if you want to eat some cooked foods, you still can if you keep the fats at the correct ratio…such is dougs conviction that fat is THE issue he has been quoted as saying that if he had no choice at a social gathering he would rather eat a simple low-fat ccoked dish than a badly-combined raw gourmet dish…you are already experiencing the effects of lowering the fat…eventually you will probably just fall into raw 100%

    KAIT….cool…july is very soon….have you read the book ????...i seem to remember you saying you were fruitarian for a few months last year

    keep it up

  • Thanks for the welcome KAIT. Yes, my diet does consist primarily of fruit. Today’s menu: Breakfast: Tons of apricots and celery sticks Lunch: Tons of plums and celery sticks, followed by 2 ripe bananas that had to be eaten. Supper: Large plate of lettuce, celery sticks, cucumbers, 2 large mangos, 2 dates and tons of grapes. I felt/feel fantastic with loads of energy. I almost always have a daily 8-10 banana smoothie / milk. YUMM!

  • el-bo – you’re probably right. I’m not to worried about it, just going with the flow. I’ve learned though that I personally have to keep overts to a minimum, otherwise it ain’t all good.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    mimo—ive noticed changes along the same lines as yours. ran 9 miles yesterday and woke up this morning like i hadn’t done a thing. no soreness at all. i really want to run again today, but forcing myself a one day break until i hit the road again.

    glad to see everyone out today…feeling good, looking good im sure.

  • elbo – all clear. got the book. re: vinegar – i know it’s not good. i just had to admit i had moments of imperfection :o) re: herbs – i’ve been using parsley and cilantro – i think those are ok but i’ll check out the link you gave. re: onions, garlic, salt, peppers – no problems with these – no cravings at all.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Kait, I can feel my momentum building already.. :)

    Just wanted to say, that yes it’s not your imagination that your recovery is quick, That’s one of the bonuses I have read reported by all of the 811 athletes.

    I wouldn’t force yourself to rest if you feel fine!

    Have any of you read Harley’s threads? I know they are bookishly long, but his posts are really inspiring in general.

    Based on today, I might be doing a pre-July movement warm up.

  • Where can I find some of Harley’s posts?

  • http://www.raw-pleasure.com.au/component/option…


    beware…he pulls no punches….i actually find him very inspirational…..it’s a little frustrating though, ‘cause sometimes with all his passion he misses the opportunity to really answer those with questions clearly enough….i s’pose it’s understandable because he is reaping the daily benefits so obviously that , for him, there is no room for doubt….he is right, though , in encouraging people to ‘just do it’

    anyways…have fun

    and if you want to read some of the more ‘reasoned’ arguments behind what he says then buy the book….definately an interesting read

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    oh ya, the book is the an absolute treasure. I need to read it again…but I gave it to my Dad and I think he just shelved it :(

  • hey RawK—I’m getting back into running more quickly than anticipated. My mind is more ready than my body, I’m afraid—I have been experiencing quite a bit of soreness. Do you mind if I pick your brain a bit? What is your typical daily intake look like? What about your average workout? Thanks so much, I totally appreaciate it!

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say to the one writing about weaning off of anti-depressants that I also have depression and have high hopes the 811 diet will help. I have been on anti-depressants since 1992 and have had depression since I was a child – I’m 41 now. I won’t go off the meds until I feel safe, but I will reduce the amount. I just can’t risk what will happen if I go into a deep depression. I need to be here for my kids.

    But I only now found out about the diet. I’ve been pigging out on fruit for a week, and only did two days of eating 2/3 or more raw. Today is my third day. I will go 100% when I get the logistics figured out – I didn’t plan starting, so I need to stock up on the fruits.

    But, I am so curious because after only that much into the diet I already feel better. Can that be?

    I’ve been vegetarian since 1995 and haven’t had cow’s milk or red meat for longer (except sometimes when I was pregnant). Still, my diet was between 25-30% fat. Monday I had just over 20% fat, and yesterday (Tuesday) I had it at 11%. But I had so much energy. Each day I only had one small to medium sized portion of cooked noodles with a bit of red sauce and pesto sauce. But I also felt really good emotionally. I exercise fairly regularly.

    I hate to get my hopes up, but I will keep trying. Thank you for all the information and I will also keep researching and reporting…

  • Hello! I’m a newbie, I’ve been researching 811 all weekend long. I’ve read the pro’s and the con’s and I decided that I’wanted to try it. I have some more weight I need to lose and my trainer suggested I try this. She’s a raw vegan herself. I started as a vegetarian 9 months ago, then transitioned to vegan 3 months ago. I’m losing weight, but not as much as I should, so I’m giving this a go! I haven’t purchased the book yet, but I’m gonna follow pretty much what I can by what I read on forums and blogs. I started the transition on Sunday. Yesterday I had my last carb for the day (oatmeal). I’ve started a blog about it to, if you’d like to comment and suggest. http://veganlicious.mydietblogger.com/

    Here’s what I’m getting by my research correct me if I’m wrong…..

    I start the day with a green smoothie, like today (3 cups of papaya, 4 cups of spinach, 1 banana) I eat every three hours, so I just ate a banana, 1 cup of blueberrie, and apple For lunch I’m having a whole honey dew melon Some more fruit for snack (Not sure what yet) Then a large green salad for dinner

    I do 30 min of cardio 5-6 x a week and strength train 3 x a week. To lose I’m supposed to eat 1300-1500 cals a day, depending on activity, but I see that people are eating up to 2000 or more, are you guys still losing eating like that? I know that at least one meal has to be a mono meal.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome!! Again, I have yet to buy the book and I will as soon as I can. I know some people fail at this without the book, but I’m gonna be very optimistic about it!!

    Check out my blog and see what I ate yeserday!!

  • veganlicious….

    i’ve added your blog to the list of blogs…it’s good to post it at the end of your posts so people remember to check in

    my advice would just be to get the book as soon as possible and just keep asking questions when unsure

    you seem to going well, though

    speak soon

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